Get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups

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Free course :  3 detailed videos over the course of the next three days designed to put the pieces back together and set you out on a new path


Free course :  3 detailed videos over the course of the next three days designed to put the pieces back together and set you out on a new path

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Get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakupsRelationships are difficult to maintain as people have a tendency to get complacent over time and to start to take their partners for granted. You start to feel as if you are unhappy or in need of change only to realize that you miss your ex and want to see them again or even be with them all together.

It isn’t uncommon to see people go through three, four or even five or six breakups! And the question remains the same every time; is it possible for us to still get back together after all these breakups? More importantly is it possible to really make it work or does it mean that the relationship is doomed and that you are both just having trouble letting go?

From experience we know that almost all relationships can be saved and that it is possible to turn things around when willingness meets compassion and determination. No matter how many times you have broken up, it is possible for you to get back with your ex; and we will tell you how in this article!

Breakaway from the vicious cycle

In order to get back with your ex after multiple breakups and also stay together you will need to take a step back and acknowledge that serious changes are needed to make things work. You are engaged in a vicious cycle in which you are most likely banging your head against the wall. One of the two of you decided to breakup because you are both unhappy to some level and yet you ultimately end up getting back together under the same circumstances. Without any substantial changes made how can you really hope that the relationship will miraculously sort itself out?

After acknowledging that you are engaged in a self-defeating pattern, you will then need a genuine willingness to move forward in a different direction; know that it will take a relentless and conscious effort on your part if you hope to save your relationship. To further help you, we have specific eBooks available as well, so don’t hesitate to use all the tools available to you.

Identify the real core issues

Before you get back together yet again, it is best to take some time apart in order to understand both what drives you to be together and what ends up breaking your relationship apart. What is the fundamental issue preventing you from making each other happy?

Many times people are in relationships but have different lifestyles, goals, hobbies or even life projects. They are physically attracted to one another and they let love guide them before even asking themselves and each other any questions of substance. Where they are going and what they are building towards? Issues soon arise because two people are pulling in different directions, with a selfish outlook and too entrenched in their ways of being to hear their counterparts’ plea for change.

The only way too truly breakaway from the vicious cycle that has plagued your relationship and build something stable is to start by identifying the real wants, needs and aspirations of both individuals. Then try to reflect on the ways that you both have tried to bridge those needs and compromise on the other person’s dreams and aspirations throughout the entire relationship.

One of the fundamental principles that people have a tough time grasping during this introspection is considering both people’s needs and aspirations as equals. Stray away from this trap and you will quickly be able to see both the core issues that have plagued your relationship as well as the futility of the vicious cycle that you have been engaged in. At this stage you will already be one step closer towards getting back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups!

Change the communication pattern

The tension, frustration and built up resentment from being misunderstood always leads to a breakdown in communication. In order to make the relationship permanent and to avoid yet another breakup you will need to fundamentally change the way you communicate and interact with your ex on a multitude of levels.

In fact your main goal moving forward should be to completely shift the way that you approach talking and relating to each other. Look to always avoid arguments and instead think of potential solutions that can bridge your differences before talking back to your significant other. You will need to shift your approach, your words, but also be conscious of your body language; non-verbal communication is an underrated yet important aspect of communication as a whole. The best way to quickly shit your communication pattern is to focus on being an active listener; give more importance to your ex words and their meaning rather than your own thoughts, judgment or ideas.

This outlook will be extremely positive during potentially contentious situations. Instead of taking a selfish approach and trying to convey your thoughts, needs and desires try for instance to envision your relationship as a single entity. You will need to be in a true spirit of compromise; and to take it a step further fully accept the notion that you’re ex’s well-being enables your own happiness.

You can Get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups!

If you and your ex haven broken up a multitude of times the good news is that you know for sure that you are capable of winning them back! No matter how bad things got, you can put yourself in a position to seduce them once again after this new-found perspective by drastically shifting your behavior towards your ex.

When I am asked by people during coaching session if it still possible to get back with their ex, my answer is often the same: If you become the person that your ex has always dreamed of being with why would they not want to be with you? It all depends entirely on you, your actions and willingness to make things work.

If you need further reassurance look at the facts and history of your own relationship; after all the issues that your couple has faced, you still seem to be drawn back to another. This implies an emotional connection and deep desire to be with another. Satisfy this need by shifting your outlook and behavior in order to both make each other happy for good!

Start anew

You have been given concrete tools to Get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups. The final piece of advice is to change your perception of the relationship itself. Don’t look to get back together yet again, but rather look to start a new relationship with the person that you love on a clean slate.

You need to break away from the past and detach yourselves from the negative baggage in order to give your couple a stronger foundation and for love to blossom. The best way to ensure a clean separation from the past is to never bring up past transgressions or mistakes. This is a very important piece of advice.

If your ex tries to talk about your past wrongdoings or behavior simply respond in a positive manner by pointing out actions that you are undertaking to shift your ways and become a better person in that sense. By combating negative emotions with positivism you will be able to also shift their outlook in time.

Your coach to get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups,


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  1. Hey! I’ve been with my boyfriend on and off for one year. We’ve just broken up a month ago, he didn’t really give me any legit reason but what he said was “My heart isn’t in the relationship anymore…I’m not coming back…I’m not going to reach out” I want to make this work again. I haven’t spoken to him since we’ve broken up. How can I apply this method to my situation ?

  2. My boyfriend I recently broke up about a month ago, we’ve been on and off for a whole year. Everytime we’d break up it would be a new excuse and somehow we end up back again. The day he broke up with me he told me his heart was no longer in the relationship. He has my things as well and I once asked for them back but he never made the effort to give them to me. Since then we haven’t spoken. I want things to work out and I really want him back how can I use your methods to get him back?

    1. Hello Chinyere,
      The fact that he refused to give you your stuff back is actually a good sign, and proof that he is not fully ready to let go. In your case, to get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups you have to prove to him that you are ready to let go. The first step would be to go pick up your belongings! This will be a sign of independence and to show him that you are willing to move forward on your own. This will enable you to shift the dynamic and to make him feel as if he is losing you for good. It is necessary however for us to work together in order to help you enter into a new and improved relationship with your ex, not to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
      I thus hope to hear from you soon, and to help you reach your goals via a one on one coaching session.
      All the very best,

      1. I text him today it seems like he’s avoiding me, he insisted on giving my things to someone else to give me. I feel like I lost him now.

        1. You have not, you simply need some help and to be guided in the right direction in order to snap out of this funk that you are in at the moment! I hope to speak to you soon during the course of a one on one coaching session.

