get your man backGetting your man back can be quite the trial, and I wish you as much success as Julie had. This 28 years young woman, from whom I gathered a touching story, had to face a painful break up, but she made the right choices and grappled the right issues.

Her relationship had been making a turn for the worst for some months, and the inevitable breakup came in late December. She definitely wanted to get her man back, but she didn’t know how. Perhaps the most difficult issue to wrestle with for her was processing how to get back in touch with him after huge fallout they had during their last argument.

When you start to think that there’s no hope left, that your ex doesn’t love you anymore, and that all that remains is anger, you are clearly heading down the wrong path.

Feelings still remain intense and will likely stay strong between the two of you even weeks after a breakup. Anger alone will never annihilate strong feelings the two of you have had for each other. Most of the times however, the intense feelings that remain can also serve as a spark to reestablishes effective communication between an ex couple.
Of course, not every woman can succeed in getting their man back as quickly as Julie did, but 90% of women are making a mistake trying to seduce their man back too quickly. Shortly thereafter, they exhaust their opportunities and all the different avenues available to communicating with their man. To prevent this from happening to you, try to remain calm and to let your emotions go before reaching out to your ex.

Understand men and increase your chances of getting back with them

During my coaching sessions, I always make sure to explain the differences between men and women in regards to their respective behaviors and actions in a relationship. And what I try to underline for women is that men are subject to the same feelings as women, but very often they are simply able to control them better and not appear to be overwhelmed.

This is why men might seem unaffected, but in reality they may just be waiting for you to make the first move.
Julie had known her relationship was going downhill for some time, and she knew that in order to get her man back, she needed to take it one step at a time and truly understand and quickly process some of the apprehensions men have a tendency to show.

One hour of coaching can enable you to get your man back and change your future!

Julie and I spent a lot of time together trying to get to the bottom of her ex’s reactions. All the while, we consistently continued to identify the changes that she had to make to find her own emotional stability. In reality she needed just as much reassurance as he did, yet neither of them truly knew what each other’s needs were.

In the end, we both agreed that the best move forward was to send him a handwritten letter. It was going to be much more effective than other processes that we had tried since he had completely disappeared from her life and was nowhere to be seen or heard from. This is why I felt compelled to suggest to her to get my audio seminar on the “Handwritten Letter” in addition to the coaching sessions that we had been doing, which ultimately proved to be the final step to get him back.

And this is what I received two days later

“This book was so… enlightening. Now I truly understand that I acted based on the perspective of fulfilling my own happiness. I basically was the only one who was happy.

That was my mistake: I thought he was just as happy as me since I was very upfront with him. In reality, I wasn’t doing anything for him.”

Soon after writing her letter, Julie got her man back. But where she truly succeeded is in doing it in a way that made him take a good look at himself as well in order for both of them to try to get their relationship back on track.

What has happened since?

“Hello Alex!

Now everything is going great! We continue to learn how to better communicate with each other. This breakup was really beneficial for both of us. Have a great day.

Good luck to all of you. Make sure that you think about your next move before making it, as each action taken could have an immediate impact on your relationship.

Your coach to get your man back,

Alex Cormont