My ex girlfriend moved on so fast but I still want her If you’ve just found out that your ex is already dating someone else, it’s highly likely that you’re panicking right about now. There are probably thoughts racing through your head because you can’t believe that he or she is already with someone new after so little time. How is it possible that my ex moved on so fast? Does it mean that they’re happy that they’re single now? Does it mean that all hope is lost for getting back together with this person? Why did they jump into a relationship so quickly? Is it a rebound or is it the real thing? Before you let these thoughts get the better of you, I want to tell you that this is no reason to panic. I know you might not be feeling very convinced of that right now, but I am going to go over why this is not the end of the world and what exactly you can do about it. It will of course be affected by various factors, but it’s usually not as big of a deal as you think. It’s very important that you remain in control of your emotions because it will affect the way you are portraying yourself to your ex. More often than not, an ex who jumps headfirst into a new relationship after a breakup is just looking for a bandaid that will numb the pain of losing their last relationship. This means that you are in much more control of the situation than you might think. My goal is that by the end of this article you’re going to have a much better idea of how to approach the situation and put the odds even more in your favor!

How come my ex moved on so fast after we broke up?

As I was saying, a person will often jump into a new relationship because it seems like the easiest way to distract themselves from the pain of a breakup. While it may work for a while, don’t think that their emotions are just going to disappear. The pain of a breakup doesn’t get canceled out because you jump into a rebound relationship. More often than not, the negative emotions and heartache will surge up later on, and they can feel even more intense than they would have if the person had worked through them when it was all still fresh. One of the most common things people ask me in these types of situations is whether or not this new relationship is serious. Just yesterday I got an email from a client who wrote, “My ex moved on so quickly it hurts. Could she really forget about me that easily?” You know, one of the biggest indicators of how serious a new relationship is the amount of time that has passed since your breakup. If you and your ex broke up a few weeks ago and they’re already posting pictures all over social media of their new boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s highly likely that it’s a rebound relationship. It may seem like your ex moved on quickly when in reality he or she is just trying to distract themselves from the pain of losing you and your relationship. This is also often the case when you were the one that broke up with them. Once again, I don’t want you to panic. When you panic, you are discrediting all the important elements that you bring to the table, how special you are as a person, and all the things that you bring to their lives. You also hold a place in their heart and in their memories. That doesn’t just disappear because they’re seeing a new person. When your ex moves on quickly, I don’t want you to think that their feelings for you just stopped existing. It’s easy to fixate on the situation and on this new person, I get it, but what you’re actually doing is focusing on the effect. You’re focusing on the result, but you need to take a look at the cause. The breakup happened for a reason, which means something needs to change. Your ex did not leave you for someone else; the relationship ended because something was not working. The thing to take away from that is simple: You can change it. You are in control of this!

My ex girlfriend moved on so fast but I still want her

My ex moved on so fast and I don’t know what to do When you find out that your ex girlfriend is already with someone new, I don’t want you to freak out and start comparing yourself to this new guy or start worrying about being replaced. The key is to focus on the root of the problems you were having in your relationship with your ex and tackling them. Ideally, you should start filling up your schedule with activities that are going to help you become a new and improved version of yourself. Did you start to get lazy in the breakup and stop taking care of yourself physically? Then now is the perfect time to hit the gym and update your wardrobe! Did you stop devoting time to your passions and hobbies? Did you stop working towards professional and personal goals? Start creating an action plan by giving yourself goals to reach each week and each month, so that you can boost your self confidence while catching your ex girlfriend’s attention. Don’t focus on this new person; focus on yourself and become the 2.0 version of him. That is the ideal way to get her attention and plant a seed of doubt in her mind…

He moved on so fast after our breakup and I’m scared I’ve lost him forever

Again, you might be panicking at the thought of how he moved on so fast, but freaking out isn’t going to get you anywhere. Instead of crying and calling your friends and family, think about what elements lead to the end of your relationship and what you can do about them. Did you lose yourself in the relationship and stop doing things for yourself? Hit the gym or switch up your workout routine so that you can get your endorphins flowing and boost your self-confidence. Seeing your ex with someone else is not the end of the world! It hurts, but if anything, use it as fuel for your own evolution. You want to present yourself to your ex in a new light and make him or her realize that they could be very happy with you by their side. Right now, you have to focus on things that are in your control, like your emotional status and the way you handle this breakup and situation. The way you grow from this breakup is in your control; not what your ex is doing these days. Fixating on your ex and their new partner is just going to make you panic and subsequently drive you crazy, which of course doesn’t help anything.

How to handle your ex dating someone else: The golden rule

How to handle your ex dating someone else When your ex starts dating a new person, the best possible thing you can do is redirect your focus to your own personal development. Avoid acting needy and clingy around your ex. Avoid calling them up all the time or desperately trying to be in contact. When you are in contact, your goal needs to ensure that your ex associates you with positive emotions. This means that you’ve got to be a pleasure to be around! Be your charming, funny, positive self and showcase the positive changes you’ve been making in your life. You want your ex to look at you and think, “Wow, I really enjoy spending time with this person and I’d love to see them more often…” By doing so, you’re going to begin to rebuild the complicity between you which will in turn open up the gateway to re-seducing your ex. If you start acting out, your ex is going to recoil and move further into the arms of this new person, which is the absolute opposite of what we want. We want your ex to become attracted to the idea of getting closer to you; not the opposite! This is why it’s so important to keep yourself from panicking and doing things that you’ll end up regretting later on. I know that these things are complicated and these waters are difficult to navigate, so please don’t hesitate to leave any questions you may have in the comments section below or get in touch with me or a member of my team right here. Together we can design the perfect action plan so that you can get your ex back as soon as possible! Wishing you all the best in life and love Your coach when you’re thinking, “My ex moved on so fast,” Adrian