          1. Hi I was with my ex for 9 years an broke up 2 months ago we haven’t seen or spoke to each we also lived together for 5 years my stuff is still in the house witch he hasn’t asked me to get I went to the house with in a month of the split when he was in work an my stuff was exactly the same were I left everything nothing had moved Ye I also have the key aswell he has not deleted my number is there a chance of getting him back

          2. Hello Louise,
            Thank you for sharing your story with me. In order for me to advise you in the best possible way I will need to know a bit more about the dynamics of your relationship and also about the breakup; how did it occur and why? and how did you react?
            The fact that he has not asked for the keys, and that your things are exactly where you left them is a good sign! I believe that we can win him back…If you are serious about doing everything possible to make this work, I would encourage you to book a coaching session with me in order for me to help you maximize your chances to make things right quickly.
            I sincerely hope to hear from you soon.

          3. My boyfriend of 14 years left again. We’ve separated at least once a year. We have 4 son’s together and I am at my worst end. We communicate and he tells me he will take care of all of us and his main goal is to provide for us. Yes in a different state 3 hours away. He always leaves the state when we separate. I’m not sure if I’m wasting my time or can we make this work.

          4. This seems like a complex situation, but one that we can work on together to turn things around.
            I strongly advise that you book a coaching session with me in order for us to work together and turn this around.

          5. Hello me n my ex started off as friends with benefits,for a year in a half,then we were together n ever since the relationship got off she’s broke up with me multiple times this last time we got back together, she was talking about us living together n getting married but yet another break up I was told she’s scared of being hurt, she’s had a rough past n I’ve always been there for her its been three months now of being broke up we have talked on the phone n hung out a couple times but got into a disagreement she told me to loose her number any chance of getting her back??

  3. My boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me three times saying he didn’t really want to breaknow up but got mad and blurted it out. Then after 6 months he asks me and my kids to move in. We say yes then a few weeKS later we have an argument and he breaks up with me again saying it’s for good. I thought we were moving in together so I don’t get it. I’m so hurt. My kids are hurt. He said there’s no way to fix it because I make him feel bad because of my Insecurities. Mainly with his ex wife because she texts him all day everyday and at night and about everything under the sun. They have kids together but I feel there needs to be blundaries. He said he doesn’t want her to be upset. Apparently it’s ok if I am thpugh. I felt like I was being put last. Why ask me to move in if he was considering a break up? help!!!

  4. My boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me three times saying he didn’t really want to breaknow up but got mad and blurted it out. Then after 6 months he asks me and my kids to move in. We say yes then a few weeKS later we have an argument and he breaks up with me again saying it’s for good. I thought we were moving in together so I don’t get it. I’m so hurt. My kids are hurt. He said there’s no way to fix it because I make him feel bad because of my Insecurities. Mainly with his ex wife because she texts him all day everyday and at night and about everything under the sun. They have kids together but I feel there needs to be blundaries. He said he doesn’t want her to be upset. Apparently it’s ok if I am thpugh. I felt like I was being put last. Why ask me to move in if he was considering a break up? help!!!

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for sharing your story. The situation that you are currently in is complicated and I would need a lot more information in order to guide you in the best possible way. No doubt that you are both carrying heavy emotional baggage into this relationship, which prevented your current relationship to flourish.
      I would love to help if you are convinced that this is the man that you want to be with; and I urge you to book a coaching session in order for us to dig into the issues.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hello. My boyfriend broke up with me after a fight. We didn’t talk for a month. He came back and we were back together for 11 days. He was hot and cold the whole time. I felt unbalanced so he thought I was clingy. (He has major trust issues from previous relationship). He dumped me. However he told me multiple times that I was the best woman he was ever with. After talking with his friend is when he dumped me. His friend also has dating issues. So it’s been 7 days. No contact. Do you think there is any chance he’ll come back? I attempted to sign up for your course but ita not letting me enter my email address. Please help. I’ll pay if need be.

    1. Hello Melissa,
      I definitely think that it is possible to get him back if you have a clear plan and if you are able to control your emotions. I would obviously need to know a lot more about you and what you are going through in order to advise you in the best possible way. The best would be for us to speak over the phone or via skype so that I can provide you with a tailored game plan! Let me know if you are still committed to doing everything possible to win back his heart and we can start to get working!
      I look forward to helping you meet your goals,

  6. Me and my ex broke up for good we thought a little more than a month ago, we dated for 2 years and the first year was amazing second not so much, we both had trust issues but lately we’ve Been talking and hooking up.. im 100 percent on gettng back together, but she says she’s 95 and the other 5 percent is moving on, what can I do to help with that 5 percent and make sure to keep her this time

    1. Hey James,
      Thank you for reaching out! What you have already been able to accomplish is amazing and I understand exactly where you stand and the difficulties that one can encounter when trying to seal the deal.
      In order for me to tell you exactly what you should do, I would need to speak with you during a coaching session over the phone. My advice and guidance will be based upon what went wrong the first time, how the breakup was announced and what the current dynamic is like; those are all important factors for me to grasp before being able to advise you.
      Please book a coaching session when you are ready in order for me to help you seal the deal ASAP.
      All the best,

  7. Adrian,

    I love everything you’ve mentioned in this article, those are the steps I feel my ex and I should take… Here’s the situation because I need help, my ex and I have been in an on again off again relationship for 9 years. fyi he broke this off with me every time, it’s been 5 months since. We didn’t speak for 2 1/2 months, but I decided to make contact and this time instead of ignoring me, he responded. he said after our last argument he lost hope and isn’t ready to be in a relationship with anyone. He feels like it’s a constant back n fourth with us and no stability and nothing never changes permanently. He has his doubts, the trust is definitely shattered with us. I strongly, have identified the issues in our relationship and I want to really make this work this time around. When I call and texts he will respond most of the time, but when I bring up the relationship he completely ignores. How do I restore hope within him, with pushing him away further? He has told his parents he still loves me and will always love me. He told me we are better off as being cordial and being friends. Is this breakup final for us? What do you suggest?

    1. Hey,
      Thanks for sharing. I don’t think this breakup is final…I think that we have enough here to build upon and turn this relationship around.
      But you need to value yourself more and actually make him chase you. I would like to work together to help you not make the same mistakes over and over again. Please book a coaching session so we can work together.

