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Hello everyone, and welcome back to our blog! We wanted to write a little something about an amazing event we have coming up!

This Sunday, June 25th, at 1PM EST, Coach Natalie and Coach Adrian from the WithMyExAgain Team will be hosting their second Webinar geared toward successfully getting back with the one you love most. This free webinar, more specifically, will delve into how to prepare for your first date with your ex after the breakup.

>>> To access our Webinar click here <<<

As you know, the first date with an ex is one of the most critical steps of the rekindling process, and so just about everyone will be able to gain some excellent insight. We encourage you to tune in!

During the webinar, Coach Natalie and Coach Adrian will present a comprehensive powerpoint presentation to guide you through the process of securing the first date after the breakup, and they’ll also delve into answering their most frequently asked questions regarding this topic; such as where one should be mentally before reaching out, and what types of outreach generate the most success.

>>> To access our Webinar click here <<<

Just like in their first webinar, Coach Natalie and Adrian will reserve plenty of time for questions, so we encourage you to come prepared with a few you’d like answered that pertain to your unique situation. They have also created an Audio Seminar relating to this topic that will be broken up into three segments : Prior to the date, During the Date, and Post Date. It will be listed at an unbelievable price, so as to allow you all the opportunity to prepare more at home and at your own pace.

We’re excited to have you spend time with us on Sunday to discuss how to prepare for the first date with an ex after your breakup, and to answer your questions.

Till then, all the best!

Kind Regards,

Coach Natalie & Coach Adrian

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