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my ex boyfriend hates meIs your ex boyfriend mean to you? Do you try to reach out to him but he simply ignores you? Or even worse has your ex told you to never contact him again? If you recently went through a breakup and are looking to stay friends with your ex boyfriend or even better to get back together this article is for you!

Tons of women that I coach to successfully get back with the man they love were in difficult situations following a breakup.

It is very common for me to hear “my ex boyfriend hates me but I really want to get back together”. Being broken up becomes a secondary problem to the fact that you cannot even communicate with your ex without getting into an argument; if you can talk to him at all!

I am going to give you tips based on my experience coaching other women who are in a similar situation; when communication has completely broken down with your ex boyfriend!

If applied this advice can begin to shift the dynamic between you and your ex boyfriend and enable you to eventually get back together if you are willing to be patient and consistent.

Give your ex boyfriend space if he is mean to you

Following a breakup it is very common for tensions to rise and for people to hold a grudge or resentment. That is one of the reasons why separation happens in the first place.

A communication breakdown occurs in your relationship, trust is broken or one of the two individuals no longer feels like their counterpart can make them happy in the long run!

Your boyfriend may have lost faith in the relationship and he may now be trying to justify or validate the separation by being mean to you or by ignoring you.

Trying to force him to communicate with you or being too persistent would only be counterproductive and often times makes him resent you even more! I understand that you want to make things right and that you are looking to salvage your relationship while you still can.

But the truth is that if your ex boyfriend is acting a certain way following a breakup the best course of action is to give him the space and time he needs to put things into perspective.

Especially if you were in a relationship that lasted more than 1 year; you most certainly should take a bit of distance or even do a radio silence in order to eventually change the way and manner in which you communicate with each other.

No, your boyfriend will not forget about you or look to quickly get back with someone else. Those are the two fears that most people have when they are in your position.

How to get your ex back after a short term relationship!

By continuously reaching out to your ex, or telling him how much you love him and care, or simply by trying to do too much you will suffocate him and put him on a pedestal. Giving your ex too much power and control over you is never good, even if it comes from a place of love!

When it comes to your ex finding someone else if you give him too much space; do you really believe that he won’t be looking or that he won’t be able to meet anyone if you harass him every day?

Of course not! Giving him space won’t change anything in that regard.

On the contrary it will make him miss you more and make him start to reconsider his decision! Either way when a man gets with someone too quickly after coming out of a relationship it’s almost always a rebound that does not last very long!

You will be able to seduce him and get back with your ex boyfriend no matter what, if you have the right game plan and approach!

My ex boyfriend hates me, can I make him love me?

It is possible to change the way that your ex feels about you. When I hear women tell me “my ex boyfriend hates me and I don’t know what to do” my initial response is always to ask why? ‘

You need to be able to really understand why your ex feels the way that he does and be able to clearly identify the negative behaviors that have caused him to react in such a way.

If you are confused or don’t know where to start, I advise that you start by listing all of the issues that you faced during your relationship. Don’t leave anything out because something that may have seemed trivial to you may be a central issue for your ex boyfriend.

I invite you to go below the surface and to dig deeper in order to try to understand the dynamics at work behind the issues that you faced as a couple. Consider his personality, his upbringing, his dreams and aspirations, his fears and his insecurities.

Do the same for yours as it relates to each and every single problem that you identified. This should enable you to have a really good understanding of where your relationship went wrong and why your ex boyfriend has resentment towards you.

Realize that the way that your ex boyfriend feels about you is not permanent. At some point in your relationship he must have seen you in a different light. You were able to seduce him and make him love you. Something changed in your behavior along the way that impacted the dynamic.

Why isn’t he texting me back and what do I do?

If you are able to understand what happened and are willing to work on yourself to once again become that woman that inspired him at the beginning of your relationship, it is possible to make him fall in love with you again!

Get started right away to change the way your ex boyfriend feels about you

I invite you to look to find solutions to all of the issues that you faced; concrete solutions which include a when and how to implement them!

By taking actions in your daily life to change certain flaws and to become a better person you will be able to prove to your ex boyfriend that you are indeed able to change and make him love you again.

You will also need to focus a lot of your attention on you and your own well-being. If you are only interested in doing things to please him or acting in a certain way with the hope of grabbing his attention you will never make real progress!

It is only by becoming more emotionally independent, active and passionate about something that you will be able to attract him and inspire him to change the way that he feels about you. Until you are able to approach him from an equal footing, you will probably never be in a position to make him want to be with you again.

But you can if you start to implement my advice right away and if you give him the time and space to come to you; instead of trying to force the issue before having truly taken the time to analyze your mistakes and started to change!


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