  8. Hi, my name is Aysha. I’ve been with my ex for more than 3 years and he’s always been the one to leave me. He used to stress over the fact that we are cousins and that no one would support us getting married. I’m in love with him, I never gave up and every time he leaves me I always try to convince him back which slowly worked and we would be in love all over again. Lately he has been stressing about other things outside our relationship and this time he became stressed because of me because I wasn’t being understanding enough and he thought that if we get married, he’s gonna be more stressed and unhappy if he’s with me. Our whole family knew that we are together but he told his mom that he doesn’t want me anymore and that’s the second time he told her. My parents doesn’t know yet. It’s been more than 3 weeks that he left me. He blocked me everywhere like he always does after he leaves me. I wrote to his email and he finally replied by saying that he doesn’t want me to bother him and that he’s found another girlfriend, he said he’s gonna marry her and even told his parents that too. He said he will never love me again and that I shouldn’t too. I feel like he’s lying about him having a girlfriend because I was still able to enter his social media accounts and he doesn’t really go online, I see him try to talk to other girls but they don’t really talk to him. So he probably gave up I don’t know. But I just truly love him so much and I try to convince him that I’ll be a better person for him. Our last conversation ended by him crying and telling me how stressed I make him. What made him leave me was when I gave him an attitude because I was upset at him for making me seem less important. He was trying to say sweet things to me and had called me to hear my voice, once I gave him that tone, moments later he said that it would make him happy if we broke up. We had long distance relationship throughout the whole relationship and he’s all the way in Turkey. He just works the whole day every day except Weekends, he started working at 15 to take care of his family. They kind of live a poor life. But I love him with all my heart and I agreed to do everything he wants me to do. He set up so many rules and I was doing it all. I’ve been crying every single day, I’ve been trying to be better for him because I always wanted to be his future wife. Sometimes I can be annoying and childish but I just love him. I wish he could just be like before and never stressed and was really happy to be with me…I don’t wanna lose him, I wanna earn his love for me again and this time I don’t want him to leave me ever please help…

    1. Hey Aysha,
      Thanks for sharing your story, I’m super super busy at the moment with coaching requests so I urge you to book a session in order for us to quickly work together.

  9. Hi there!
    I’m in sort of a dilemma. I was with my boyfriend for almost a year and 2 months. We had broken up in August, were broken up for a month. We got back together in October and were perfectly okay again. A few weeks ago we had broken up AGAIN, and last week he decided that he wanted to give me another chance. He was away for Thanksgiving, and everything was fine. He said we was very happy with the decision he made, and he said he was happy in general. He missed me and said he couldn’t wait for him to get back so we could continue to see each other and be with one another again. A few days ago, he broke up with me out of the blue. We had fought once after we got back together and he changed his mind almost immediately. He says he shouldn’t have gotten back together with me and that he made a mistake. He feels very guilty about it, but he thinks our relationship wasn’t healthy. He thinks that this is best for the both of us, but obviously we are both very hurt right now. He can’t forgive himself for leading me on and then quickly breaking up with me again. He says nothing in our relationship is fixable, but there’s nothing more that I want to be able to fix things with him. I was so patient and determined to get him back the last two times, and I will continue to fight for him. But he wants me to stop. He says this is the last time he’ll give me a chance, and he doesn’t want me to continue to try for our relationship. He says he misses me and loves me still, but he just can’t be with me right now. It hurts me, and I don’t want to get over it. We had a great chemistry, but we just argued a lot. I don’t want things to end like this so suddenly. I thought everything was going to be okay. I just need some help, and I want to know if there’s still a chance to be with him.

    1. Hi Anna, my name is Anna too, and I have to say that we shared almost the same story. We were together for five months last year and then broke up for three months. During our second relationship everything was perfect until one day we had a fight by accident and he changed his mind immediately. He also told me that our relationship is not healthy and without any hope any future. He wanted me to stop of thinking our future. Even one month ago suddenly he told me that actually he does not love me at all, and then we talked about it. I said I understand this point, it was still early to say love, let’s just go further to see what will happen later. But after one month, he broke up with me suddenly. He said he lost the feeling completely and he is tired of our boring relationship. The second day after breakup, he just started to search for other girls and even hanged out with his stupid friend the whole weekend to find girls. I was shocked but I could only pretend that I don’t know what he is doing, after all we broke up. Now we broke up two weeks, and he still hates me and doesn’t want to contact me at all. I know probably he is not the right person for me and I cannot convince him to work on the relationship together. But I just feel so painful and have to idea how to deal with him. Could you tell me what is going on between you two? Thank you.

  10. Hi – I am going through a rough patch too. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me with a blindsided breakup. Over the weekend we were fine and loving and all of a sudden a past argument about a girl he had been talking to came up and he realized that something was missing in our relationship and she has it, but he doesn’t know what it is. He said he can never love someone (even her) the same way he loves me, but whatever is missing is going to pull us apart. This has happened before (3 times) and after no contact he will usually come back to me and express how things are different. Things do change for a period of time (this time was 6mos.), but then something snaps again and he goes through this cycle. I do not know what to do because I love and care for him very much and I know he cares for me too and we do have a very strong connection, but I don’t know if this back and forth cycle is my wrong doing? or if he needs space and wants to play the field more? We are young (he’s 22 I’m 23) but I have never felt this strongly towards someone and I would like it to work, but every person I know is telling me to stay away.

    1. Hi Jo,
      Thank you for your share. If you’re wondering if you can get back with your ex after multiple breakups, the answer is yes. The real question here, though, is what does this person have the your ex feels you don’t? If an ex goes to your opposite after a breakup, it often means it’s a rebound, so I hope this gives you some peace of mind. Either way, though, I encourage you to book a session with me. Let’s figure this out and get you back with your ex for the long run.
      Coach N.

  11. Hi, very good article.
    My ex and i have been together 8 months and have broke up 6 times.
    We met over social media and we started being friends, i told him i did not want a relationship with a guy who flirts and add girls for flirting or more on social media, as my last 2 relationship ended because of that, and i am 100% sure i prefer to be alone if i dont find someone who shares my point of view on this regard.
    We started to be just friends, then he said he did not want social media or any girl,and he deleted all girls that are not family or real friends and gave me his passwords and i gave him mines.
    A month after we had an argument he changed his passwords and started adding girls, one week later wanted to comeback promising to do all i wanted,and he gave me his passwords again but was lazy to delete the flirting girls and i had to delete them myself. 2 months after the same happened again, we argued, he changed his passwords and added hundreds of girls to flirt in 10 days, then begged me to comeback. This same situation has happened 6 times.
    Last time this happened he said he adds the girls after breaking up as an impulse cos he is angry and that if we will break up again, next time he wont change his passwords or add anyone untill a month or 2 goes by if we have not comeback together( as each time we have gotten back in one or two weeks)
    He has lost his job and have been the Last month very cold and bad humor and worried, not being sweet with me, we live in diferent cities (1hour and a half distante) and we dont have money to meet as obtén as before since he is not working, so we are not seeing each other that much.
    2 days ago i had a problem too and he was not supportive, i told him i needed a boyfriend who is sweet and caring to me, he said he is not sweet and cant help it and i told him to decide wheter he wants to put more in the relationship or break up, he says he is not going to do more. So i said i feel he does not care and i need someone who cares, he said think whatever you want, so i broke up.
    Yesterday i woke up and saw he changed his status to single on Facebook and changed his profile picture to one that he was alone in the picture.
    I told him he promised Last time we broke up he wont do it, and we argued over whatsapp the whole day.
    Today i woke up and saw he deleted me as a friend, has changed his passwords and is adding girls like a maniac.
    I feel taken for granted, that he break his promises all the time, does what Hurt me more that is adding girls and then comeback to me as he pleases.
    I guess he is not even scared to lose me as i have taken him back 6 times.
    All this social media adding girls Hurt me so much and he knows for me is cheating,as i made that Clear to him when we was just friends.

