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I want to start over with my exLove doesn’t disappear from one day to the next. Sometimes it takes a few weeks or even a few months after the breakup for you to realize how much you still feel for your ex and that you see your future only by their side.

You’ve had a beautiful love story but unfortunately some issues have shown up and they’re starting to ruin everything. If you’ve arrived at this point and you’re reading these lines, it’s because you sincerely want things to change and to find solutions to your problems so that you can once again go out with your ex.

I doubt you just woke up this morning thinking, “I want to start over with my ex.” No, this is something that you’ve been thinking for a while now, and you may have even already starting using some techniques that haven’t bared much fruit yet.

On top of wanting to find out how to proceed, you’d like to better understand what could make you feel the way you do about the person that used to be by your side.

Why haven’t you been able to forget about your ex? How can you rekindle their feelings for you and how can you make them want to rebuild a relationship that was much better and more solid that it was before? How should you act when you want to start over with your ex?

Wanting to get back together with your ex-partner has to be well thought out. It should never just be on a whim because it’s an intense process that while require valiant efforts. If you’re sure of your decision and you’re aware of what it entails, then you should know that you have the ability to rebuild an affinity between you and your ex by doing the right things.

Is it love that I’m still feeling for my ex?

A large number of people that try to get back together with their ex find themselves being addicted to their ex for the wrong reasons. Oftentimes it’s emotional dependence that leads men and women into this unfavorable situation. To be clear, wanting to start over with your ex, even when it’s well thought out, can sometimes reveal a need for affection.

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Sometimes a person can want to be with their ex again because they feel lonely and are afraid of being single. They don’t want to date someone new for fear of the unknown.

This shows how attached you are and how strong your feelings are. I’m not questioning your sincerity but I want you to understand the reasons behind why you want to be together again. I am thinking of women that have had abusive relationships, men that have undergone psychological warfare, and people that weren’t truly happy…

Before you work on getting back together, you have to take a step back and weigh the positive and the negative. Ask yourself pertinent questions so that you’re not in any situation linked to emotional dependence. One important thing to consider is if the breakup had something to do with your ex feeling suffocated by this type of dependence.

Don’t ever rush anything and always take the time to think when you’re considering getting back together with your ex.

Whether you want to turn the page or rebuild your relationship with your ex-significant other (which is the reason why most of you are probably reading this,) patience is always a virtue. If you’re unsure, it’s best to take some time to think about the pros and the cons.

If you’re feeling hesitant, you can always leave a comment at the bottom of this article so that I can help you pinpoint what you should do!

The breakup is like an electroshock

More often than not, breakups are unexpected. Despite the difficulties you’ve been facing for the last few weeks or months, you were surprised when the person you love announced their desire to separate.

This is when you realize how important they are to you and how incredible the time together was so it’s totally normal that you would want to get your ex back and revive their feelings for you so that you won’t be living in regret. Sometimes you have to be faced with losing something to be able to see it clearly.

It’s not too late and you can still change things with your ex!

Use this as motivation as you’re working on getting back together! Don’t let this break you, especially now that your eyes are wide open and you see the situation clearly. Now is the time to make up for past mistakes and to set into motion powerful techniques that will boost your chances of getting back together.

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Don’t just say, “I want to start over with my ex”, make it happen!

I want to start over with my ex: What do I do?

I’m sure you’ve understood, you have to take the initiative to get your ex back! This isn’t just about getting back together; this is about making a life with your ex-partner and this is a big deal.

You don’t want to just spend a night together or a few weeks by their side; you want to spend the rest of your life together so you have to meticulously design your plan of action from A to Z.

If you want to succeed, you’ll have to set the breakup to the side. I’m not saying you have to pretend it never happened because neither of you is going to forget about it, but it’s imperative to stop making the same mistakes that led to it in the first place. You have to change your behavior now.

You’re going to start over and construct a new story so you have to erase the errors of the past. You have to give a new image to the person you love and show them that you’re not trying to reestablish the same exact relationship that wasn’t working.

To determine the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, you have to understand the reasons behind the breakup and to look inside yourself. Don’t take full responsibility for the issues you were both having together, but make sure that you see things clearly.

Next up, you’ll have to make some tangible changes that spark your ex’s interest.

Best wishes,

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