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cutting off communication with your exSince reconciliation takes time and patience, we commonly recommend using radio silence, aka cutting off communication with your ex, during the reconciliation period. Taking a step back and giving yourself space by cutting all means of communication to win back your ex and clearly analyze your situation is most often the best way to go!

What is radio silence and would it help me?

Radio silence, also known as the no contact rule is when you cut contact with your ex for a predetermined amount of time. As each situation is unique, I would suggest getting in touch with us to design the perfect plan of action. You can leave a comment below (to which I would be more than happy to personally reply), or you can get in touch with us directly here.

The length of time required will directly depend on how and why your breakup occurred, so it’s going to be crucial to take some time to really reflect and pinpoint what exactly happened. During the radio silence phase, you’ll also need to focus on some very important things that will determine your odds of success.

To give you a rough idea, the radio silence period lasts from about 30 days to 3 months. I know that sounds scary because you’re worried that your ex will move on and that they’ll forget about you… But the truth is that this is a tried and true method, and is known as one of the most effective tools when trying to get an ex back! I bet you’re wondering why… The answer is simple: The goal is to make your ex fear losing you for good!

Radio Silence is a worthwhile tool

As you’ve come to understand, radio silence is a somewhat lengthy no contact period during which, you guessed it, you shift the balance of power by cutting off communication to win back your ex (especially if you’ve found yourself in a situation where you feel your ex drifting away.) When implementing Radio Silence it is best to completely go silent; thereby not responding to your ex’s calls, emails or text messages. Sometimes understanding this technique might help you to understand your partner’s behavior if they’ve suddenly gone M.I.A. If you’re thinking my ex boyfriend is ignoring me, or my ex girlfriend is avoiding me, perhaps they’re using this tool.

When and how to best implement Radio Silence can vary based on you and your ex, on the specificity of your relationship and how the breakup occurred. Therefore, a Radio Silence often constitutes a step in its own right in my plan of action towards reconciliation when coaching people on the phone or via email. But in the end, communication is crucial and necessary to win your ex back, so your main objective should be to know exactly when to open communication again!

Why is cutting off communication with your ex is the way to go?

Cutting off communication with your ex to get them back is necessary for many reasons, and the first is primarily for your own benefit. In effect, this first step allows you to make your own evaluation and plan your actions or next moves and to fully grasp the reasons that may have caused the separation and brought stress upon your relationship with your ex.

The second reason to implement a Radio Silence is to serve as a stepping stone towards your actual goal to win back your ex! By cutting off communication you will make your ex wonder if you are out of their life for good and if they caused you to slip away forever.

It may even make push them to question how righteous they were in the relationship. It’s a subtle move, but its end purpose is to make your ex aware of the fact that you have finally moved on and also broken up with them in your own right, and let go of both the past and your relationship with them.

Make sure to implement Radio Silence the right way!

Radio silence like ex quotes, although useful in the majority of cases, isn’t for everyone.

If your ex blames you for not having opened up with them and for not being affected by the breakup, you’re on the right path! On the other hand, if you have constructive communications with your ex, why would you want to cut them off? This surely wouldn’t be understood by your ex, and they will likely misinterpret it.

Radio silence is an art that’s good to master because it could lead to misunderstandings if it isn’t used under the right pretenses and conditions (more on that in a moment.) Furthermore, it’s quite possible to implement radio silence, to restart communication, and then to cut off communications again if the first approach to reestablish contact didn’t go well.

To learn more about radio silence and to learn about how to master other reconciliation techniques, read my best selling eBook “70 pro tips to win back your ex”. Relationship reconciliation isn’t always easy, so be patient to get your man back and be prepared to go the extra mile to reclaim the heart of the one you love!

When to avoid cutting off communication with your ex at all costs

I wanted to add final section in this article to make sure that you don’t use this tool if you’re in a specific situation… If you and your ex broke up after being together for a short amount of time (a few months), it is not recommended to use it! Why? Simply because you weren’t together long enough for it to be effective. Your ex hasn’t had the chance to get to know you well enough so instead of using radio silence, you need to switch your focus to seduction. By focusing on drawing your ex back in, you can once again give yourselves the opportunity to get to know one another better and to establish a deep, long lasting bond!

Your coach to help you cut off communication to win back your ex,

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