    I dont know what to do, i know i cant take him back again like the other times cos he will keep doing it again and again if he does not Learn the lesson. Talking to him does not work, he is the King of person that does not listen to words, just to actions.

    Do you think is there any hope for my situation? 🙁
    I cant bear this adding and flirting with girls thing, but i love him.

    1. Hi Sad,
      Thank you for your share. I’m sorry about your current situation, I know how hard it can be to get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups. The deeper question here, is why do you feel you deserve a partner who undermines your value and is deceitful via social media? I would encourage you to consider some inner reflection here, because I feel you deserve better than this. I encourage you to book a session, I’d love to learn more about your story so I can help.
      Coach N.

  12. Hi Fred,
    I’m so sorry to hear this. I know how hard this can be. I’m going to need to know more in order to help develop a strategy. It sounds to be like you need to take a step back from the relationship in order to let her marinate on her decision. Let her miss you.
    Coach N.

  13. My boyfriend broke up with me on Sunday because I caught him in a lie and when he finally admitted to it he said, ” You expect me to tell you the truth about everything that doesn’t even concern you.” This is the third time we’re broken up, and I love him. He’s my first boyfriend, but he has a past. I told him I just wanted honesty and respect.

  14. This is crazy me & my bf of 3yrs just ended things again this is the 3rd time in 3 yrs… I thought it was going better then ever be fore .. Then out of the blue.. he tells me that hes sons Mother is going away with him & his son for a Basket ball thing 4 the weekend … We talked I explained how I was uncomfortable…bout he told me he was too but it was 4 his son .. The week before he left things wore ok .. I am trying to be understanding. .. We talk before he goes .. He says I will call you when i get there .. 1st thing .. He calls me at a 11:30 that night when she the ex leaves the room. And they got there at 7:30.. .. Now mind u its been years that they been apart. she knew & should know we are still together. well her son n him stayed with me 4 2 years to 8 months back. Hmmmmm The next day I call to say hi… Mind you 3pm he don’t Answers .. calls me back just snuck away to call you what ??? & says I will call you when I get back.. so here we are … Is it me ??? My feelings don’t matter … Hmmmmm why ??? So last night Sunday at 10:30 I call enough time to be home buy now … Call he answers i am tired can I call you tomorrow? ?Go for a ride hopping n praying her car is not there. .. My hearts racing it is. I call back five minutes later no answer. .. Ok !!!!!!! So i leave a vouce mail ok see why you dont want to talk n hang up …hes mad at me for driving buy his house … I am jealous crazy n don’t trust him …. What … Wait as I read what I am weighting. .. I am Crazy and not crazy in love … I feel in my heart as hard as it is to say it he did something or why is he being so f#### Sneaky …. Maybe i should move on and leave this alone. . what you think Some one help me … Please

    1. Hi Confused,
      Thank you for your share. If you’re trying to get back with your ex permanently after multiple breakups, I would encourage you to take a step back from the relationship. Let the dust settle and once your emotions have dwindled a bit, you’ll be able to reach out in a more effective way. Give it time. Trust the process.
      Coach N.

  15. I need some advice on how to proceed. This is the 4th time that my ex and i have broken up over the course of the last 3 years. The first time was by me because I felt that we were too different the next time was due to my jealousy “ie who is texting you questions.” The next time was due to her depression and me being to busy to give her the attention she wanted due to my 2 jobs and college. Every time we got back together i resolved the issue that had messed up the previous time that we were together. For instance, I took the week we were apart and really considered whether or not we were to different and if it mattered. I came to the conclusion that being different was a good thing that we could learn alot from each other. Next i came to terms with my jealousy by self reflection and straight talk from my family. After the holidays her depression lessened and I quit one job at the same time finishing college. I now had a lot more free time and energy and took on a higher paying job. My mentality improved and we got back together. We were extremely happy at that point talking about marriage and kids then her living situation changed and she moved in with my brother and I. My brother is a very ocd and controlling person. It was his house and his rules. She was not able to make anything her own space or enjoy any time in the common areas as he would always be on her. I tried to mediate and slowly watched as she became withdrawn. Our goal was to make it a few months to pay our college debt off then get our own place together. However, the month of our anniversary and when i planned to propose to her she shut down completely and we ended up fighting and broke up once more. She gave me reasons like “we are to different, im tired of breaking up, my sister says you are nice enough to me. (i had only been around her sis a few times and it was for fun activities.) In conclusion, I have moved a few hours away and we have been apart for 6 months and went 1 month without talking or seeing each other then i just recently spent a 3 day weekend with her at her new place and it was like we had just started dating all over again. A week has now gone by and the only conversation we had was her wanting to get get some pictures from me that i took of her over the weekend. Can anyone advise me if i have any chance of getting her back? I am leaving her alone at the moment so that we can both reflect and have some space to heal. Yet my feelings even after all the time have not lessened and I still have no interest in other women. I can see a long future with her and just need help on knowing how i should proceed. She has not seen anyone or tried dating since we have been apart but I am fairly certain that the pictures are so she can start looking on dating sites and she has done nothing but try to improve her life since we broke up. I have never cheated on her or done her wrong in any serious way. Our worst moments were just arguments over simple things like where to raise children and live. Any advice on how to proceed would be welcomed.

    1. Hi JD,
      Thank you for your share. I know how frustrating it can be when trying to get back with your ex. I invite you to book a session with me, so I can provide some detailed insight I am confident can help turn your situation around.
      Coach N.

  16. So me and my ex have been together for almost 3 yrs. We just broke up day before Easter again this would be the 4th time. We have had a rocky relationship because of some actions on my part. I love this man and was stressed out over so much when I asked him to leave. I regret it everyday because its not something I would have done had I not been mad at the moment. My ex just said he feel out of love with me but I know he still loves me because he reaches out to my kids about me. Do you think we can save what we had if he says he won’t come back but has 3 times before on worst things?

