I broke up but want him back!

I broke up but want him back!Did you break up with your ex boyfriend but now want to get back together? You thought you had no more feelings but now you are overwhelmed with regret? I see it happen time and time again. Your ex is clingy and uninspiring, he shows you way too much attention and you just stop loving him the way you used too. But then after weeks or even months, you start to regret your choice when you realize that he is back to being the man you fell for at the beginning of your relationship!

Adrian please help, I broke up but want him back and I prepared to do anything! This is what Sylvia told me during one of my private consultations today. I went on to provide her with a tailored game plan to once again seduce the man she loves in order for them to get back together permanently.

But during our call she told me that more women deserve to hear my advice in order for others to benefit from this insight and be in position to get back with the man they love. Sylvia your wish is my command, and I dedicate this article to you and to your upcoming successful breakup recovery!

I broke up but want him back; is it still possible?

The first thing that most of you want to know is can I still get him back? Is it still possible to get back with your ex boyfriend and does he still have feelings for you? I understand your fears; you want to be sure before you jump out on a limb; your ego wouldn’t handle it well if you tried to come back and if he was now the one to tell you that he didn’t want to be with you!

Although nothing is ever certain I think that your chances of getting back together are pretty good. Since you broke up with him, you dictated the way the relationship ended and you had the upper hand in the power struggle within your relationship in the end; you had the last word if you will. It is easier to get back with an ex when you are the one that broke up rather than the other way around. That said it’s going to take work and you will need to prove to him that you can be trusted this time around and that you are not toying with his heart.

Reestablish a healthy communication platform

The first thing that you are going to want to do is to reestablish contact with your ex boyfriend. If you are still on good terms with your ex and you talk from time to time or even hang out, great! You are miles ahead of the game. For most others you are going to have to take the first step and reach out to your ex boyfriend the right way in order to get back on talking terms. It’s simple, if you don’t have a means of communicating with your ex boyfriend someway somehow you won’t be able to get back with him!

Now you don’t have to pick up the phone and call him out of the blue and put yourself out there in any way; your approach can be more subtle and natural! You can send him a text of a place that meant something during your relationship, a restaurant, a store, a park or even a bench. Wherever you guys connected will do! You can send the picture with a small text along the lines of “…made me think of you!” Whether he answers your text or not, you will have opened the door for him to start thinking about you again and also about the possibility of getting back together! This is only one example but the possibilities are endless. And if you no longer have his phone number, an email or Facebook message will do.

Seduce your ex and make him tell you he wants to get back together

Once you are able to start to chat casually from time to time, you’ll have him exactly where you want him. Don’t hesitate to use your humor or to connect around the same things that brought you together during your relationship! The trick is to always be positive with him but to not give him too much attention as well; to reach out to him but also to be the first one to end the conversation. Basically you have to be hot and cold in order to keep him wanting more.

What tends to happen to many women is that they try to overcompensate for the fact that they are the ones that broke up and so they fall into the other extreme. Be careful not to become so nice that you stop being a challenge for him in the process! Your goal should be to spend quality time together, to reestablish some sort of intimacy and sexual tension but without sleeping together! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you have sex, you’ll be one step closer to getting back together; it’s just not true, and you will only give him more power over you and the chase.

Your goal should be to wait as long as possible before revealing that you want to get back together. It’s Ok to show him at times that you have an interest through your actions, but you should never cross that bridge with your words or by making a move on him. We want to force him to take that first step. Because once he does, you’ll be in a prime position to tell him what you had wanted to tell him all along: “maybe we could work if we gave it another try”. Except this time you’ll be pretty sure his response will be positive because he will have tried to cross that bridge a few minutes earlier!

Helping people get back together is my passion. I’d love to help you reach your goals of getting back with the man you love. If you are serious about trying to get back together I highly recommend for you to book a private consultation with me. It’ll be my pleasure to help you achieve your goals and the best phone call you’ve ever made!

