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I have a date with my exFor many people this is the most important step post-breakup when trying to get back together. Despite their decision to split up, despite the fights you may have gone through; you still have feelings and you’ve managed to get the “famous meet up with the ex!” I must congratulate you, because so many men and women don’t do the right things and consequently never get to that step. Some people don’t manage to reach this pivotal moment…But you’ve followed our guidelines, so this isn’t the case for you. In a few days or maybe in a few hours you’ll be face to face with the person you love, and you’ll have one objective: To make them take you back!

If you’re reading this article you’re not looking to just have a nice evening and then head back home at the end of the night. No, you want to kick-start your pursuit to get back together and you’re hoping that your breakup might even end when you meet up; if you do everything right. In the meantime you’re full of burning questions about what to do and how to act, because you know that this is a crucial moment. And you’re completely right!

When you say the words “I have a date with my ex” you have the tendency to want to make a splash so that your ex will clearly see how great it is to spend time with you. Where should you go? Should you make a move if it’s the first time you’re meeting up again since the breakup? How do you put together the perfect date? I will answer these questions in this article!

Warning: Going on a date with an ex doesn’t mean you’re back together!

I have a date with my ex is this a good sign?” To all the men and women asking me this question, the answer is of course yes! When you’re trying to make your ex take you back, it’s always preferable to have good contact and a good rapport. They haven’t blocked you on social media, you’re not receiving the silent treatment… But it doesn’t mean that your work is done.

You’ll have to understand the inner workings of meeting up with an ex-partner. I’ll briefly talk about these techniques below, but you can also learn more about this topic through our eBook found on our website. Even if you’re meeting up in a few hours, you can download this it right away in order to learn some great things very quickly before heading out to see your ex. The most important and effective things to keep in mind is that you must have a good attitude and be positive!

I have a date with my ex how can I make it successful?

This is probably one of the most popular articles sought after by men and women visiting our website these days. Many of you are lucky enough to have this opportunity to meet up, and you’re hoping for a bit more. To reach your goal, there are certain rules to adhere to, which will in turn allow you to move forward together.

Where to go with my ex

One of the most commonly recurring questions regarding meeting up with an ex is where to spend the afternoon or evening. First of all, be aware that this isn’t a romantic meeting. It’s not going to be the same candle-lit setting that would have been appropriate at the beginning of your relationship, when you were still in the ‘seduction phase.’ If you’ve followed my guidelines, you know that you have to analyze the breakup to figure out which actions will act as solutions to make the ex you love think about taking you back.

This will be an opportunity to talk to them about the changes you’ve made, and to talk about your relationship, so you’ll need a calm setting. You don’t want to be surrounded by dozens of people that will hear every word of your intimate conversation. And forget about places where you used to go together in the past.

For the first rendezvous with your ex after a breakup try to keep things simple. A walk in the park, or a low-key bar could be good options when organizing a tête-à-tête.

What to wear to seduce your ex-partner

Obviously your goal is to look appealing, and to make your ex fall for you again. This is why your “look” is important. To be clear, I’m not saying you that you should wear a three-piece suit or a ball gown to go for a coffee at your ex’s place. My point is that that feeling good about you attire will be essential.

While you were rebuilding yourself you were exercising, you changed your hair style, your wardrobe, etc. This wasn’t only for yourself; it was also to surprise your ex. This is the moment to show them that you’ve change physically, but that’s not all! You’ll have to bear with me as I insist on being patient and holding off on suggesting romantic weekend getaways or dinner dates!

How to act with your ex

Don’t be clingy! Sometimes people have the tendency to get overwhelmed and to become too touchy with their ex during this first meet up. I completely understand; you want to please them, to show your ex that you’re there for them if they need anything; but I have to remind you that you’re not in a relationship, and so you shouldn’t act like you’re in one. Just because the person you used to be with has agreed to see you doesn’t mean that you’re together again.

So don’t be afraid to put a little distance between you. Be funny and friendly, and don’t make things tense by asking your ex a billion questions. Talk about your new life, and talk about your breakup by explaining what you’ve understood thanks to your self-reflection. This article will help you to move forward in your love story; and if you have any questions or concerns, or just the simple the desire to learn more, I invite you to take a look at our eBook entitled 70 Pro Tips To Get Back With Your Ex.

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