    1. Hi Annie,
      Thank you for your share. Ultimately, it seems like your ex questions your ability to really make a change. What is it that’s driving the arguments to escalate this far? Remember, when you put “breaking up” on the table, it’ll end up being the threat in every fight. It’s important to stop this. I can help you strategize to get him back, but I’m going to have to know more. I invite you to book a session with me.
      Wishing you the best always,
      Coach N.

      1. Thank you so much for responding. So many things have happened. Everytime we broke up was because of an ex or the fact that I told him I cheated. Now I know it sounds bad but I came clean on what I had done he never knew anything. Then this last time was because during foreplay I said my ex’s name but I don’t want him at all and I don’t know why I did it i really don’t. I had seen my ex that day at a field but was not thinking about him at all. After that the last 2 weeks of our relationship was stressful. He called me while I went to pay bills and he got mad. I was mad at other things and him getting mad made it worse. I exploded and told him to leave and so he left. I love this man and really want him back but don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should just let him go or what. All I do know its that its been 3 wks 30 pound and I love and miss him like crazy. Please help

        1. Hi Annie,
          Thank you for this update. I do advise for you to book a session so I can help. I’ve dealt with many people in similar situations to yours.
          Coach N.

  17. I just broke up with my girlfriend 3weeks ago.We dated for 3 years and broke up for 7months .We just got back together 4months ago our relationship started of well and then later on just got a little bit bumpy.She started not caring and told me how she didn’t love me anymore ,so I broke up with her and I tried radio silence for like 2 weeks straight.In the third week she reached out to me and told me how she missed me and how she was wrong.But when I tried getting back together with her she wasn’t really bothered.I don’t know what to do and we’ve broken up multiple times before but always ended up dating again.I need advise what should I do,I really still love her.

    1. Hi Claus,
      Thank you for your share and I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. I encourage you to spend some time reflecting on what went wrong, and how you can resolve them in order to ensure a more secure future. If you are having a tough time figuring out how to fix it, I have tons of exercises that can be helpful! I invite you to book a session with me. Let’s get her back.
      Coach N.

  18. I was with my boyfriend for an year.whenever we fought i have always ended up texting him calling him like shit to just get him back at once. He always hated this and wanted me to give him space after we fight. But i always end up doing the same thing and i keep forcing him to come back and that used to work. I always fight for small things and mu boyfriend used to say to me that it’s very immature and i should stop. Five days back we got into a fight and it was a very stupid reason which i just realized. Due to that fight he said he doesnt want this relation anymore and the usual i got scared and i kept messaging him he told me not to do it but i still kept on doing it and he then blocked me from everywhere. I asked my friend to talk to him and he ended up telling her that she does the same thing and if i get back to her she will end up doing the same thing only. I have realised mu fault and im very sacred of losing him. I really love him and i just want him back 🙁

    1. Hi Fahima,
      Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. I think that you need to initiate no contact ASAP. Also, you’ll need to position yourself in optimal condition to get him back. I can help you here. I invite you to book a session with me.
      Wishing you the best during this,
      Coach N

  19. Could you please help me out here. I met my ex-girlfriend a little over a year ago, and I was never one to catch feelings for someone, or want to date someone, but something about her made me want her so bad. Then, we started dating, and everything was great in the beginning, but after a while, I noticed those “butterflies in my stomach” were gone, and nothing was exciting anymore, which led me to lose interest for whatever reason. But, I still loved her. So, after 3 months we broke up. Then we were “friends” and would be back and forth with our emotions for the next 7 months and then we got back together “officially”, and after a month, I was back on the same boat as before, where I started losing feelings again and would get annoyed by a lot of the things she did – which were just basic regular things that she has always done. But I tried to push through it, and again, after 3 months, we broke up again because she knew I wasn’t happy. However, I still/always have loved her so much and am very defensive over her, and care about her a lot, and now, after 3 months have passed, I want her back so much. I don’t get what’s wrong with me because I’ve always had the problem of being “wishy washy” with my feelings; it was just different with my ex, because she is the first love of my life. To be honest, she’s perfect for me, and I can see a great future with us if I could just keep my emotions like how I feel right now, which would mean I’m crazy passionate about her and never want to lose her. I’m sick of hurting her because of these feelings that I can’t seem to help, but I feel like she’s perfect for me, I love her, and I don’t want to lose her, only to later face regret. Is there anything I can do to fix this back and forth pattern of emotions I have for her? Any clue as to what could be wrong? I can’t figure it out because there never really was much wrong with our relationship besides just the way I am back and forth with my feelings, which really bothers me, and makes my depression a lot worse (I have Anxiety, Panic Disorder to be exact, and Major Depression too).

    1. Hi Cory,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      I can’t help you in this way because I work a bit differently than most coaches. I like to understand all the intricacies of a given situation before providing insights and to make sure I provide you with the most appropriate way forward based on your current circumstances.

      I know from experience that you need tailored support and a list of concrete steps to take to reach your goal. To get there we’ll need to dedicate time and interact in the most optimal way possible to have the desired results and truly maximize your chances of success.

      To that end, I invite you to book a coaching session with me (1h00 hour would be the most ideal). After that it will be easier for me to continue to provide you with advice via email, but for now you’ll understand that it’s a bit difficult for me to advise you appropriately without knowing every relevant detail of your story.

      Here is the link to book a coaching session:

      I promise to speak to you as soon as possible after you complete your booking. The goal of this session will be for us to asses where you truly stand and to provide you with a clear road map to get back together…


