reuniting with my exAs a coach specialized in getting people back together, I work with people who have questions about reuniting with an ex every single day. When a breakup takes place, it is perfectly natural to panic and try to do everything in your power to try and get the person you love back. When your world is suddenly turned upside down, it puts you in a vulnerable position where you risk making some mistakes that can actually push you further away from your goal.

This is why I wanted to write this article for you on the best way to reunite with the person that you love, while steering clear from the most common mistakes. Reuniting with an ex is not something that happens from one day to the next, and you need to lay a proper foundation. It our goal to provide you with tips and tools to help you coach yourself through this challenging period. So let’s take a look at the ins and outs of reuniting with an ex!

Reuniting with an ex is possible if you approach the situation in the right way!

Before we go any further with the how-to’s, I’d like to go over the biggest things to avoid when you want to get your ex back. As I began saying in the introduction to this article, it is very easy to make mistakes when your heart is broken and you want to be with the person you love.

This is when we often see people panicking and doing things that make them look desperate to their ex boyfriend or girlfriend. They’ll begin to beg and plead to be taken back or to be given another chance to prove how they’re going to change, but the problem is that the more you place your ex on a pedestal like this, the easier it is for them to take you for granted!

Think about it this way. Chances are that you were with your ex for a while and they have gotten used to your presence. Now that the breakup has taken place, they expect you to be there, begging and pleading with them for their attention.

It is basic human nature to take something for granted that is always readily available to us, especially when we feel like it is something that belongs to us. So if your ex feels like you’re always there at their beck and call and that your world revolves around them, it’s going to be dangerously easy for them to take you for granted.reuniting couple with my ex

So when you’re thinking about reuniting with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, I encourage you to make sure that you avoid the following things:

• Begging and pleading with your ex to take you back

As I said, this is a pretty surefire way to make your ex run for the hills. The breakup has left a bad taste in their mouth, and the needier and clingier you are, the worse you’re going to look in their eyes. The breakup took place for a reason and it’s very important to remember that your ex is not going to want to step back into the same exact relationship you had before before you both already know how that ended! You’re going to have to make some concrete changes, which brings me to my next point.

• Promising your ex that you’re going to change

One of the worst things you could do right now is give your ex empty promises. You might feel that they’re sincere and have every intention of making concrete changes, but your ex doesn’t want to hear words anymore. If they left you, it means that they had lost faith in your overall ability to make them happy in the long run, and words are not going to change this. But you know what will? Actions!

• Calling and texting your ex incessantly

I will go over this tool in a moment, but one of the most powerful techniques used for getting an ex back consists of cutting communication with an ex, and for good reason! The more present you are, the easier it is for your ex to take you for granted and for you to look needy or desperate! Our goal is to make your ex see you in a new light.

• Doing everything you can to get their attention (and being obvious about it)

This goes hand in hand with looking desperate. If you are constantly flooding your Instagram story with pictures of you with attractive members of the opposite sex, it can easily look like you’re just trying to make your ex jealous and this will not paint you in a positive light. If you want to get back with the ex, you’re going to have to inspire him or her to want to get closer to you in a different way…

• Threatening them in any way

This point is pretty straightforward. If you threaten or try to blackmail your ex, you’re only going to make yourself look bad and push him or her even further away. A successful ex recovery process is rooted in inspiring your ex to want to get closer to you – not in doing things that would make him or her want to get as far away from you as possible! It’s very easy to let your emotions and your pride get the best of you when your heart is broken, but be careful to avoid doing anything that you will end up regretting later on down the line.

Reuniting with an ex after months or years: The best way to proceed

When it comes to reuniting with an ex spouse or partner, the best remedy usually consists of taking a step back in order to make a stronger comeback.

There are reasons behind why this breakup took place, so it these issues are going to need to be addressed. We want your ex to understand that you’ve recognized the root of the problem and that you’ve taken the steps to implement longterm solutions in your life.

That is why we often use the no contact rule. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this technique, it basically consists of cutting all forms of communication with your ex partner for a predetermined period of time that will depend on the intricacies of your relationship and breakup. For more in depth information on how to harness the power of this technique, I encourage you to click the link!reuniting after break up

When you use the NC rule when you’re working on getting back with an ex, you give yourself the opportunity to hit the reset button. If you use this tool properly, you will start to see signs your ex will eventually come back.

The first thing that happens is that you give your ex a little electroshock. At this point, he or she is expecting you to pine for their attention and that you’d bend over backwards for them. When you show them that you you are focusing on yourself and that you have taken them off of that pedestal, you’ll have their attention.

When they realize that they don’t have access to you like they thought they did (because you don’t respond to their messages and are no longer reaching out to them), they’ll start to pay even closer attention.

Now, the key to success is to focus on personal development. Think about what areas of your life could benefit from improvement, and make these things a priority. Think about what passions and goals got put on the back burner while this relationship took center stage in your life, and start to carve out ample time for them again. Think about your physical health and make sure you’re active, and that you’re filling your schedule with people and activities that bring you joy.

This will start to boost your self confidence, you will feel busier and more satisfied in your life, and little by little, your ex is going to realize that you are becoming the new and improved version of the person they fell in love with in the first place! This is what makes you irresistible…

Your ex is going to begin to crave your attention, and this will create a shift in the power play.

Reuniting with your ex IS possible!

Each and every relationship is entirely unique, so I’ve given you an overview of some of the ways to reunite with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

You might be wondering, “Is it normal to still love my ex” or “What are the chances of reuniting with an ex,” but I want you to know that we are here to help you every step of the way. We are a team of dedicated love and relationship experts specialized in getting people back together, so if you would like one on one guidance, all you have to do is click here.

You can also leave any questions you may have in the comments section below!

I sincerely wish you all the best in life and love,

Your coach when you’re thinking about reuniting with an ex