kissing an exKissing an ex is the main goal for many people that are trying to rebuild their relationship. You take it as a sign that you are together again and that your love story hasn’t come to an end. It’s a crucial moment for those hoping to get back together so of course you want to get to this point as soon as possible. Memories are of course going to resurface because you were dreaming of kissing this person the first time you met and now you’re feeling the same thing again.

Nevertheless in the meantime you two have broken up so things aren’t the same. The separation will inevitably complicate things and foil your plans. How can you kiss your ex under these circumstances? How can you recreate that special moment and how do you know when the moment is right? Does kissing an ex mean that you’ve succeeded in getting back together? Find out everything you need to know in this article written by your expert on getting back together with your ex.

Kissing an ex: a significant sign when trying to get back together

The first kiss is always a special moment, even if you’ve already had the opportunity to kiss the person you want to be with, or rather the person you want to be with again. When you’re single, this signifies that a relationship is starting so this gesture that is so simple yet so meaningful, lips against lips, makes you a couple. Not just a man and woman that spend time together, or two people that are friends… When you ask yourself, ”Should I kiss my ex or not” it’s significant because it’s a perfect way to test the water to see if you’re succeeding in your attempt at getting back together. So you’re reassured when it actually happens and this makes perfect sense!

It’s proof that they’re still attracted to you because if they had completely forgotten about you or changed their mind about you, they wouldn’t have accepted the kiss. The effort you put forth to get back together wasn’t in vain and has bared fruit, even if there are still steps that need to be followed. Trying to get back together with an ex isn’t always easy and it can take a toll on your mind and on your emotions. When you kiss an ex-partner it feels like liberation and you have revel in the moment. This is a special moment of intimacy that you’re both sharing after the breakup. That said, you shouldn’t stop at this stage and you should step on the gas as you conclude the process of getting back together for good.

How to get closer to your ex so that you can kiss them

Kissing your ex is a positive thing but you have to reach this step the right way and to not mess up. The most common mistake is when people want to just jump on their ex the moment they see them again for the first time. You have to surprise them by showing them that there’s still an affinity between you. You shouldn’t rush things because it put an end to your hopes. As I like to say, in order to get your ex back, make sure not to confuse rapidity with hastiness.

Taking your time and recognizing the right moment (the moment when your ex lets their guard down) will determine your success. Acting too soon or being too slow and missing the opportunity to kiss your ex might ruin your endeavor. Basically, timing is essential.

It is of course hard to precisely tell you which moment is the right one for kissing your ex because each story and each person is unique. However one thing is certain; progressive efforts will lead you to your ex’s sweet kiss. As I explain in my articles, you can achieve this by being tactile, funny and charming, and by showing your ex that you’re still on the same page. This will help both of you to see things more clearly. Think about how you were the first time you met or on your first day together as a couple because these elements will give you the keys for getting close your ex-partner.

One of the most common mistakes I see is when people put way too much pressure on themselves and on the importance of this kiss. As you’re getting ready to see your ex, you shouldn’t be thinking, “Ok, I’m going to kiss them halfway through the movie or right after dinner.” You’re going to have to follow your heart but you’ll also have to control your emotions. You’ll instinctively know when the time is right for pressing your lips against theirs. Even if this might sound a little cliché, a good technique is looking them in the eyes as you gently move closer right before you kiss your ex-partner.

Is the kiss the end of the process of getting back together?

After your rendezvous are you going to go home and put “in a relationship with…” on Facebook? Are you going to call your family and tell them the good news? Of course not! This would be a mistake because you should never go too fast and neglect the reasons behind the breakup. Kissing your ex isn’t the final step in getting back together.

Giving your ex a kiss, contrary to what many people might think, doesn’t mean that you’re back together. Of course you’re on the right path because you’ve gotten this close to your ex but your job isn’t done yet. As I mentioned above, it’s a step. You might have the tendency to forget the problems that need fixing and even if it works for a few weeks, and some point these problems will reappear. Kissing your ex shouldn’t stop you from having a honest and sincere discussion about your relationship.

Many of you go too fast and think that everything is back to normal after a moment like this. However your relationship is still in need of reconstruction. The attraction didn’t disappear but now you’re going to have to fix the things that weren’t working before.

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