      Coach N

  20. I could really use some advice. My now ex-boyfriend and I just broke up again, for the 100th time. We fight over the stupidest things sometimes. And we usually fight when we’ve been drinking. We’re both very social and outgoing people and we like to go out and have a fun time.
    This last time, he says is the final straw. He is done. However, we went through this before, 2 years ago, broke up for 3 months (our longest stretch) and he came back to me. I never once thought I’d even speak to him again. He said “life wasn’t the same without me in his and that’s when he knew we are meant to be together”. But I can’t give up hope. I truly believe that he and i are meant to be together. I am very intuitve and intune to spiritual signs and feelings and deep down inside of me, my gut says we are. I wouldn’t be fighting for us and our relationship like I am, if I didn’t think we were not. We complete each other in every way, yet we are different in a good way. Our history together has been hard (he wasn’t faithful, but I am willing to accept it, because I believe that everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves another chance). As i said previously, he has broken up with me, many a time, and i thought to myself, this is it. But after giving him space and time to cool down, be alone, he is the one who says he doesn’t want us to end. It’s been 6 days since we broke up “for good” and he hasn’t come around like i thought he would. We live together and recently moved and signed a lease together. He wants me out. I sleep in the bedroom while he’s on the couch. He doesn’t talk to me when he comes home or vice versa. I am trying to give him space and act “cold” so to speak because I know he is expecting me to try and ask him to work us out. He is a Gemini and if you know how they can be, they you can maybe understand where i am coming from. I am a Sagittarius. He is an air sign and i am fire. We both feed each other, so to speak, which is why we’re so good for each other, yet when it’s bad, its not pretty. I think a big issue of ours is not communicating. I try to constantly and it’s like he shuts down. He says he never has in his past relationships. They didn’t talk about the problem. Gave each other space and then ignored the whole thing like it never happened. I know that the reason why i get grumpy and we fight is because we never resolve the things i want, so i keep it all bottled up inside and then i explode, over the littlest thing and make it into more than it needs to be. We are both adults. He 34, me almost 30.
    What do you suggest i do? Is this a lost cause? Should i give up?

    1. Hi Sophia,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      I can’t help you in this way because I work a bit differently than most coaches. I like to understand all the intricacies of a given situation before providing insights and to make sure I provide you with the most appropriate way forward based on your current circumstances.

      I know from experience that you need tailored support and a list of concrete steps to take to reach your goal. To get there we’ll need to dedicate time and interact in the most optimal way possible to have the desired results and truly maximize your chances of success.

      To that end, I invite you to book a coaching session with me (1h00 hour would be the most ideal). After that it will be easier for me to continue to provide you with advice via email, but for now you’ll understand that it’s a bit difficult for me to advise you appropriately without knowing every relevant detail of your story.

      Here is the link to book a coaching session:

      I promise to speak to you as soon as possible after you complete your booking. The goal of this session will be for us to asses where you truly stand and to provide you with a clear road map to get back together…


      Coach N

  21. Hello Guys. I have a rough one for you. Me and my ex were together for 9 years (13 year difference): 28 & 42. We have broke up about 4 times throughout. Our main issue was my immature commitment phobia and neglecting her in the bedroom. (PATHETIC imbecile) All she wanted to do was take it to the next level. On top of all this she comes from a Muslim background (Her family has no clue we’ve been together for the last 7 years, and her sister despises me).

    The way we broke up recently was while we were at a therapy session the topic of how kids would be raised came up. She said muslim and I said absolutely not because of all it’s put us through with her family. But she said that’s the only way her parents wouldn’t cut her off. The next day she said she was done. She said she was tired, exhausted and unhappy. I blew it. I gave her promises before and fell short. What she doesn’t know is I’ve been BREAKING MY BACK to build a foundation for us. She said what good is that if you don’t treat me right, NOW. How could I argue that.

    I know it’s customary for people to say, “ok ok, I’ll do whatever” when it’s over or too late. But I’m at a point that I am willing to make the changes to make her happy. Me and this girl have so many things in common; likes, events, music, personality, our own language etc. To me she’s worth the fight. She’s not a materialistic woman. I won’t give a long list, but she’s what I want.

    Our last conversation was that her parents found her someone for an arranged marriage, which she plans on getting to know this person. Don’t know what experience you have or magic you possess, but I need someone to help me navigate through this mess.


  22. Hi guys. I’m 21 going on 22 and my guy just hit 24. We’ve been up and down for the past year and a half due to the underlying issue of trust. About a month ago after weeks of being broken up, I told him that I was tired of being up and down and that I wanted to be with him and leave the drama behind. He agreed that he was tired of it as well. He told me he wanted to end the long distance and me to move there with him (I was all for it as I’m about to be a college grad and was looking to relocate anyway). We decided it would be good for me to visit before finishing out summer school, so I went there for 2 weeks. Everything seems to be going well. We were apartment shopping, discussing furniture options, budget planning, even simple things such as date planning. Careful to make sure this was a united decision, not just one of us pushing it on the other. Even having conversations of making sure it wasn’t overwhelming either one of us. Just Sunday we were grocery shopping for the upcoming week, planning to meal prep. He was making sure I got things I wanted and needed for the week, no sign of doubt. Then Tuesday, as I was preparing to leave (I have to pack up my apartment at school and finish out the summer semester) he expressed that he had been feeling off the last few days.. That at first few the excitement was there, but something shifted and his desire deminished.. While I wanted to discuss it further, I was extremely emotional and plus I had a test to take the next day, so I left.

    We are supposed to talk tonight via video chat… and I really want to stop this bad bad cycle that we’re in. I think we are missing fun in our relationship. We’ve been so focused on building a future that we’ve neglected the present, enjoying each other and the moments… Being apart for so long, the only routine we have is fun visits, good conversation, dates, good sex, one of us having to return to work or school, missing each other. So maybe the transition to drama to peace isn’t as easy as we thought.

    I do believe his “off” feeling is a sign that things need to change, but I don’t believe we’ve pushed through all of the drama, made commitments, only to end it because of a few days of being in a rut.. I would love to hear someone else’s advice on how to get out of this rut and move forward!

    1. Hi A Rich,
      I’m confident I can get you. Fixing this is possible. I have helped clients achieve success under worse circumstances. However, I’d like to really delve into your situation in order to help.
      I would recommend that you book a one hour private coaching session in order for me to respond to all of your questions, provide you with insights and a clear way forward.
      I sincerely hope to hear from you soon.


  23. Hi Coach Natalie, Adrian and Alex.

    My ex and I were together for 2 years. We broke up in dec, and ainxe have been on and off. We just broke up for the 3rd time in 7 months. I am deeply in love with him, but everytime we break up he pulls further and further away. He says it’s not a healthy dynamic and he’s choosing not to pursue any longer. I am so hurt, I know he has feelings for me, but he distances himself and then my anxiety hits and he can’t handle it.
    He has now said he doesn’t want to do this anymore. He has since deleted all my pics off fb, blocked me on all social media, except what’s App, so the lines of communication are still open. Each time it has been me reaching out.
    I have tried everything and yet he is walking away again.
    I’m at a crossroads.

