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My friends hate my ex but i want to get back with himYou and your ex boyfriend broke up and your friends are now telling you how they really felt about him? Did they tell you that you’re better off without him? That he wasn’t good enough for you anyways? Yet you still want to get him back and you don’t know what you’ll tell your friends if you do! You are not the first person to be in the awkward position of having to deal with friends who bash an ex that you still secretly love and are trying to get back together with.

“My friends hate my ex but I want to get back with him” those were Andrea’s exact words today during our one on one coaching session over the phone. If you are in the same situation that Andrea is facing, you will need to meet two challenges; getting back with your ex boyfriend and try to save face with your friends. In this article I will give you a few pointers to enable you to do both and to feel good about striving to achieve your goals.

Why do your friends hate your ex?

Realize that your friends will almost always be biased. They love you and care for you and can’t stand seeing you suffer or sad. If your ex boyfriend broke up with you they are probably going to do everything in their power to make you feel better. Although they are probably doing more harm than good by criticizing your ex; they aren’t doing it intentionally and their intentions are probably good. Bringing him down may seem like the right thing to do to try to lift you up, but they aren’t taking into account the fact that you still have strong feelings for him and that deep down inside a part of you still wishes that you were together.

It probably got to this point because you let your friends in on certain details of your relationship or your ex boyfriend’s flaws. It may have felt good in that moment to speak to someone you trust and to rid yourself of the frustration and negativity you held inside; but in the end it has backfired. Now you will appear weak or silly for trying to get back with a guy that you have criticized openly and that you’ve turned everyone in your entourage against!

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The truth is that your friends and family probably don’t know him like you do; they can’t connect with him like you do either. Therefore there is always going to be a disconnect between how things truly are and the way that they perceive your relationship to be. Like I told Andrea you can choose to make your friends happy, try to save face and be miserable or you can choose to make yourself happy and do everything that you can to get back together!

My friends hate my ex but I want to get back with him anyways!

In order not to make things more complicated I urge you to stop talking about your ex to your friends. It’s only tearing you apart! The process of getting back with an ex can be complicated on its own, so you shouldn’t worry about having to appease friends or family members as well. The best way to avoid the issue is to stop talking about your ex to other people!

Even though you stop communicating with them in order to focus on how to get him back, you should still understand and reflect on their concerns while also taking them into account before diving head first into the process of trying to win him back! Don’t just keep telling yourself my friends hate my ex but I want to get back with him no matter what. Think about the type of feedback that they’ve given you and weigh your options in order to really decide if you still want to pursue him or not.

If you do still want to get back together I recommend that you do a radio silence to change the dynamic and to make him miss you and want to be with you. The mistake that a lot of women make is to be too available in the days or weeks following a breakup. You need to let your man experience what it’s like to be single in order for him to realize that life without you isn’t necessarily better. You need to be confident enough to know what you bring to the table in order to take this approach and let him come back in order for you to set certain ground rules; even if you are lacking that self-assurance that you need to see this process through, we have tips and techniques that we’ve developed over a long period of time that can help you regain some self-esteem and be more confident about your approach!

Help to get my ex back in my life is finally here!

A relationship expert can help you maximize your chances of getting back with your ex

Helping people just like you get back with the one they love is both our passion and our expertise. I spend the vast majority of my time talking on the phone to people all across America and the world about exactly what they should do to get back with the person they love; or how they should react in certain instances to regain control and to turn a given situation into their advantage.

This type of tailored feedback can be invaluable but also irreplaceable because most people don’t have anyone that they can turn to for the right advice when it comes to dealing with their ex. It can be very difficult to stay objective or to not let your feelings and emotions misguide you when trying to deal with certain types of situations on your own. Our professionalism and expertise speaks for itself; most people who reach out to me once always end up reaching out again in order to get more answers to other questions that will pop up after we’ve talked.

In the end it’s also about having no regrets; if you love your ex boyfriend and feel like he could be the one why not do everything possible to try to get him back. Many of the women that I offer consultations to tell me that reaching out to me was the best thing they ever did; they quickly come to find that I understand their concerns, that I don’t judge them, and that I always offer valuable advice to any issue that they face! So if you have any doubt about what you should do next to get back with your ex boyfriend or how to make him commit — reach out to us; we’ll be waiting for your call!

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