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  • khush

    Hi i had a fight with my bf a month back about abt time issues and that i lost our photographs by accident nd was requesting him to give dem back at first he was enjoying d attentuon but he stretched it too much like for a week and i got lill hyper as he was ignoring my text even d serious conversation as if nothing matters(we r in LDR)@so dats all in texts so i jus deleted his number and d moment i did dat he started using mean words and getting all personal so i prefer to choose silence and stop replying him nd thought he will realise once hell cool down and i was in no contact for 12 days and after 12 days i got msg frm him with whole lot of insults and mean things ..nd to dat i answerd in very calm way and explained him whole thing nd after dat he started behaving normal with no apology frm his side sending me our photographs nd voice note abt hw much he lovesme but to that i replied him straight dat i dont think we can go furder as he dont respect me and i dont deserve to be disrespected he can not insult me each time he is frustrated or any time out of anger ..i conveyd all dat through voice note with calm..to dat he nevr replied den after 4 days i text him reminding abt a place dat we enjoyed nd told him it made me think of u ..no reply again its been a week …is it over …i rilli love him pls help

    • CoachAdrian

      I can help you win him back, reach out to me and I will provide you with a game plan to turn it all around!

  • Misty Carter

    Sad…I broke up with my boyfriend after 6 years because he wants showing me affection an our communication was dwelling an also time together he is now trying to blame me an make me feel bad for the break up but I was just tired..tired feeling lonely an unwanted…so I broke it off an told him I find someone who wants to be there..but, he will not leave me alone..texts an emails an tells me he loves me an wants be my “friend” I told him no, I dont need a friend…what advice do you have? I do love him but he isn’t showing me anything to hold on to

    • Coach natalie

      Hi Misty,
      Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story with me. I know it is really painful to feel unloved by your partner. It seems to me like you need some space without contact. If you broke up but want him back, radio silence will give him the time to find ways of being more present and loving toward you, so you can be happy together long-term. If you’d like help on how to communicate this to him, please reach out and we’ll book a session.

  • Nina

    hi, i broke up with my boyfriend because i thought i liked another boy but it turns out that i really miss the boy i used to date but now i’m dating someone else that i really like but i don’t wanna mess things up but i really miss the boy i use to date and idk what to do can someone help?

    • Coach natalie

      Hi Nina,
      Thank you for sharing your story. If you broke up with your ex, but want him back (without hurting the new boy) it will be important for you to identify what about your ex made you consider leaving him and also what you miss. If you can verbalize this, you’ll be able have an honest conversation with him and this will be the start of getting him back.
      Coach Natalie

  • Nena Cryar

    Me and my bf were together for a little over a year when we broke up. He said we fought to much but we instantly got back together. A month later we broke up again. He broke up with me again I should say. He said we fought too much and he just wasn’t happy anymore. I tried so hard to get him back and I would see him constantly on campus. He told me there was no chance. I went on a 2 week long drinking bender and ended up mistakingly hooking up with 2 boys. He reached out to me and told me he wanted to get back together. I came clean about the boys so he’d know and he was devastated. He cried a lot. And we got into fights about it a lot. He would tell me a lot that he didn’t think he could get over it. This just made me fight harder to love him and make him forgive me. He slowly started to become distant and I confronted him about it. He told me he just doesn’t feel the same way about me. He used to see me as the girl he wanted to marry but doesn’t anymore. He used to be excited to see me but isn’t anymore. He kept telling me he loved me but he just doesn’t think things will ever be the same. I kept asking how would he know if he never put in the effort. He finally told me he just didn’t want to. He kept crying and begging me not to hate him and kept telling me how much he loves me and how sorry he is. He kept asking me if we could still stay in contact. And not to forget about him. And he kept trying to hug me and he stayed and talked for a long time about it which wasn’t how he usually broke up with me. I put 100% of myself into making sure I was the best I could be this time around. And I know this sounds stupid. But even after all of this I want him back? I need advice? Do you think I should just move on? Is there any hope? I know a lot of people who do the on and off again thing multiple times but who are married and happy now… Could we have this after some time?

    • Coach natalie

      Hi Nena,
      Thank you for sharing your story. I’m really sorry to hear about your current situation, I know how hard it is and how painful it can be when an ex breaks up with you and you want him back. At this stage, you’ll need to distance yourself from him a bit. Give him space to heal from what happened during and post breakup, as well as give yourself the time to reflect on what went wrong in the first place. I think that if you work with time and not against it, he’ll be receptive to discussing a future again. If you need help with this, I encourage you to book a session with me and we can talk it out and make a strong game plan.
      I hope this helps.
      Coach Natalie

  • ericabb

    Hi. I need an advice as well. My bf and i were amazing togerher untill I
    showed him a photo of me and his answer were that my style on the photo
    reminds him of his ex. I got really furious and i said i dont want him
    anymore and that i want us to break up because i though he still thinks
    of his ex. As the days went through i m not furious anymore and i want
    to say to him that i really want to be together again. i m not sure what
    to do as i know he got hurt of my behavior and i m afraid to talk to to
    him. what should i do?