repeat the same mistakes in love When you want to get back together with an ex, there are certain rules that you have to closely follow. There are also specific things that you should avoid at all costs so that you don’t make things worse and create even more distance between you and the person you love.

One of the steps for getting a reaction out of your ex, is working on a radical change from the relationship that you had in the past. The most important thing is to rebuild your relationship on a new foundation. For most people this sounds simple but there are still many people that don’t do the right things and continue to repeat the same mistakes in love while wondering why their efforts aren’t working.

A breakup is never without reason, even if it was unexpected. Your ex didn’t just wake up one morning and think, “Ah, today I think I’m going to breakup with my partner!” There are logical reasons that can explain this decision and chances are that it had been in the making for a while. I really don’t want to twist the knife in the wound and amplify the pain you’re currently feeling, but it’s important to realize that you are partly responsible as well. What I’m telling you might be surprising but in reality it’s reassuring!

You’re probably wondering why I’m saying that it should reassure you… It’s simply because it means that you shouldn’t give up because if you’re partly responsible, it means that certain things are under your control! In order to do this you’ll have to ask yourself pertinent questions and the most important one is “how to not make the same mistakes twice?”

You have to start over and you’re perfectly capable as long as you don’t make the same errors! You have to move on from the past and rebuild a relationship that will completely different and therefore better than the one you had together in the past.

If you repeat the same mistakes in love or with an ex, they’ll push you away

As I was explaining above, a separation never happens without a cause and you should know that your ex wasn’t happy to make this decision and is not much happier than you are right now. Don’t think that your ex is out celebrating being single; that they’re happy that you’ve broken up. Human beings are not meant to be alone and deciding to put an end to a relationship is never easy (even if your partner wasn’t happy anymore.) When you break up with someone you need a good reason to do so and courage to realize that it’s no longer working.

If you want to make your ex take you back you’re going to have to change their opinion of your relationship and to make them forget the reasons why they distanced themselves from you little by little over time. The life of two people together never looks the way it does in the romantic comedies and sometimes you don’t meet your partner’s expectations, you develop bad habits, and you get comfortable in your ways so a breakup begins to loom over your heads!

This is why it’s so important to give yourself a new image in your ex’s eyes, so that they begin to forget about the negative aspect of the relationship you had together. Your ex had suffered and they don’t want to go through the same issues they had experienced up until a few weeks or months ago. If you stop making the same mistakes as you’re trying to get back together, you’ll be able to show your ex how much you’ve changed, your desire to make things better, and you’ll be able to propose a new and improved relationship that will have a much more solid foundation than before.

Now a lot of people think that this is impossible because they think that they have to become a perfect person that doesn’t have any flaws. No, all this means is that you have to get rid of bad habits and to always try to meet your ex’s needs and expectations in the best way possible. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes so don’t think I’m asking you to do the impossible. All I’m saying is that you have to focus on what your ex has wanted all along and do your best to provide it. You have to show your ex that you’re a person that will do their best and make long-term efforts.

Tips for successfully improving yourself for your ex

Evaluating the breakup and understanding why it happened will help you to move forward and it will also help you to design the perfect way to get back together with your ex. I imagine this is something that would interest you!

The desire and the emotions are all there but you unfortunately didn’t know the tools and techniques to use in order to steal your ex’s heart by acting differently. Now that you’re on my site, everything will change…

The first step of course is to understand the breakup and the reasons that could push your ex to do this. You’ll therefore be able to meet their needs and you’ll understand the touchy subjects, things to avoid doing or things to change in order to rebuild your relationship and make it more solid than before. You shouldn’t just change for the heck of it or change who you are; just improve your habits and your desires so that you can adapt them to the needs of the person you love.

Speaking of changing who you are, it’s very important that you never belittle yourself. Changing for your ex and becoming a new person doesn’t mean to forget who you are. Your ex should never be your main priority, and you should never abandon what makes you happy just to make them happy. In truth, figuring out how to not repeat the same mistakes in love doesn’t signify trying to become someone else; it’s about showing them that you can come out on top and that you are aware of the things that weren’t working in your relationship.

Life is full of compromises and sacrifices, so you shouldn’t be the only one willing to make improvements in order to change the course of events. It would be too easy to claim responsibility for everything. Your ex isn’t perfect either. You can reinforce your changes and therefore make things continue to evolve and become better than they were even just a few days ago.

Best wishes,

Your coach for no longer repeating the same mistakes with your ex