understanding what went wrong in a relationshipBeing in a relationship can be the source of incredible joy. From marriage to witnessing the birth of your children, to a simple dinner with the family; all these moments create a convivial atmosphere. Nevertheless, if love can bring about such happiness, it can also bring about fighting, misunderstanding and unfortunately sometimes even separations.

It’s not always easy to live with somebody of the opposite sex, someone who doesn’t have the same education, someone who doesn’t always accept your habits. A relationship isn’t only about feelings; it’s about two different universes trying to merge. Understanding what went wrong in a relationship is imperative for learning the reasons behind the separation.

This is why it’s normal that both people involved make mistakes. But how can you justify them and how can you ease or remedy them? How can you explain the fact that you think your actions were correct but your partner doesn’t? What mistakes are made that result in breakups?

It’s important to learn how to combine both of your tastes and expectations. This is exactly the subject of this article, so keep on reading to find out about the errors made with your ex!

What errors did I make with my ex?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s completely normal that you aren’t the perfect partner, because perfection doesn’t exist. That said, there is a considerable difference between having bad habits and understanding what went wrong in a relationship or what lead to the breakup. The main cause of separation is usually lack of communication, or when the two people don’t pay enough attention to one another and no longer have good dialogue.

You live under the same roof, you make love on a regular basis, you even communicate, so you reach a point where you stop worrying about your significant other’s happiness, you don’t really listen to them, and so a breakup is inevitable. I will never stop reiterating the importance of communication in a relationship.

Lack of communication is not the only mistake you can make. I’m obviously talking about infidelity. I’ve lost count of all the people that have come to me after having been left because their ex had fallen in love with another. Please note that this doesn’t only concern women. It’s normal that infidelity can do some serious damage.

There will be a “before” and a “after” because when a person is unfaithful, they shatter the trust that existed in their relationship. But for now and when you want to get back together with your ex you have to know how to move forward and to never return to what happened before.

Another very common mistake made by men and women alike is thinking that they have their partner in their pocket. After years of being together, you stop thinking about seducing your significant other, and worse, you think they belong to you and this of course makes them feel very frustrated.

So it’s not that surprising when your partner is dreaming of the passion you shared at the beginning of your relationship, and might even go find it in the arms of someone else.

Understanding what went wrong in a relationship and figuring out if the errors made were fatale

Understanding the errors made with your ex is imperative. Unfortunately in a person’s love life you don’t realize the problem when it’s happening. Many of my readers have experienced the problems I mentioned earlier so it would seem that these errors have to be taken into consideration when wanting to get back together with someone.

Not that these errors are logical, but some are more acceptable than others. It’s hard to accept, but sooner or later there will always be disagreement in a relationship.

A wrong move or a misunderstanding… The difference in gender also plays a role because men and women tend to have different opinions regarding life together.

There are certain topics in which it is much more common for them to disagree than to agree, and this of course can lead to conflict. You shouldn’t panic if you don’t share the same views as your partner, and you can fix it by communicating.

Making mistakes in a relationship is also a question of interpretation, unless you didn’t do it on purpose.

But differences in gender don’t explain everything! Why do you think that is?

Simply because same sex couples have the same exact problems, difficulties, and separations!

You’re not in a relationship with your clone and even if you were, there would be differences of opinion! Despite everything you could have in common, your tastes, expectations, and the way you act are different and can explain why you’re not always on the same page.

Sometimes the mistake is so serious that a breakup looks like the only solution for never again having to go through the pain and tension that seem interminable.

No more errors made with your ex

I propose that you closely reread the last sentence of the previous paragraph because it sums everything up! Understanding your mistakes and therefore being able to explain them should be done with one goal in mind: Never doing the same thing again!

If you’re reading this and you truly want to get back together with your ex and rebuild a solid relationship, you have to be very aware of this element. That said, if you don’t show any changes, if your ex sees that you’re basically suggesting that you restart the same exact relationship that ended up in a separation, you’re greatly diminishing your chances of success.

You have to show the “new you” to the person you want to be with again; you have to build a new relationship. Of course the memory of the breakup will be present but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to move past it.

You have to ask yourself why these mistakes were made and how you can fix them. But that’s not all. It’s also extremely important to put yourself in your ex’s shoes so that you can understand what they felt during the breakup.

Your coach for understanding what went wrong in a relationship.