make my ex doubt their decisionThe hardest thing during a breakup isn’t necessarily the fact that you are no longer with the one you love, but rather not knowing how to get them back. You would do anything t to start all over again; you’re ready to change or to try something different but your ex simply doesn’t seem receptive!

Your ex seems confident about their decision and they don’t want to hear another word from you. This is a situation in which it’s time to bring out the big guns. It’s imperative to take a greater initiative to get their attention and to plant a seed of uncertainty in their mind… “What if you were the love of their life?” “What if I could make my ex doubt their decision?” “What if you could make them regret not giving you a second chance?”

Knowing the best way to act after a breakup is always a delicate matter because the context is always particular. One false step could result in a roadblock. So the strategy that involves making your ex doubt their decision is most likely the most effective, because it gives you the chance to get your ducks lined up in a row without your other half being aware of it! When you’re trying to get back together it’s logical to want to avoid making mistakes because it’s hard to know whether to talk to them as if they were a friend, or as if they were still your partner. Sometimes it works to do a little bit of both in order to make them want to come back. In order to learn how to best proceed with this approach all you’ll have to do is follow the steps explained here.

Think like your ex in order to make them have doubts

Every day I respond to dozens of individuals and I realize that for the most part, people don’t choose the best methods when trying to get back together with their ex. I’ll have the chance to go a little bit more into detail at the end of this article, but it’s important to draw your attention to this before I dive into proper methods.

Before you do anything at all, you must ask yourself “Will my actions put me a step ahead, or a step behind?” In order to properly answer this question you will have to put yourself in your ex’s shoes. You have to think just like them. Forget your habits because in order to make your ex doubt their decision you have to mirror them!
In terms of getting back together with your ex time is of essence. It’s also important to not confuse speed with haste however. Avoid actions that aren’t useful in your specific situation. In order to avoid falling into this trap, you need to become a mime. This is a technique that I suggest when seducing someone, and it really does prove to be effective. For example if your ex thinks red, you must think red. If he thinks blue, you think blue. If he thinks green, you must think, you guessed it… Green!

Doing this and thinking like your ex after the breakup is paramount because the first days and weeks are determining factors. This is the moment when you have to figure out your plan of action and begin to set things in motion. You must send noticeable signs to your ex so that they don’t forget about you and begins to really consider quickly giving you a second chance.

You still have feelings for your ex, and my philosophy is that you should never have regrets that haunt you for the rest of your life. So, for the sake of your own happiness and love, you should try to get back with the one you love and bring joy back into their life.

No regrets: Essentials to make my ex doubt their decision

The question you are all asking yourself after having read the first step is most likely, “But how do I act after a breakup in order to have no regrets?”

You are totally right to ask this question. You can go ahead and forget all the advice from your friends and family. Now you need one method that is tried and true. If you want to see proof of how well my philosophy works, you can read some of the testimonials on our website.

The first step is being able to understand and respect the reasons that lead your ex to make the decision to end your relationship from one day to the next. You must have answers to your questions so that you don’t spend the rest of your days wondering, and to move forward confidently.

If you don’t know why you broke up, how will you know what you need to work on in order to get your ex back? It’s very important that you don’t neglect this step, and that you do everything in your power to learn the information that you need, because everything is based on this. This is exactly why I’ve created an indispensable tool to help you reach this goal. It is my eBook that explains every step to follow in order to get back with an ex in full detail.

Afterwards and based on your situation you can then think about putting the appropriate “direct actions” into motion; such as a Radio Silence, or a letter to your ex (which is something that I have already written very many articles about.) This will help you to avoid making errors that lead to having regrets, or worse still making mistakes at the moment you’re trying to get back with your ex.

Things to avoid when trying to get back together with your ex

Since the beginning of this article, I’ve been advising you on the importance and the way to act in order to make your ex have doubts after the breakup . Yet, there is a fundamental element that I haven’t talked much about.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that many people don’t make the best decisions while they’re trying to convince their ex to come back. They commit errors that I call the “taboos” of trying to get back together with an ex.
If you fall into this trap, you will have an incredible hard time trying to get your ex back. So, a good piece of advice is to avoid these errors altogether.

Taboos after a breakup are an ensemble of things to avoid doing when you’re trying to win the heart of the one you miss. Because of heavy emotions, we don’t always have the perspective necessary to make the right decisions or choices; the resulting errors whether they are big or small, make it harder for you to succeed in getting back together with your ex. Putting your ex on a pedestal, begging them to come back, staying locked up alone and sulking at home are all actions that must immediately come to a stop if you are serious about making your ex reconsider their position.

Your coach to understand how to make an ex doubt their decision.