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Can I get back with my ex“Alex, do you think that I can get back with my ex? “.
This is a question that I get asked constantly while speaking to clients!

In order to get back with an ex-lover, you must understand your significant other’s reactions in order to in turn adjust your own. In some instances, breakups or separation can be irrevocable as pain and sadness within a relationship have been endured for too long.

But before we can determine if winning an ex-lover back is possible or not, you should ask yourself: “Have you tried everything possible to regain their love and fix your broken relationship?” If you think that you may still have things to say to your ex, or that actions could be carried out to enable your forgiveness, or simply if you need answers to your questions, then you must act fast.


After a breakup, people tend to stick to or overly focus on the hurtful words of an ex-lover. And yet, often times those words do not reflect the true state of a broken relationship. You must simply realize that your ex will NEVER leave you and say “I love you” or “In a few months we can get back together.”

A breakup itself or the harsh words spoken by your loved one during a separation do not in essence determine if a relationship is salvageable or not. However, if your ex cuts off all communication, it is obvious that it will be more difficult to get them back. But all is not lost, however. People that I coach tell me on a regular basis: “you’re awesome! I managed to get my ex back after several months without contact.”

Ultimately, if the dialogue is still ongoing, you will have a better chance of getting back together quicker even if their words said to you can be really hurtful! If dialogue has stopped, it will most likely take a longer period of time to win them back.

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Nobody is able to tell you without a shadow of a doubt whether or not you will be able to get back with your ex. Based on our experience however, I can assure you that you are probably on the wrong path. If you are going through our website, you will realize that you have not yet exhausted all of the tools at your disposal to get back with him or her back.

You must take control and anticipate the wants and needs of your ex, which will lead to better communication and enable you to showcase the changes that you have made to your life. You must stay positive no matter what and constantly say to yourself: “if I really want to get back with my ex, I can get back with my ex”


Although a breakup will push you into a state of deep sadness, your ex will have no mercy or piety, and you will not be able to win them back through your love and by professing your emotions to them.

If your ex is adamant that it’s over, you will have to change their mind by becoming the man or woman of their dreams while shifting your attitude. You will need to forget for a moment the history or baggage of your relationship and offer a new chapter while remaining patient while your ex is able to rebuild themselves.

Remember that you are not the only one suffering and that it is necessary to allow them time to rebuild themselves so that they can once again let go.

I recommend that you take a step back and once again reflect on your own situation.

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Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below or to share some of the actions that you have undertaken to try to get back with your ex.

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