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how to establish contact after no contactYou’ve decided to try to get your ex back so you searched for the most highly recommended solution. A solution that everyone is suggesting on the internet, a solution that is tried and true… Radio Silence can bring about impressive results and we recommend it as well in certain specific situations .

I don’t think it’s necessarily for me to go into detail here about what this technique is because you can find a lot of information on the subject on our website. If you’d like to know more about the definition of radio silence or to know how to take a step back from your ex, all you have to do is take a look at this article that will help guide you. Today, I’d like to focus on one crucial question: how to establish contact after no contact the right way ?

In order to know the answer, you must first realize the importance of Radio Silence or no contact in the process of getting back together; but you also have to recognize the specificities of what you are going through, or of your specific situation.

Ending radio silence the right way is a must!

If you’re reading these lines it’s probably because you’ve already cut contact with your ex or you’re getting ready to do so. You must know that this radio silence is going to help you get a reaction from your ex. It’s important to start rousing the right emotions both within yourself and within your ex. The distance you’re going to create, or the complete lack of communication is sometimes accompanied by little actions that will help you lift your head back up and overcome a state of emotional dependence.

I know that when you begin radio silence (RS), you’re thinking about a short term plan and you’re not considering all your choices on what’s to follow. However, asking yourself what you’re going to do after RS is just as important as asking yourself how you’re going to begin RS.

Remember why you began RS. Of course the goal is to get back together with your ex; the person you used to share your life with. But before reaching this goal, you’re going to have to go through certain steps and occasional hardships. Unfortunately not everything is going to be able to be done easily and instinctively. You have to go out and do something if you want to see results because you know that sitting with your arms crossed won’t do any good. Patiently waiting for the person who left to return to you is the worst way to proceed, especially if you’re constantly sending text messages or calling them. Of course you can be patient, but you have to set things into motion, even if it’s in an indirect way (for example cutting contact.) This can result in your ex beginning to feel that they miss you.

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If you want to go even further in the psychological pressure that you’re going to place on your ex through no contact, it’s truly important that you plan out the end of your radio silence well in advance. This could be a little something extra that could end up having a great impact on the next part of your plan. In fact, when men and women properly end their radio silence, it often leads to them being able to meet up with their ex within a few days and they avoid having to use more techniques to convince their ex to get back together. By doing the right things, and by following my method you’re not only going to be able to get back together with the one you love; you’ll also be saving a great deal of time!

This reminds me of one man that was able to end radio silence after about a month; he was pleasantly surprised when his ex-girlfriend took the initiative to reach out to him and organize a time and place to meet. The same person that decided to leave him a month earlier went out of her way to see him again.
If you want to give more weight to your radio silence, put an end to it in a striking and powerful way!

How to establish contact after no contact and do so the right way!

Getting back together with an ex is a little like a battle of the nerves (to avoid calling it psychological warfare!) So, just like in any other conflict, you have to plan for your offensive. Everything should be thought of in advance in order to take advantage of a given context and to leave nothing to chance.

Let’s say that you’ve been employing strict radio silence for weeks now. You’ve made zero contact; not even on social media. Your ex will begin to miss you. Just because you leave someone doesn’t mean that you are immediately happy again. They will miss certain things such as your qualities and having you around. You know, it’s oftentimes when we lose someone that we realize the things that we took for granted, and that maybe they weren’t so bad after all.

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This feeling of missing you that will develop is exactly what will allow you to provoke these types of emotions. In order to design the best possible way to get back in touch, you’re going to need some information about your ex; their morale, their life post-separation and the important things that are going on. This is why I sometimes suggest that you keep your Facebook profile active so that you have access to some information when you need it. Please note that the act of getting back in contact isn’t as important as the context in which it takes place. You should never just start talking to your ex again because you randomly feel like it. Its imperative that you carefully design your plan of action and that you attain important information!

The reason is relatively simple. Let’s say you decide to send a detached message that shows that you’re well and happy after the breakup like, “Hey you, how’s it going? I’m doing really well – I’ve moved and I’m making a ton of new friends in my new neighborhood! If you are thinking of passing by this weekend let me know because that would be awesome! Xx.”

If your ex immediately replies, “No I won’t be in the area this weekend because I’m out of town. I have to go to my grandmother’s funeral and my dad isn’t well,” …can you imagine the chill that would cast over you? It wouldn’t feel like much of an advancement at all…

That said, when your ex is dealing with loss it doesn’t mean that you should avoid contact. But there is an appropriate way to do so. For example you could say something like, “I heard that your grandmother passed away and I wanted to pass along my condolences. I’m here for you and your loved ones in your time of need. If you ever need a shoulder to lean on, my door is always open.”

In order to figure out how to establish contact after no contact, you just have to be subtle in your behavior, and also in the way you decide to do so.

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