With My Ex Again

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Yes… YOU can be with your ex again!

Get Over a Break Up

Can you relate to one of the following?

  • Your ex broke up but you still have strong feelings for him/her?
  • You do not want to let him/her go because your ex could be the one?
  • You are willing to do anything to get this person back into your life?

Then you are in the right place! We are a dedicated team of coaches who have made it both our passion and our commitment to help YOU get back with your ex!

If you could have another chance, what would you do differently?

We cannot change the past but can make the most of the here and now.
Together we will walk hand in hand through each step of the process to win back his/her heart.

Find out why they left you

True insights on why the breakup occured

A game plan tailored to your needs

See a clear path to your goals

Start the process of getting back together

Actions to be with the one you love

Step back to leap forward

How to let go of the past and start anew

Our Unique Team of coaches will help you win back your soul mates’ heart

Adrian - With My Ex Again

About Adrian

Before getting into the field of personal development and love coaching, I worked for the United Nations and the 2012 London Olympic Games. I have an International Master in Business, Law and Humanities from CIES and a Global Studies and Humanities undergraduate degree from Providence College, RI.

A part from being an author and contributor for an important love magazine, my passion for helping others and innate ability to relate and understand people from all walks of life has lead me to personal development to enable you to reach your goals.

As a former athlete and sports coach, I am well equipped to help you face the challenges ahead and to put together a plan to win back the heart of the one you deeply care for.

Alexandre Cormont - With My Ex Again

About Alex

My name is Alexandre Cormont and I am the number 1 love coach in France. I have enabled individuals to find love, get back with their ex, or improve their love life since 2007.

I have a Master’s degree in Human relations and Humanities, and completed trainings on coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I have successfully helped thousands of individuals find happiness in love through novel coaching methods and a unique personalized approach for each client.

I am also a distinguished author on the topics of love and romantic issues, having been published by prestigious French publishing house Michel Lafon.

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Testimonials & Reviews

The coaching session with Alex gave me a chance to understand myself better and what I really wanted. He changed my outlook on my relationship and made me a more positive person. I feel so much more confident and feel so good after I speak to him, because talking to him makes me feel stronger, less stressed and a few hours later dare I say… happy! I highly recommend him as a love coach!

- Julia

I thought I could deal with my situation by myself or just by talking to a few friends, but it did not work out… I also thought that coaching sessions were kind of phony and that coaches would not keep getting back to me after I paid them so I waited 8 months before reaching out!

But Adrian answered my email right away and then kept answering me for months!!

- Will

I got back with my man about 3 weeks ago and our relationship has never been stronger. I have to thank Alex who is the coach who helped me through 3 weeks of hell. More than just being there for me, he also taught me his approach to love.

I am now convinced that if you are willing to be truthful and make a few changes in your life you can get your ex-boyfriend to commit and love you again

- Marie

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    "Get Your Ex Back" Crash Course!

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