How to make my ex come backA breakup doesn’t mean that you have to move on and set aside how you feel! Au contraire, it’s sometimes the perfect moment to pick yourself back up and come out on top in your love life. Nevertheless you have to make sure you do things carefully and correctly, whether you want to get back with your ex or start fresh with someone new.

In this article I will essentially focus on people that want to get back together with someone they were with previously. The goal is to put together an even better and more solid relationship. A big mistake that many people make is neglecting to analyze and learn from the breakup; simply professing their love to their ex and thinking that everything can be fixed overnight. If you’re in this state of mind remember that a breakup isn’t the same as a fight, and you’re going to have to make a much stronger effort to make things right.

Even if you have good intentions it’s important to understand that this isn’t how you’re going to succeed to stop wondering “how can I make my ex come back”. Once the separation has taken place its not easy to piece things back together. This is why you’ll need a more radical method if you really want your ex to give you another chance. In order to make them want to take you back you will have to respect certain rules and steps, while avoiding errors. This is today’s topic and in this article I’ll show you how to lift your head back up, to better understand the best strategy in to once again become happy.

Understand the breakup to design the perfect game plan!

Showering an ex with gifts, false promises, lying to them, and everything else that goes along these lines will be detrimental to your attempt at getting back together. You have to realize that your ex didn’t make this decision just to make you suffer, or just for fun; there were specific reasons behind their departure that were directly linked to your relationship. For some people, the reason was that things became too routine, for others it was distance, and for others it was infidelity. Therefore there isn’t one single strategy for getting an ex back that fits every possible situation.

Heartache: Is time really your enemy when trying to get back with an ex?

So it’s important to understand and adapt my tips to your specific situation, and this is why a one on one, personalized coaching session is so effective. It’s the most straightforward way to design a custom-made strategy for getting back together with your ex. You’ll realize that a man that was unfaithful to his wife will not use the same strategy as a woman whose jealousy suffocated her husband. Your very first step should be to take a step back, get some perspective, and fully analyze your situation. When you want to know how to make your ex want you back, it’s imperative that you ask yourself this specific question: What made my ex want to get away from me?

In any given situation there are certain intricacies that you have to take into consideration before you start trying to get back together. Understanding the breakup is paramount. By deeply reflecting on what happened between you, you’ll be able to understand how your ex felt, and why they could resent you. You have to try to relieve as much uncertainty as possible in order to move forward calmly, while steering clear of the negativity that we want to avoid!

Talking about the past: why doesn’t this work?!

Some people wrongly think that by talking about the past, and by making their ex feel guilty by bringing up shared memories, that they’ll succeed in convincing an ex to come back. Of course this can have an impact; you shared some wonderful things. I’d never ask you to forget your happy memories, but remember that the past stays the past, and more importantly, sometimes a happy memory isn’t as such for your ex.

Even if this is hard to accept, for the time being your ex is focused mainly on the negatives. If they had prioritized the positives you’d still be together. The fact is that your ex does not view your relationship in the same way that you do. If you want your ex to take you back, don’t pour all your energy into talking about the good times; even if this can be a source of motivation. The goal is to focus on change, so that you can present yourself in a surprising and new way to your ex.

How to renew love in a relationship?

Rather than talking about it you have to reflect on you and your ex’s common past. Let me explain…

You’ve spent a certain amount of time together; you know how they’ll react and what they like, so you’re not starting from scratch. At the same time don’t try to get a second chance by sending your ex pictures of your first vacation together, hoping to pull on their heartstrings. Just because you have a past doesn’t mean that your relationship wasn’t faced with troubles that led to separation. You have to focus on what went wrong if you want to make progress. There is a way to do this, and to obtain a positive reaction from your ex.

Could I truly make my ex come back?

You have to create new affinity because what you were doing up until now wasn’t quite good enough. I’m not telling you to completely change everything about yourself; you should never diminish yourself. Even if a complete change would make your ex take you back, you wouldn’t be happy because you wouldn’t be true to who you are. You’d realize sooner or later that your relationship isn’t evolving and that you’re not doing enough.

The trick is to keep the positive aspects of your “previous” relationship while fixing problems you may have had. Of course I’m not saying you have to try to be the perfect couple because obviously you’ll have moments when you’ll be a bit more sensitive, and when you’ll have misunderstandings. You need to be able to solve problems instead of systematically breaking up. It’s important to be able to step into your ex’s world so that you may better understand them.

With a physical and emotional change, you’ll be able to see a tangible evolution between the person you are now and the person you used to be. If you want to get back together with the one you love show them your new attitude and a genuine smile. You’ll have to be an improved version of yourself that meets your ex’s expectations! It is within your reach!

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