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how to make an ex miss you One of the toughest chords to strike when trying to get your ex back is igniting that spark of desire, of longing. But you’re not only trying to get them to long for you, physically. You want them to want you with every fiber of their person, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. When you want somebody on all those levels, it becomes something deeper and more meaningful. And those emotions become more powerful if they can’t be satisfied, especially if you’ve already had a taste of it, like as if when you were in a relationship with them. The goal, therefore, becomes how to make your ex miss you.

Your ex can miss you for a number of reasons and through a number of avenues. They could have woken up one day and realized that their life was simply better when you were in it. You received some good news, or something great happened to you, and then you realize the one person who would probably care the most or at all about this is no longer in your life. You go to a mutual friend’s party and everyone there is coupled up. Everyone except you. Or an epochal, life-changing event happens to you, and it dawns on you that your ex was the perfect person, or yet, the only person worth sharing and living through the experience with.

Figuring out how to make your ex miss you can indeed be your golden ticket to getting your ex back. Needless to say, it’s no easy feat, especially if neither of you is in the immediate picture. How can you make your ex miss you when you two aren’t even in contact with each other ? Or How can you get your ex to miss you if she won’t even give you a chance to meet up? Technique and finesse is required in order to get your ex to miss you. And unless you’re one of the lucky few whose ex wakes up suddenly to realize what he or she is missing, chances are you’re not going to achieve this in one shot. We’ve explored these topics in depth and are here to provide you with the Do’s and Don’ts on how you can make your ex miss you.

How to get your ex to miss you : why is it so important

It is important to make your ex miss you because it is the clearest confirmation you can receive of the hard part being over, the hard part being flipping their mood and their feelings about you. Once you do that, the process of getting back together will be much quicker and a less painful for you.

When you are able to turn their mood from negative to positive, you’ve essentially opened the door and put your foot in the way so that they can’t close it. Not only do they have to hear you what you have to say from this point, they will want to listen to what you say.

If you get your ex to miss you, you will have reignited the thrill of the chase. We all know that you have to work for anything worth having. When you make your ex miss you, it pulls them out of stagnation, gives them something to aspire to, and provides a challenge to your ex. Along with this comes a sense of fun and wonder that comes with courting someone.

They’ll themselves be thinking “I want my ex to miss me” and running google searches on “how to make my ex miss me”. This new chase gives meaning to your mutual struggle and efforts towards reconciliation. Your ex will be thinking of ways to get your attention, or ways to seduce you, or at least make sure they are in your periphery.

When you figure out how to make your ex miss you, and implement these tactics successfully, it subconsciously compels your ex to action. And there’s no stronger proof of desire and showing someone you mean business than taking action. It’s important that your ex proves to you how much they want to be with you by taking action and taking tangible steps towards being with you again.

This is especially true if your ex is a male. A lot of female clients will approach me with a situation in which they are confused by the incongruence of their ex’s words and actions. They tell me, “I don’t know how to read him” And the answer is that there’s nothing to read but his actions. He your ex truly misses you, they will take action towards solving the problem.

How to make your ex miss you : 3 strategies !

In finding ways on how to get your ex to miss you, it’s important to keep in mind the “Law of Attraction”. Stay with me here… I know this may sound like some pseudoscience mumbo jumbo. What I mean is that you need to harbor a belief that your ex already misses you ! All you’re simply doing is manifesting those feelings into reality. You need to stay positive and have a genuine belief that your ex will act on those feelings.

I don’t want any of this, “But what if he or she doesn’t miss me?” If that’s what you’re thinking, you’ve already lost. Things to make your ex miss you include doing new activities and showing them off on your social feeds, implementing radio silence and no contact, seeing each other at a mutual friend’s party and keeping your distance, interacting with them as if he or she is strictly your friend, and casually dating so that your ex sees you’re not waiting around for them to change your mind.

Do NEW activities and use social media to show your evolution

One of the ways to make your ex miss you is to use the element of surprise. We need to surprise your ex to get her/him back. If you can show that your life is perfect and exciting with new activities, he or she will miss you. The way this works is that when they see you, let’s say, taking that trip by yourself that you had talked about.

This will recall the emotions they felt when you two went to a new restaurant neither of you have been to before, or tried a new activity that was new to both of you, and it’ll make them feel like they’re missing out on your life. They’ll be remorseful at the fact that they can’t pay an audience to the joy of your new experiences, or even better, partake in the activity with you.

Give distance to your ex : No contact

Or, as opposed to showing off on social media, you can keep them completely in the dark as a way to get your ex to miss you.  There’s merit to the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” However, a caveat: this only works when the break up is fresh and your ex hasn’t gotten used to a life without you.

When you execute a cold and hard “No contact, your ex will feel as if something has been suddenly taken away from him or her, mentally and emotionally. They will scramble to fill that void, but they will realize that nothing is able to replace the intimacy that you two shared and that you provided.

Talk to your ex like he/she is your friend

A surefire way towards how to make ex miss you and want you back is to not even treat them like an ex. Treat them like your friend. Put them on different ground than what they are used to. This will catch them off-guard and throw them off balance. They won’t be used to this treatment from you !

When you’re treating them like a friend, and not like how they were usually treated by you, they’ll start to think that you’re beginning to move on. The possibility of you missing them won’t even enter his or her mind and they’ll be left thinking, “I want my ex to miss me

Make your ex miss you, then what ?

At this point, you have no type of operative or practical relationship with your ex, but we’re moving towards it. And now we want your ex to take the first step. You can only lead your ex to miss believe and trust you again once you have established some sort of relationship with them where you hang out with each other often and do new things together (whether a friendship at first, for now, or something more).

This is all in order to prove them right and confirm what they already think… that there are good reasons to miss you and it’s not in his head.

IIf you’re still wondering “How to make my ex miss me,” I’m here to tell you that you want to take your time to attract your ex and have them miss you. This new chemistry between you two needs time to develop and “cook”. And it’s going to take more than one instance. You want them leaving feeling, “I want my ex to miss me too, I want them to to feel what I’m feeling.”

If you want your ex back and learn how to make your ex miss you, book a coaching session with us so we can guide you on the path back to each other.

If you’re still wondering “How to make my ex miss me,” I’m here to tell you that you want to take your time to attract your ex and have them miss you. This new chemistry between you two needs time to develop and “cook”. And it’s going to take more than one instance.

You want them leaving feeling, “I want my ex to miss me too, I want them to to feel what I’m feeling.” Your seduction game needs to be ON POINT, and you need to engage in a playful game of cat-and-mouse with your ex, each of you alternating between the cat and the mouse, switching back and forth between chasing and being chased.

Have fun with it! People don’t get into relationships to settle into monotony and stop enjoying life. You can turn this potentially tumultuous and dramatic process of getting back with your ex into something joyful where you both reconnect with yourselves and each other like you once did when you first met. And if you achieve that, then you’ll really start to miss each other, and that longing will turn into an unquenchable desire. You just can’t be lazy about it!

Put your best foot forward and take action!

Coach Steven

I Know We Are Meant To Be!

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