vacationing with an exDuring coaching sessions on the phone or face to face, certain questions keep coming up. Here’s one that I’m currently hearing all the time: “Should I go on vacation with my ex?”

Vacationing with an ex can be relaxing and enable you to rekindle; so most of the time, I think that it would be a good thing to share with your ex. There can be many reasons behind thinking about going on vacation with your ex because it can play a big role in seduction. So there are certain things to do, and other things to avoid completely. To better understand how to seduce your ex on vacation I invite you to read this article that proves to be very useful if you are planning to take a trip with your ex significant other.

Reasons for going on vacation with your ex

Wanting to go on vacation with your ex makes complete sense in certain situations, whereas in others the sole purpose would be to try to get back together with them. This doesn’t mean that it would be a bad idea. In fact, taking a trip together could revive the emotions between you that may have disappeared over time or because of family life.

Sometimes, children are in fact the perfect pretext for getting close to your ex again and spending time together. You say it’s just so that the kids need to feel the presence of their mother and father at the same time so that they can feel more balanced. At first you just say it’s for the little ones while masking your desire to get back together. You’ll be able to advance incognito and you’ll therefore be able to prove to you ex that you have more in common than just your children. You like the same things, you enjoy the same activities, and all of this will bring you closer.

The first goal when vacationing with an ex is to restore affinity between you. You’ll have to take it upon yourself to show yourself in the best light. You have to make an effort and be interesting in the things that your ex likes. The best way to do this is to do the activities they like together. Don’t lag behind; take the initiative and surprise the person who thought they knew you like the back of their hand! Your ex will clearly see that you’ve changed or that you’re in the process of changing.

Don’t worry even if the reservation was made before your split! You have to put things into perspective, unless this feels like it’s going to be a serious constraint. If you think that going on a trip with you ex is going to make you suffer deeply, it would be best to cancel. I’ll expand on this subject a little later in this article. If you still want to go, it’s imperative that you adopt the appropriate behavior and to show your optimism in any situation. After all, you were dreaming of this vacation, and even if you’re not in a relationship right now nothing is stopping you from enjoying it together.

And finally, a person can want to go on vacation with their ex simply because they want to use it as a tool for getting back together. This vacation has one goal: rebuilding the relationship!

In this case it’s very important that you don’t become obsessed with your objective because this is could damage your chances of success. Be natural and use seduction techniques. Take your time and don’t aim for making things happen on the first day (especially if you’re going somewhere for more than a week!)

Vacationing with an ex is ideal for seduction

Vacation is actually the ideal setting for seducing someone. This goes for a stranger as well as for the person you’ve already been with, the person you were in a relationship with and loved. You’re going to be able to change your setting and this often comes with surprises! Your boring every routine is going to stop. During a vacation, everything is less organized so there’s definitely more room for improvisation.

This can help you to once again discover each other and to share some special moments. It’s imperative to reestablish affinity between you. Your ex-partner should feel good by your side. Going on vacation with your ex makes total sense when you’re able to prove you’ve changed and that there are strong bonds between you (aside from your children if that’s the case.)

You have therefore act as though you didn’t spend months or years together. The important thing is for you two to rediscover each other, and that each of you makes the effort to “step into the other’s world” and to work on understanding each other like you did in the beginning.

Going on vacation with your ex: Tips for starting over

Before continuing, I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that getting back together with your ex is all about timing. If your gut tells you that going on vacation with your ex might not be a good idea, it’s better to not do it. You don’t want the trip to turn into a nightmare. You should only be vacationing with an ex when you’re well-prepared and you feel ready to spend some quality time even if getting closer isn’t easy at the beginning.

There are certain things that should be set in place before you start trying to rebuild a relationship. (Please not that this doesn’t mean you should rush things!) These are the most important things to do while on vacation:

– Share moments: If you’re spending time “together” but in your own corners, you’re not going to create an atmosphere in which it’ll be easy to get closer. This is why it’s important to do activities together, and you can choose things to do that you both like.

– Try something new: Doing new activities together will help you to create a new bond and you’ll discover new things about each other as you go. You’ll be amazed together and this will inevitably help you to get closer.

– Show that there is still affinity between you: I really insist on affinity because it’s one of the most basic elements of a solid couple. While you’re on vacation, you’ll be able to show that even though the complicity between you may have been less present recently, it’s still there. Always keep a smile on your face and try to keep a positive attitude. Your ex should always see you in the best light.

– No fighting: Avoid conflicts. A vacation is meant to be relaxing and carefree. It’s imperative to avoid disputes especially when it comes to things that were the root of problems while you were still together. The past should remain the past (even if it’s recent,) and focus on the present moment and the good times you are sharing.

Going on vacation with your ex can be a great way to rekindle so don’t waste this chance that you’ve been given. Do everything in your power to make sure that each moment is special that so that you can really benefit from this trip, while keeping your goal of getting back together with your ex in the back of your mind!

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