i miss my ex As a coach specialized in getting people back together, you can imagine how often someone asks me, “Exactly when does a man start miss you?” We provide you with a variety of tips and tools geared towards making your ex miss you and eventually want to get back together with you… so this is a very common thing to be thinking about while you’re in the break up recovery process.

So when do people start to miss their exes after a breakup? Are there certain things that you can do to speed up that process? Are there things that could actually work against you? In today’s article I’m going to go over how an ex typically begins to miss you and what you can do to get closer to your goal sooner than you thought possible!

When does a man start to miss you after a breakup?

When two people break up, each of them is going to have their own way of dealing with the separation. Some people become extremely hurt and depressed right off the bat whereas others will turn to partying and wild nights out to keep their mind off of things.

But there are stages of grief that effect every single person, and they are:

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

Chances are that you are experiencing these feelings quite intensely right about now. You’re dying to know if your ex is feeling the same thing… but rest assured, the feelings of nostalgia will surge up in your ex as well…

When does a man miss a woman: How he experiences the breakup

The first stage of a breakup for any person involved is pain. When your relationship ends and you lose the person you love, the initial emotion is pain, often accompanied by a side of shock.

Following pain, a person will experience the desire to distract themselves. If you see your ex dating other people, this is most likely to stage that he is in currently. I know that it’s painful to watch, but it does get better.

This is also the period during which people will dive into work or personal projects, and will start going out with their friends to take their mind off things.

Then comes the stage that we are most interested in today: the nostalgia/ withdrawal phase!

A person will start to feel like they’re doing better after a while, but then something very interesting happens. And keep in mind that this is true whether it was your ex’s idea to end the relationship or yours – both people involved for feel this, and when your ex partner is feeling it you need to be prepared.

A sense of nostalgia starts to creep into your ex’s mind. Sometimes it happens because they’ve experienced disappointment when dating other people, and sometimes it just happens on its own as time goes on. Enough time passes in order for the negative memories to fade and the positive ones come to the forefront of a person’s mind.

They’ll start to miss the good things about you and your relationship, and it is around this time that they might even look on social media to see you’ve been up to. Some people even reach out at this stage to catch up!

I know that you are wondering, “When does a man start miss you” but the truth is that the timeline differs for everyone. For some people it will be after a few weeks, for others it will be after a few months, and for some people it can even be after a few years.

Though you are not in control your ex’s life, you are in control of your own life and therefore have the power to do things that will make him miss you

I miss my man: How do I make him miss me

If you are familiar with our philosophy then you have undoubtedly heard us talking about the no contact rule. For those of you that I have not heard about this powerful technique, it basically consists of cutting all forms of communication with your ex for a predetermined period of time.

The goal of this technique is to give your ex an electro shock that makes him miss you, while giving yourself the opportunity to make some powerful improvements in your own life. When your ex realizes that you are not at his beck and call, he will miss you that much more.

The key to success is prioritizing your well-being and making sure that you are prepared if and when your ex reaches out during his nostalgic phase. He might not reach out, but if you play your cards right and spark his interest, he will pay attention to your posts on social media.

So make sure that you are posting things that he would want to be a part of! That is how you can make him miss you even more…

When a man realizes he lost a good woman: The power of silence

Not talking to an ex is one thing, but there are some other elements that need to be happening simultaneously if you want to see real results. Perhaps you’re using the NC Rule, but if you’re sitting around, checking your phone for a message or a missed call from your ex every five minutes, you’re going to drive yourself nuts.

What’s more, you won’t be doing anything to make your ex feel more inclined to go out of his way to talk to you.

So you can make a man miss you by using this tool, but you have to use this time wisely if you want it to really work.

So starting now, if you’re giving him radio silence after a breakup, start focusing all your energy on becoming a new and improved version of yourself. The way to do this is easier than you think!

Now that you aren’t in contact with your ex, you can focus entirely on yourself. Now is actually the time to become selfish, but in a good way! It’s normal that perhaps you dedicated most of your time and energy to your ex, but now you have to focus all of that energy on no one but yourself.

Think about what elements of your life got put on the back burner while you were in this relationship. Your friends, family, hobbies, professional projects, physical fitness. Challenge yourself to fill up your schedule with activities that you miss, and make it a point to introduce new activities as well. making him miss me

One of the keys for feeling better after a breakup is filling up your schedule with things and people that bring you joy, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about new activities. Have you ever wanted to try something you just never had the time for? Well now is the time!

The more time you spend doing things that make you happy, the more magnetic you’re going to become. People who are genuinely happy attract people like moths to a flame, and trust me, your ex will take notice.

If you start to remind him of the person he fell in love with in the first place, his attention will be sparked. If you remind him of the person he fell in love with in the first place AND he sees that you’ve become a new and improved version of that person, you’re going to become irresistible.

This is when your silence is going to be most powerful!

What makes a man miss a woman and want to be with her again

The fact of the matter is that you have to become proactive and grab life by the horns. The most active you become, the more he will notice that something is different, and the more likely he will be to want to get closer to you.

The thing that makes a man miss a woman is realizing that his life would be better with her in it. The best way to do this is to make your life feel as satisfying as possible.

There are so many tools available to you to make someone miss you, and you can read about how to make a man miss you by clicking here, or you can get in touch with me or a member of my team for one-on-one guidance.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below and it would be our pleasure to respond to you!

Wishing you all the best in life and love,

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