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she doesn't love me anymoreSometimes a breakup isn’t the easiest decision to accept. When the person you love tells you that they have no feelings for you anymore it’s an awful sensation that floods your heart. You feel like you’ve failed, like you’ve wasted your time, but the worst part is that you question the sincerity of your ex’s feelings for you while you were together.

Questions naturally rise up like, did she ever really love me? Did my ex just play me? How could their feelings for me just disappear? You question everything when you realize that your ex no longer feels anything for you.

You’re reading these lines right now because you want to find solutions. You can’t stay in this situation…your love for her still burns strong and you want her to feel the same way again.

You want help in putting things in perspective regarding the relationship and rest assured, nothing is impossible in love but you have to use the right techniques. You’ve shared something special which means that you can still rekindle the flame.

That said, if you want to do this you shouldn’t just revel in sadness thinking, “she doesn’t love me anymore,” or, “I don’t have a chance with her anymore.” There’s a certain state of mind that you’re going to have to adopt.

If you want to spark the same feelings that you had at the beginning of your relationship you’re going to have to understand the reasons behind your current situations and this will in turn help you to design the ideal plan of action.

Why doesn’t she love me anymore?

As a general rule, “Why?” is usually the first thing you start wondering.

You don’t understand how the person that you were sharing your life with; the person that was saying, “I love you,” just a few weeks ago can now tell you that they no longer feel the same way. She’s telling you that she’s not feeling love for you but rather just affection. Doubt and questions aren’t helping you move on from this situation. Everyone needs answers especially when you’re confronted with a breakup.

If you’re familiar with my Love coaching philosophy, you know that my method always begins with an analysis phase and that’s exactly what you have to start working on. When you want to fix a negative situation, you have to know the cause. In love nothing happens by accident so if your partner tells you that the love they felt for you has dwindled, it means that your relationship had already been having issues.

Should I ignore my ex to get back together?

Oftentimes when people come to see me with this problem, they realize that their life together had just become routine. You had your habits, you weren’t continuing to seduce your partner, and you were thinking you had her in your pocket. You’re now paying the price. It’s imperative that you don’t think that a person’s love for you is eternal if you don’t do anything to maintain it. When you stop making them feel special, their emotions diminish.

Sometimes you’re not solely responsible for this situation but you still suffer the consequences. If your partner has met someone new at work or somewhere else, their emotions could be shaken up. If she’s interested in someone new she could be in the seduction phase and therefore could be questioning everything right now.

In this situation, saying, “She doesn’t love me” anymore isn’t the best option simply because even though she might be feeling something for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she no longer feels anything for you.

She doesn’t love me anymore so how can I revive my ex’s feelings?

Your main focus right now is making her fall back in love with you but you shouldn’t just let time do the work for you, thinking that she’ll figure out that she loves you on her own. Of course you have to take the initiative to make sure that this awful situation end as quickly as possible. I am definitely not telling you to rush things, but you shouldn’t waste time and you especially shouldn’t make mistakes that will make things worse.

As I explained, when a woman’s feelings start to disappear little by little, it’s usually because the relationship was becoming stagnant or because there was a recurring problem. You have to make the relationship evolve if you want to prove to her that it can be better. Routine should never control your lives. Some couples haven’t gone to the movies together in years, others rarely ever go out to eat, and some have no projects planned for their future. There is nothing worse that this.

It’s important that you show your ex that you can build more than just memories together; that your future together could be incredible. Children, marriage, trips, activities together… incidentally you should never wait for the breakup before you start thinking about these things.

Revenge on an ex: Why it’s a bad idea?!

You can do the simplest things that turn into special moments – you can go take a romantic walk together instead of staying locked up at home, you could go to the zoo with the family, the idea to look for a new apartment together, designing new decor for your current place… All of these things can help you avoid a situation like this.

Keeping the romance alive doesn’t mean that you have to plan extravagant dates every day. Regular, sincere and simple gestures would be sufficient. The golden is show your improvements and these kinds of actions are perfect for this!

What does my ex want: The biggest question!

In come cases, you think that it’s about a lack of love, but it reality it could be something totally different. You shouldn’t immediately imagine the worst. Thinking that she doesn’t love you anymore isn’t the explanation as to why there might be tension that’s damaging the relationship. Sometimes outside factors could upset a relationship and you unfortunately have to suffer the consequences.

Some examples of this is when the in-laws are a little too present, when there’s a problem at work, when you lose a child or have an abortion… All of these reasons can spark a change in someone’s state of mind and there are inevitable consequences in the relationship.

In any case, you shouldn’t panic and question your entire relationship or the sincerity of your significant other. You do however have to take these elements into consideration when you design the proper strategy and figure out what needs to change in your behavior.

Many men that have been frightened by the breakup tend to be pessimistic. This is why I am once again insisting on the importance of understanding the situation. So you have to ask yourself the right questions that will enable you to design the perfect plan of action when you want to rekindle her feelings for you.

This is also essential so that you don’t just become your ex’s friend. You have to do whatever you can to stay out of the friend-zone and to keep up some form of seduction that will make her return to your arms.



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