    Do i cut my losses and move on? There is still a glimmer of hope in my heart, because he has come back each time, but he’s never for sure. I’m just not sure if it’s enough for me to keep putting myself out there to be hurt over and over, when right now he has said it doesn’t want it.
    Any advise would be so appreciated

    1. Hi Betty,
      Thank you for your share. It sounds to me, based on what I’m reading so far – that this may very well be salvageable. I can help you with this. I invite you to schedule a session with me and we can tailor a gameplan to get your love back.
      I’m excited to work with you.
      Please visit this link if you’d like to book:
      Wishing you the very best,
      Coach N

  24. I met the girl of my dreams 5 years ago Freshman year. And we became friends because she defended me from bullies without even knowing me. We fell hard for each other Senior Year and have been on and off several times in the last year. When we have been good, the connection was unquestioned, the sex was amazing, the conversations went on for hours and hours. About 5 months into being together, she broke it off and was with another guy shortly after. We were 18 at this point. She moved to California with him and we kept in touch, argued, but always talked about our feelings even though she said she wanted to stay with him. She came back from Cali with him and he went back so she could enjoy her Time at home. One day we got really intimate over text and she said she wanted to stay the night with me and talk. And we did, but we also wanted our strong sexual connection. So that night, she cheated on him with me because of how much an missed me. Didn’t know how to tell her bf because she said it was the best sex she ever had. Keep in mind, our relationship never revolved around sex. Eventually I told her boyfriend what happened, they broke up, and she came back to me apologizing for EVERYTHING. A couple months went by and we fought again about something I can’t even remember but I broke it off because i didnt know what else to do and she was saying she didn’t know what she wanted. Well after this, a week later, we talked, I took her to the doctor because a couple weeks before she was puking at my house and her throat glands were swollen. They checked in her, and eventually from a urine test, concluded that she is pregnant. So we got back together not just for the child but because we cared about each other a lot. I told her I would quit smoking for her..and I did for a time but I started up again and didn’t know how to tell her, so I lied to her, until she came to my house and saw i was smoking and was hurt because I lied. A few days later she and I were together and she said she couldn’t do this anymore because of the stress, and I lied to her, first time ever, and she said we could only be friends, and we would still raise the child together. I’ve been talking to her for the past 2 days since we broke up, and she swears she doesnt want a relationship anymore, but when I asked certain things, she came to the conclusion if “I don’t know” or “I don’t know what I want to do”. She says she lost feelings after I lied to her, i want to make it right and regain her true and I still want to be with her even if she says she can’t do it anymore. I love her and I don’t want to give up, but I just don’t know what to do

  25. Thank you for the article. I broke up with my ex of 1yr relationship about 4 times within last 3 months before this breakup(a month already). He said he tried of the breakup circle. After the last breakup last month, he started talking and dating his colleague right away. He also said he still loves me but not in love with me anymore. Last week I texted him he said he’s moved on and he likes his new girl a lot and that girl likes him too, and if I still want to text him I must text him as a FRIEND, He said.

    I feel no hope. Now he and she like each other. I realized I messed things up along our relationship. The main problem was I didn’t completely divorce with my ex-husband and he thinks I still love my ex-husband because when I was mad at him I said I would be back to my ex-husband. I knew I hurt him and pushed him away because of that. But I did out of anger. I promise him I won’t say that again, but it’s too late. He tried and sick of it.
    I don’t know if he will forgive me and comes back to me because now he likes that girl

    1. Hi Nadia,
      Thanks for reaching out – I think it’s important for you to spend time assessing what drove you to break up so often in the first place. Could you be dodging a bullet longterm?
      Coach N.

  26. Hey there:)

    So my ex boyfriend broke up with me the second time. We have been together for 1,5 year. He’s 24, I’m 21. We have had a lot of fighting in our relationship, which leads to break ups. During every major fight my ex used to threaten me with leaving (he usually regretted that in minutes..)

    The first time my ex broke up with me, I followed 30 days of NC, used text messages to rebuild attraction etc etc. Basically I followed the standard tips on how to get an ex back. And I got him back… We were together for 4 more months. Went on vacation, and right after the vacation he broke up AGAIN. The reason for the break up was of course the fighting. And yes, that shatters everything, but I still love him.
    The second break up was about a month ago. I tried to reach out to him again this time to get some of my stuff back. I got it back. But he no longer wants to talk to me, he blocked me on messenger. He says he is very angry with me, I think it’s because I handled the break up pretty bad. I begged, pleaded. And when I reached out to him this time after NC, altough I tried to get a hold of myself I made myself look desperate again. I sent a lot of txt messages, tried to call (he didn’t pick up). He also told me, that he no longer loves me (maybe to push me away?)
    So I’m not surprised he blocked me on Messenger. I don’t know if he blocked my phone nr, didn’t try to call. I know that the more I push, the more opposite the outcome.. just couldn’t control my emotions.

    It’s been 10 days since I was blocked on messenger. I haven’t reached out since. My question is; how do I get him back again? Do I even have a chance? I think I will do 60 days of no contact, work on myself, think things through. But how should I establish contact again?
    Obviously the strategy I used the first time, is not working -he can see right through all of my intentions. And I would really like to make it work this time. Don’t wanna put myself through a third break up, if i end up getting him back again. Need advice on how to get him back -how long NC? And what is the best way to reach out to him?
    Best regards, N

    1. Hi Nathalie,
      Thanks for reaching out. Your situation seems fixable, but it does seem like you need to spend a lot of time giving him space. How to go about reaching out when the time comes will be critical, and so I invite you to consider scheduling a one-on-one with me so we can strategize to optimize your chances.
      Wishing you the very best always,
      Coach N

  27. Hey there! So… Me and my ex boyfriend were together about 2,5 years. We have been through a lot together and that fact made us come even closer to each other. Our relationship were passionate , we love each other soooo much but we had a lot of fights. The 85%of these fights were getting started by me and without a serious reason. I was pushing him to his limits so he had broken up with me twice through these years (the second one was on Easter). So, we were seperated for about a month but we got back with my own initiative. He got back because I show him that I have changed and that the fights were past. After that we were together for 5 months. My dad passed away 3 months ago and my ex boyfriend was so close to me supporting me and me family. We were so in love, he was crazy about me, doing all my favors. Unfortunatelly I took the advantage of his love and startded my old behavior. I wanted more and more, I was starting fights again without any serious reason so suddenly, 2 days ago he broke up with me again after a big fight. He claims tha this one is for good and we are not going to be together never again. He was sooo cold (unlike the other times he had broken up with me, then we was warm, he was hugging me and crying). This time he didn’t want to break up with me face to face because he was claiming that he couldn’t stand it, so I went find him after work. He was very cold and told me that he didn;t want to be with me anymore… On the other hand he told me that he loves me, that it is very difficult for him too etc etc… I was very dramatic but nothing changed. I know that he loves me, I know that he is gonna miss me but I’m so confused with his cold behavior. What should I do? I feel so much pain both for my dad’s death and my boyfriend’s break up. I know I was wrong but I really want to be with him… Please, I need your advice…!

