Why get back with your exThere are some people that don’t even want to hear about getting back together, but others, like you probably, can’t imagine living the rest of their life without the person they still love by their side. Even if you should never idealize your ex, wanting to be happy and together again is completely understandable. The goal now is to end your heartache.

It’s often the advice of the people around you that make you question things, and your entourage doesn’t appreciate your decision. When this happens, you begin to doubt your choice and you begin wondering, why should I get back together with my ex, and your objective becomes blurry. The people around you are saying, “Why get back with your ex? It’s a thing of the past,” and it has planted a nice big seed of doubt in your mind. But at the same time you don’t want to have any regrets and this is what has made you want to get back together. You’ve figured out what you had done wrong and you know deep down that you could have acted differently.”

Just because not everyone wants to get back together with their ex, why should you have to justify the way you feel or to feel embarrassed of the love you feel for this person? “Yes I want to get back with my ex and so what?!” is exactly what you should say to the people that think you’re being silly and that you haven’t made the right choice. In truth, what do their opinions really matter? You and your feelings are the most important and it’s up to you to know what you truly want!

I want to get back with my ex because…

All the people that want to get back together with their ex have their specific reasons but thanks to my experience as a love coach specialized in getting an ex back, I’ve been able to narrow it down to the 3 most common ones.

I’ve been able to help thousands of people convince their ex to come back and how I’ve been able to pinpoint the principal reasons as to why they’d want to get back together a.s.a.p.

I love my ex

The first reason why a person would want to be with their ex again is obviously because they’re still in love. In this case I feel that it’s pointless to ask yourself why you should get back with your ex…You love them and that’s that!

You have very strong feelings for this person and the breakup has maybe even amplified them. After an electroshock like this, there is no doubt that your eyes are now wide open and that you’re even more in love with your ex than you were before. When things are going well, love is something that can make you feel like you’re invincible and that you’re floating on cloud 9, but when your relationship is facing a crisis or a breakup, this emotion can become destructive.

Losing the person you love is the main reason why you want to know more about how to get back together and it is what has led you here. Rest assured, you’re in the right place!

I bet that these days you just feel like brooding from morning till evening, that you’re beginning to isolate yourself more and more, or that you’ve been asking your loved ones for advice. In truth, your friends, family, and colleagues are doing nothing but making things worse. You have to change your behavior as soon as humanly possible. Asking them for advice is not a good method because in reality they aren’t experts on human relationships and they don’t know the techniques that exist for getting a positive reaction from the person you love. Would you ask them to come repair your car? They’re probably not mechanics… so why would you listen to their opinions or worse still, follow their advice after a breakup? You see how this makes no sense!

If your feelings are sincere and you’re truly determined to get yourself out of this situation, we can work together to design and set into motion an effective plan of action. Don’t be pessimistic because you have a large amount of options available to you. When a person is in love, and we’ve all experienced this feeling, they’re ready and willing to move mountains for the person they hold so dear. By proving this love and by proving that you can make your ex happy, you’re going to send them a potent message and it’s really going to make them think! Of course you want to know what they’re thinking in terms of you and your relationship but in truth this isn’t the most important thing because passion can return faster than you think!

I don’t want to have any regrets

When you’re thinking, “I want my ex back,” you have to consider whether or not your pride is playing a role in it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because these feelings are often linked. After a breakup of course your heart is broken, your ego has taken a blow or you might not even feel anything other than a direct hit to your pride. Under these circumstances, it’s best for you to focus on rebuilding yourself first and foremost because if you do end up back together and you haven’t done this, your relationship won’t be solid and another separation could start looming over your heads.

Each person reacts differently after a breakup and if your motivation to be together again isn’t rooted in love it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to hurt your ex-partner or that you don’t want to rebuild something special together.

Nostalgia is one of the biggest pitfalls of a person’s love life and if you don’t want to have regrets, you have to prove that you’re capable of moving forward. They’re hard to fight off and it becomes even harder to do so over time, especially if you don’t know what to do to make yourself stop thinking about the past. You don’t want to keep waking up in this morning thinking, “I should have done this… I should have done that…I should have made an effort to get my ex back after the separation.” You want to take action right away and not wait like many people do for your ex to rebuild their life before you realize how much you feel for them. It’s a good initiative but you still have to be careful to not rush things.

Why get back with your ex? Because I don’t want to be single!

Being single isn’t always easy, and even if over 10 million people are single in France today, most people still think that solitude has a negative connotation (especially after they had spent years with someone.) On top of the derogatory stereotypes that one might hear like, “Oh he’s single? He must be a cheater or a womanizer…” or, “She’s single? She must be the jealous type that makes men run for their lives,” having to start all over again is probably what newly single people fear the most.

You absolutely want to avoid being confronted with these types of situations as well as falling into these categories. No one can blame you, especially if you’re saying, “I just really miss my ex.” I’ve noticed that many men and women set out to get back together with their ex not only for sentimental reasons, but also because they’re afraid of being alone. This is a form of emotional dependence and it’s crucial to fight it because it can have a negative effect on your attempt at getting back together, but it can also lead to depression!

Human beings are not meant for solitude and even the biggest Casanovas and seductresses end up looking for that special someone. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you really don’t want to be single or if you don’t really want to meet someone new. You have a shared past with this person and you want your love story to continue, and this is perfectly normal. In order to succeed in this, you have to reflect on the situation and subsequently start designing relevant and pertinent actions so that you can get the best results.

How can I explain to others that getting back together with my ex is important to me?

First off, there is a distinction between the word “important” and the word “obsession.” If you’re telling your friends that you’re completely mad about your ex, they’re going to stop taking your explanations seriously. They’re going to start telling you to cool it; your ex isn’t the center of the universe. I know I’m repeating myself but it’s very, very important to understand that loving someone doesn’t equal being dependent on them. So, if you talk to your loved ones about wanting to get back together, remain calm and keep a level head and show them that this desire to get back together isn’t just a whim.

As soon as you’re able to adopt balanced and logical behavior, and as soon as you’re able to express the reasons why you want your ex back in your life, your friends will no longer have reason to question your decision. It’s important that when you’re talking to them about the subject that you remain calm even when they contradict you or simply disagree. Find valid arguments to back up your choice and tell them why it’s important to you without raising your voice. In truth, just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean that you think their choice is stupid. That said, if you can’t keep your cool, your entourage will no longer want to even talk to you about it.

There is a certain way to do things and to explain your intentions… In any case the choice is yours and you often choose to try and get back together so that you have no regrets in the future. Nothing is stopping you from making an effort to rekindle the flame, or to turn the page and move on.

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