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I don’t have feelings for you anymoreThis article is a brief coaching session on what to do when your partner tells you that they no longer love you. We will tell you how should you react and what do to put the right actions into place to win them back quickly. When it is apparent that all feelings are lost and it seems that the relationship has no prospect of a future, make sure that you turn to us for guidance and support!

Has your ex recently told you “I don’t have feelings for you anymore” or even worse have they broken up with you or distanced themselves completely? The tension of the past months or year(s) has reached its breaking point, and now, your boyfriend or girlfriend has serious doubts about whether they still love you. Even worse could be the fact that the only way they thought the problem could be fixed was by walking away from the relationship.

So how can you change someone’s feelings or make him or her reconsider? Today I’ll go over some of the complications associated with trying to get back together, especially when the passion has died out. When it gets to this point remember that getting back with your ex can be a more difficult than in other situations – but it isn’t impossible.

Reignite your ex’s old feelings for you!

Nine times out of ten a breakup is going to be painful and you may be lost or overwhelmed when you understand that your significant other no longer wants to be with you. You’re going to need an expert to help you get to the bottom of your situation; someone that can provide you with the right answers to your questions.

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We can help you to win back the heart of the one you love and enter in a new, healthy relationship with your significant other! I use this term a new relationship because in this situation, when your ex tells you that they no longer love you, the challenge for you will be to show to your ex that you are looking to take a leap forward and not a step backward. You will need to create a new dynamic or relationship; one where you can both be happy!

In reality, your emotions aren’t the foundation of getting back together; your ex wanted to find happiness. And that’s what you need to give them. Now I assume you’re asking yourself, “How can I show them that I can make them happy when he or she has already lost their feelings?”

When you hear “I don’t have feelings for you anymore” you really need a good plan to change his or her mind!

Winning back your ex takes time, reflection and a good “strategy”. In reality, I’m asking you to be yourself but also to conform to the following steps:

First Step: Understand the breakup and its reasons

Second Step: Analyze the pros and cons of getting back with your ex

Third Step: Put a change in place immediately!

Fourth Step: Relearn how to communicate efficiently!

Fifth Step: Inspire the same feelings in your ex as when you first started dating

Sixth Step: Set off from a more stable base this time around

Don’t lose hope of getting back together; They just won back the heart of their significant other!

Thousands of people have contacted me since 2007 to help them with their relationships. Thus, these men and women either have the pleasure of being able to win back their ex or they tell me that they’ve simply lost their feelings.

Does kissing an ex mean you’re back together?

Some of the people that I coach think that their situation is hopeless, and they have no reason to feel happy. However, by following my advice step by step throughout the reconciliation, they succeed! Here is what some of them had to say:

Emily, who succeeded in getting back with her boyfriend: “I really liked this coaching; it’s clear, complete and nothing is left out. It’s helped me understand what I needed to do. Sometimes it forced me to face my shortcomings and insecurities, and it totally changed my point of view. So I’d say it’s pretty useful!

Martin, who succeeded in getting back with his girlfriend: “Thanks for this excellent coaching. I didn’t expect to receive this much knowledge. The audio format is very interesting and rewarding!”

Patrick, who is on the verge of getingt back with his girlfriend: “Targeting advice based on what you are really going through is the only way to go. Now I understand my ex and I have learned more about me, and why I couldn’t help or relate to her before. I’ve immediately taken action and I think that I will win her back soon. Thanks Alex.”

The coach that you should reach out too when you hear I don’t have feelings for you anymore,

Warm Regards,

Alexandre Cormont

I Know We Are Meant To Be!

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