ignoring an ex to get them backIs it true or false that you can make your ex return by superbly ignoring them? Isn’t it contradictory to want to get back together with your ex but cut contact with them at the same time? If you start ignoring your ex, don’t you risk being forgotten?

If you’ve been following the guidelines I share on my site, you probably know that there are fundamental techniques used for getting back the person you love. One of the most well known ones is Radio Silence.

If these two words don’t ring a bell for you, go ahead and read this special piece on how to cut contact with your ex partner right away, because this is an incredible tool if you want to take it a step further and if you’re wondering how you could get your ex back.

Nevertheless I am fully aware of the fact that you are asking yourself all kinds of questions about how you should act and if ignoring an ex to get them back will be effective or not.

I also understand that this makes you nervous so I wanted to clarify some of the most well known methods that could frighten you, or be difficult to use because they could conjure up some deep emotions.

Does ignoring an ex to get them back actually work?

Let’s explore the idea of the contradiction between wanting to be with someone and ignoring them a little more. At first it can totally seem paradoxical because if you don’t pay attention to your ex anymore, you have difficulty imagining how you can get them to come back. I bet you’re wondering how this is actually going to work…

You should know that things often don’t make sense in love! So sometimes you have to do the unexpected in order to plant a seed of doubt in your ex’s mind regarding their decision to break up with you. But that’s not all; there are 2 other things that could make your ex partner question whether or not it was a good idea to leave.

Not only is it completely possible to get your ex back by ignoring them, it’s actually an amazing technique to use in certain situations.

Spark a sense of fear in your ex’s mind

First of all, when you want to adopt a completely new attitude towards your ex, this will make them start to wonder if they did the right thing in leaving you.

If they thought that they had you under their thumb, they’ll be surprised by your ability to bounce back, which consequently could make them return to you or at least start thinking about it. If they realize that you’ve finally been able to change, it could be a great reason to get back together.

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You are also showing that you’ve been able to work on yourself and the ex in question will start to have uncertainties about their decision to break up with you.

They can start to feel doubts and fears of actually losing someone that matched them, and this can also show that you’re breaking free of emotional dependence.

You show that you’re putting up a fight against emotional dependence

Emotional dependence is one of the main reasons behind breakups. The person that is experiencing this goes through what feels like torture… But the same goes for the person being depended on.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, If you had been broken up with because you had suffocated your ex, ignoring them will undoubtedly get a reaction.

By being strong enough to no longer reach out to them, you’re proving the strength of your character and you’re showing your ability to fight emotional dependence on your ex-partner. It’s a strong message that you’re sending and can be interpreted as a desire to turn the page.

You show that you’re capable of moving on

The person that decides to leave undeniably has the upper hand on a psychological level to the person that was broken up with. In truth it’s often easier to surmount a breakup when you made the decision, but there are exceptions as well.

That said, by showing that you’re turning the page, you’re tipping the scales more in your favor simply by making your ex realize that they’re the one that is risking losing everything. From that moment on, they’ll start to ask themselves questions. You want your ex to start thinking, “Was it a good idea to leave,” and therefore spark a sense of regret in their mind.

The process of getting back together is often a psychological battle and you’ve got to do what it takes to win! Ignoring your ex will provide you with a reaction really fast. So I suggest we jump into the heart of this article and I’m sure you’re going to like it!

How do I get my ex back by ignoring them?

Ignoring an ex to get them back can be done in two ways; Either you cut all contact because you want to catch them off guard, or you alternate between intense moments and No contact.

As a relationship expert, I suggest you start with the second option and if you don’t see an improvement, move on to the second one and employ full Radio Silence. By the way, don’t wait 2 months before doing anything. Timing is really important and if you see that one technique isn’t bearing fruit, you have to change your technique right away.

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Ignoring your ex using strict RS

I’m not going to go into full detail about the RS technique because there are very many articles already written on the subject on this site, and also this video that will get you up to speed. You should know that there are in fact multiple different ways to cut contact with your ex.

There is of course a difference between active Radio Silence and passive Radio Silence. The first method I’d like to present is the most effective one because it’s the strictest.

In this case, you fully cut contact with your ex, even if it hurts you because it’s for a good cause. If you think that this is too difficult and that you can’t just go from sending texts to your ex, FB messages, or phone calls to no contact at all, rest assured; there is an ‘intermediate’ method as well.

Putting distance between you and your ex intermittently

When you’re wondering how you can get your ex back by ignoring them, you should know that you don’t necessarily have to ignore them completely. There is another solution that will bear fruit as well!

Sometimes, you have to play a little bit of cat and mouse so that you can rekindle the flame and provoke the return of their feelings for you. So when you feel that your ex is receptive or open to reaching out, you pull away little by little and as soon as you feel that the distance is too great, you subtly get back in touch.

This way you won’t worry about your ex forgetting about you and if your break up happened as a result of a lack of seduction or attraction between you, you’ll be able to turn things back around.

Based on the reproaches your ex may have given you at the moment of your breakup, you have to choose which of the two methods suits you best. These tools work, so don’t be afraid of being forgotten within the span of a few days or weeks. Ignoring an ex has already helped thousands of people get back together with the person they love.

Your coach when you’re wondering if ignoring an ex to get them back can work for you!