  28. Hi Mere,
    Thanks for reaching out – I know how hard this is. I invite you to consider why you want her back, if you spent this time really hurting her and not acknowledging what she felt and needed? Is this ego based? How can you guarantee things won’t be the same? This is what she’ll need to know in order to turn your situation around.
    – Natalie

  29. Ok, I would like to a bit of help. But yes, before anything, I am from India, things work here on a total different level. So the thing is, I was with a girl for like an year, it was really going good, all was amazing, some fights here, some there, pretty alright overall, after the last summer, she comes back from home and suddenly nothing was right anymore, she started shoving me off and I felt left alone, I even told her this in a very polite manner, she denied that this was the case, after some misunderstandings, we broke up, but after a lot of attempt from my side, things were sorted out and we got back together, but then again, she went back home and we started having these fights over social media or calls and stuff, and I would accept this that I had become really insecure of a lot of stuff, but rather than sorting out that politely or maturely, I was belittled and in the end after a series of fights, the miscommunication and the mutual understanding problems we were having, she compared them to her ex, that they had a better understanding level, she also told me that her parents came to know about us and that she can’t continue this relationship, and also that I wasn’t giving her, her space, now it’s been a month, since our breakup, I miss her like crazy, I don’t even know what to do, I have to see her everyday because we are in the same college, and work in the same groups or clubs, is there any chance of me having her back, because I tried the whole, ‘ being friends’ again thing, it wasn’t easy for me and I couldn’t carry it out, I can’t focus on anything and I can’t seem to do anything.

    1. Hi Rishav,
      Thanks for reaching out. It seems to me like the first thing to do here is give the relationship a lot of space. She needs to realize all of the value you DID add, rather than all the things she felt could be improved. Distance can really get her thinking. Trust me!
      Coach Natalie

  30. Been doing everything wrong . Going to the house uninvited. We have had an altercation.
    And I think he hates me by now.
    I want my family back. I never wanted us to end. So afraid it’s no chance of redemption for our relationship now

  31. Hi there I’ve been in a relationship for 2 years broke up several times our issue is my ex girlfriend has an attitude and is Moody and every once in awhile lashes out on me for no reason and I can’t stand that she talks and says she’s going to change and I’ll work on it and never happens we get back together we move in live for 2 months and the same BS that does not change and I asked her to move what suggestions can you give me should I just call it quits I haven’t been in contact with her for a couple weeks is there any way of repairing this because I feel like I always have to apologize for my mistakes but she never owns up to her wrong doings or admit to them or even apologized and all I was asking was for an apology for the way she been treating me and we could have been fine living together but she’s too stubborn so she moved out

    1. Hi Edwin,
      Thanks for reaching out. Whether or not your relationship will recover lends more to whether or not her demeanor can change in a way that will make you happy. There are a lot of variables out of your control, here. I invite you to step back, let her focus on her, and let’s see if she’s someone you want to continue investing in.

  32. Coach Adrian. I really think your videos are amazing and at the same time I’m in a very bad state in life right now. I was with my ex together for about 18 months. We had issues cause I was very insecure her talking to other guys. I used to feel she treated them better than me and was more comfortable with that. We broke up five times and always I had to go through so much struggle but I used to call her daily and ask her and she said yes like this always. For the sixth time when I got her back she was telling me Im so blessed to have you I’ll never leave you again. I used to express my love everyday by saying how much I love you and all. We used to argue at the same time as I got too open to her as she assured she’ll never ever leave me. We argued and then suddenly she said I realised I don’t want a relationship with anyone not only you. I cried a lot on call I texted a lot. I did this for around 2 weeks after the break up. Then I thought of starting a no contact period. I did that for five days but couldn’t control more and got insecurities . I came to know that she had started talking to a guy. She spoke to him for very long time on call and used to call her baby and all. When I went and I cried and asked her that what is this she said he is just my friend and I tell i love you to all my friends. I feel disgusted cause I never got the same amount of love and she even said that guy that I get along with you and I like little things you do for me… they’re very cute. She never told me all this and I directly questioned her about this and she was like he is just my friend trust me if you can. I spoke to her today and we had a very bad conversation about this and she asked me either let’s be friends or if you don’t want lets never talk again. Im in a lot of pain right now and even very frustrated. Please help me … Please reply to me and help me out. I am depressed and still very insecure and I think that what if they’ll be talking now and I just cry. Reply coach, im in pain.

    1. Hi Faizan,
      Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. I know how painful these things are. Give her space. I know she’s speaking to someone else – but really give her space. Let her miss you. This is so important. I invite you to consider scheduling a session with Adrian or myself so we can help create a tailored approach for you.

      1. Sure Ma’am I’ll think about a coaching session. But Ma’am if I’m already giving her space since last 14 days and have noticed she got very close to that guy and I guess she even started dating him. We both have mutual friends which are encouraging to get more close to that guy. Should I keep my relations same with these mutual friends and do I have any chance with her?Should I use jealousy and do the same what shes doing…will this help? I’m in a very painful situation since two weeks and it isn’t healing.

        1. Faizan, we would have to go over the step by step process and get into why the breakup happened. Even though we encourage you to give her some space, she has someone else in her life, and a question that you may want to ask yourself is what does this new guy have that you don’t? Typically after a rebound, the ex can be doing this to make you jealous. Either way, we encourage you to set up a coaching session to get some more clarity and resolution with this.


          WMEA Team

  33. Hello Steph,
    Thank you for your comment. I would ask yourself and reflect on the reason he may be doing this. This seems like something personal he may have going on. I would reflect and ask yourself if this is a goof relationship for Steph? Also, if you need a little more guidance I invite you to reach out to us for a private coaching session.
    WMEA Team

  34. Hello J Jean,
    Thank you for your comment. Without the context of the relationship it would be hard for me to give further advice. If you would like to set up a private coaching session so we can guide you further please feel free to reach out to us here.
    WMEA Team

  35. Hello Tamir,
    It seems to me you did the right thing. I know its hard to hear but your ex needs to move past some of her insecurities, and show her responsibilities to you in a relationship. If you did not do this now she may have started to take you for granted. I believe that you explaining the reason for the breakup and what needs to change is very vital to you getting back together. Also, not contacting her and only reciprocating will be important. Meaning you dont contact her and if she contacts you then you reply. If you would like to expand more as we would love to make sure we guide you towards the right goal please reach out to Natalie or Adrian and we would love to help.
    WMEA Team

  36. Hello Ed,
    Stay focused and confident as this will be important through this process. Workout, and put some time into something you are passionate about. Please reach out to me so we can go over the dynamics of the relationship and move from there.
    WMEA Team

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