prove that I deserve a second chance Breaking up is hard but looking to get back with your ex can sometimes prove to be even more difficult. Is your ex not giving you any attention or do you feel that he or she has moved on? Does every talk or conversation spiral out of control or does every conversation turns into a argument? Do you feel like you are losing your partner a little but more each and every day?

Don’t stress or panic. In this article I will provide you with a totally new strategy; an unheard blueprint to successfully communicate with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Like I tell most of the people that I coach every day I know what to achieve and I have the experience to help you get there; Every single day I hear people just like you tell me I want to prove that I deserve a second chance.

If this is also one of your goals, you will have to quickly realize that successful communication is your key. The truth is that being able to convey a message and understanding your ex’s needs is the means to build a solid foundation for any relationship; but also to get back together with the one you love. But you’ll have to begin by accepting the breakup and putting yourself in your ex’s shoes.

Break down the barriers with self-criticism in order to open the possibility of another relationship

After a breakup it is very common to notice a breakdown in communication; speaking to each other becomes complicated and barriers between you both start to shoot up little by little. You and your ex have most probably been fighting or arguing and in the process exchanged less than pleasant words; One of your objectives need to be to quickly get out of this vicious cycle of negativity however. You will never be in a position to inspire your ex to try to make things work if you are not positive and open in your dialogue with him or her.

You need to take the lead and to bring about a new approach to the way that you communicate with each other by being open to self-criticism. If you are able to adapt and be more receptive to acknowledge some of your wrongdoings you’ll change the way your conversations unfold. You no longer have to beat around the bus, try to come up with excuses to justify your mistakes or even try to hide them from your partner. Your positive attitude will prove to them that you are looking to establish a constructive dialogue, and in turn you’ll be able to make yourself be heard and listened to for the first time since the breakup! Through a simple change in behavior you will pave the way towards getting back together.

Self-criticism is also the best method of figuring out the real reasons behind the breakup as it will allow your ex to express their actual feelings. If you give him or her the confidence that you are open to hear about your wrongdoings and how they really felt, he or she will open up and give you insights into what you need to improve upon; you will then have a blueprint to make them reconsider the breakup and potentially get back together. You have the solutions in hand to act effectively right away.

In parallel you will also need to do an introspection of your own; ask yourself the right questions and don’t be afraid to take accountability for what did or did not do. Really take the time to analyze your behavior over the entirety of your relationship and don’t brush anything aside. This exercise along with the feedback provided by your ex will help you put your finger on the underlying problems that have provoked the breakup.

Through my actions I can prove that I deserve a second chance

Ninety-five percent of people who are unsuccessful in showing to their ex that they deserve a second chance either stop their efforts after this first step of self-criticism or don’t do it at all. Don’t make the same mistakes; you must go a step further after having put your finger on the true causes of the breakup, not just the ones that your ex has told you about but also the one’s that you identified on your own. You will need to go beyond and find concrete solutions to change in order not to encounter the same issues moving forward!

You will need to go even further by proving your change or resurrection. Your ex needs to see that your behavior towards them wasn’t how you truly are. Actions speak louder than words; you can turn everything around by once again becoming the person they were attracted to in the beginning of the relationship. You need to repeat convince yourself and even repeat it out loud if you have to I need to prove that I deserve a second chance through my actions. I can change and once again become the person that he or she always dreamed of being with!

In order for this to work, you must come up with ways to show that are evolving and that you have fully understood your mistakes. You can also show sentiments your ex doesn’t think you have. Just as an example: If you were very possessive, you can explain your jealousy by your lack of confidence. To take it even a take it a step further, you could even explain your inability to balance your personal life in the past for instance. Explain to him or her that you now realize that it’s important to devote time to your personal endeavors and to not be held captive by your relationship or the fear of it ending. By explaining where your jealousy came from, you’ve already won half the battle of making sure it doesn’t happen again.

What solutions do you offer to get back together moving forward?

The other half lies in the situations you are able to set forth immediately. If you think you deserve a second chance, you have to prove to your ex that there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s the most important principle to convey, since it’s your ex’s number one priority. That fear is what’s keeping them from getting back with you. He or she must understand that these issues won’t resurface in the future, and that the breakup is going to be a fuzzy memory of the past.

If, as in my example, your solution is to regain control of your personal life, start by signing up for a gym, taking dancing classes, joining a sports league, doing volunteer work – or even just getting together with your friends more often. You can learn practical solutions to bring about positive change and get back with your ex by downloading our eBook “70 pro tips to get back with your ex” that can be found on our website.

How about you? How did you prove to your ex that you deserve a second chance? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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