the best way to get your ex back every timeA breakup can be heart breaking. When you love your significant other yet don’t understand why they don’t want to be with you anymore; you are sometimes left without an answer and without a sense of direction. You may be set on the idea of getting back together but you simply don’t know how or you’ve run out of ideas or of things to do to make him or her realize that the breakup is a big mistake.

So you want to figure out what is the best way to get your ex back? Well, stop worrying about it because we are here to help. As a team of love coaches, Alex and I spend over a combined 12 hours per day guiding people just like you to make the right moves and bring about the right changes to make their ex change their mind; to get another chance to prove that you are the one that can make your ex happy! In this article we will share our approach and what you can do to be together again with the one you love.

To be with the one you love understand where you went wrong and evolve quickly

At one point in your relationship your ex was into you, your relationship was beaming and you were happy as a couple. In general this comes in the early phases when you are still getting to know one another and a world of possibilities awaits in regards to how your love story will unfold. But at some point something went wrong and your ex started to see you in a different way. In order to have a second chance you will need to find the right answers to the following questions which are of utmost importance: where did things go wrong? Why did the dynamic of your relationship change? What mistakes did you make? And of course with hindsight what would you do differently?

No matter what you may read or hear from your friends, family or even on the internet, the path to getting back with the one you love starts there; in finding the answers to these four questions. If you don’t understand why your relationship fell apart and why, you will not be in a position to convey to him or her that you can make them happy in the long run. Your ex needs to be reassured that things will be different if they were to get back with you; quite simply you won’t be able to give them that reassurance and make them want to be with you again if you cannot find the answers to the questions that I have highlighted above.

How to go about finding these answers? First start by taking a step back both mentally and physically. Get away from your ex, from friends or family that are trying to help and think for yourself first! Try your best to get as much perspective on your relationship by looking back at how you interacted with your ex; when and why conflicts between you arose, and things that they may have asked you to change or complained about. Try to write down a list of all of the issues that you faced as a couple, why those problems came up and what potential solutions can you come up with in order to ensure that you prevent those big and small conflicts moving forward! It may surprise some of you but the best approach to get back with the one you love often comes to light when doing this simple yet powerful exercise!

The best way to get your ex back is to convey that you can make him or her happy

Your ex left you because he or she no longer believed that they could be happy; they stopped picturing a future in which you could be together and fulfilled. When you understand this, you will quickly realize what your next challenge will be! The best way to get your ex back, the only way to get him or her back permanently is to prove through your actions and over time that you can make them happy. If you are able to find the solution to this issue, you will be in position to get back with the one you love almost every time.

Again how can you prove to someone that they can be happy with you? Simply by once again becoming that person that they saw at the beginning of your relationship! The one that inspired them and made them dream of a bright future together.

The reflection that you will have done previously will facilitate this process for you because you will have come up with concrete actions that you can implement to prove to your ex that you have changed and that you are somewhat renewed. You will be in a position to not only talk about your evolution because you will have done the work, but also to prove your change over time with the concrete actions that you will implement.

Work with a professional to get back together quickly

Sometimes you can have the right intentions but lack discipline to get there. Other times you simply cannot seem to get the necessary perspective to fully grasp the mistakes that you made throughout your relationship; in other words, you can’t achieve your goal of getting back with the one you love on your own. And that’s ok, because that’s where we come in to give you the support you need to be with your significant other once again!

People have coaches or the help of professionals in all walks of life. You may already use a trainer at the gym to guide you and help you stay focused and motivated; you may have used the help of a career coach or a recruited to land your next job; or again you may have seeked the help of a teacher or a tutor in your youth to get even better at an instrument, a craft, or a discipline. Even professional athletes have coaches to help them reach their objectives. So why should love be different? Why shouldn’t you maximize your chances of reaching your objectives of being with someone that has so much impact on your well-being and happiness?

Over time we have seen all types of breakups and complex situations. The odds are that we have helped people who have gone through something almost exactly similar to what you are going through right now! And we are confident that we can help you reach your objective and have another chance to be in a relationship with the person that you are still in love with.

If you have any questions about our coaching sessions and the process of getting back with an ex, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or leave your queries in the comments section below. I will be sure to respond to any questions that you may have every time!

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