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couple after a breakup When a relationship ends because your ex felt taken for granted, the guilt can consume you. You’re feeling sick with regret, and you keep thinking about all the things that you could have done differently. You’re wondering if it’s too late now, and if there’s any hope for you being able to show your ex that you can make them happy. Rest assured, if you’re reading this because you’re thinking, “I took her for granted,” or “I lost him because I didn’t show him how important he was to me,” you’re in the right place. I’m going to show you how to turn this thing around!

Taking love for granted: How to show your ex that you’ve changed

This is a very common situation, and many relationships end because one person feels like they are no longer important to their significant other. They can feel like the relationship has become boring, that there is no more seduction, that their partner isn’t doing anything to make them feel cherished or to make the relationship feel alive.

This is of course when they start to drift apart. When someone is thinking, “She or he took me for granted,” it’s easy to start to reconsider the relationship. So what can you do if you were the person who is thinking, “I took your love for granted?” How can you show them that you’ve changed?

I took her for granted: The loss of trust

The problem that you are experiencing right now is that your ex partner lost their trust in you and your ability to make them happy. When you lose a relationship because you took someone for granted, you immediately want to go back in time and show your ex how much you love them, how much you care, and how much this relationship means to you. But that doesn’t work…

Simply because the trust is broken. At this point, why would an ex take you back is they don’t feel confident in the fact that you’ve changed? So, as you can see, if you’re able to really change, then you can show them that concrete things are happening, and their trust in you will start to grow.

I took him for granted: The importance of change

Change is the one thing that is going to make your mind think about you and the situation differently.

The best way to show change is to incorporate new activities in your life. Be open to yoga, meditation, and learning better ways to communicate. If you can show that you’ve made improvements in the way that you communicate, everything can change! I mean keeping your cool, being open and honest, and being an active listener.

It’s not about saying, “I want to come back, I know I took you and your love for granted,” it’s about saying, “Now I’m working on my life, my communication skills and my relationship skills.”

The moment you can prove to your ex that you’ve truly changed is the moment that the door to getting back together opens.

How to show your. Ex you will no longer take them for granted

There are concrete things that you can do to prove to your ex that you won’t take them fort granted anymore. When you show them these specific things, their trust will begin to return and they can be sure that they can be happy with you.

I took my ex for granted: Focus on being proud of yourself

In many of the situations I’ve seen with our clients, I’ve noticed that they’re terrified of losing their partners and the relationship, but if you want to make sure that your ex will trust you and come back to you because they see that you’ve changed, you have to be proud of yourself.

What I mean by this is simply that you have to be confident in what you bring to the table now. independant woman

Your partner needs to see that you’ve been active in improving your life in all of its aspects. You want to be able to tell them things like, “I took the kids to the park today and we had a picnic by the lake. It was so much fun and we all had such a great time!” They need to see that you’re doing things that you weren’t doing before, and that it’s making you really happy!

Taking someone for granted: Fix it with the principal of generalization

When your ex is thinking, “I was taken for granted,” and is hesitant about getting back together with you, they need to see that you’re making changes across the board. It’s not just about them and your relationship; you are doing this in order to improve your entire life.

You’re improving things in general – with your family, your friends, your professional life, your goals…

Remember that actions speak louder than words, and these changes will prove to your ex that you’re capable of being different without you having to try to prove it to them with words.

Communicate with your ex the way you would with a friend

I know it’s a tough situation because you want to get back together ASAP, but you cannot skips steps. If you do, you run the risk of being selfish. You have to understand that this is hard on your ex as well and it’s going to take time to rebuild their trust. They were waiting to be special in your eyes, and they’re hurt by the outcome of things. You have to take things step by step.

Try to communicate as a friend while you recreate the chemistry between you. Be interested in his or her life, and you will start to sense a shift. Even if they felt taken for granted before, this will help them to see that you genuinely care and you’re not just trying to lure them back into a relationship.

They will no longer see you as “the ex,” they will see you as a genuine friend, and they will be more open to the attraction process.

I took you for granted: Turning things around

If you’re reading this article thinking, “I regret that I took my ex for granted like this, I should have told him or her that I care, that I love them, that they’re the love of my life, etc,” be careful to not do all of that NOW!

If you shower your ex in these types of words right now, they’re just going to realize that you were capable of these things all along, and it’s just going to make them furious. They need time, and you will prove your changes via your actions.

Show them that you understand what needed to change and that you’re working on improving all aspects of your life. You can rebuild chemistry, and you can work together to become truly happy.

If you can share positive moments together, the process of getting back together begins.

You have to make sure that you avoid having regrets, especially because regrets are eating you alive right now. If you do the right things you can turn this thing around, just be very careful to avoid rushing things.

You just need to change for the better and be proud of yourself!

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Wishing you all the best in life and love,

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