Hi everyone!

This is Coach Natalie and Coach Adrian from WithMyExAgain.com

On August 13th, at 6PM US EST, we’re going to host our third ever webinar. Just like our last two, this webinar is LIVE and it’s FREE for all those who join.

Here’s what to expect:

In this webinar, we’re going to be diving into How To Get Your Ex Back if You’re to Blame. More specifically, we’re going to discuss tactics to help you handle the breakup itself, and also fill you in on what to do and what to avoid just after the breakup.

Next, we’ll discuss the powers and the process of Radio Silence, including what it means, how to implement it correctly and what you should be focussing on during this period of distance from your ex.

Lastly, we’ll share our tips on how to successfully reconnect with your ex, and how to make it fun for you both.

We’ll be explaining all of the listed topics in cohesion with a detailed presentation, which will give you all the opportunity to take notes.

Coach Adrian and Coach Natalie understand how hard this journey is, and invite you to bring a list of questions you want answered once the presentation portion of the webinar is over. Please note that the questions much pertain to the topic at hand : How To Get Your Ex Back When You’re to Blame. Any other questions will be answered if there’s extra time, or privately during a one-on-one coaching session.

If you’d like to tune into our 3rd webinar on August 13th, please click this link! 

We’re all really excited to connect with you again.


Coach Adrian and Coach Natalie