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My ex is contacting me againA breakup doesn’t mean that there is no contact left whatsoever between you and your ex partner. After a period of taking some distance, your ex has decided to get back in touch. A few days ago or maybe even just a few hours ago you saw their name show up on your phone’s screen.

To your surprise, they’re giving you news! Most of the time this doesn’t rub you the wrong way but you’re still asking yourself a lot of questions.

Of course you’re wondering, “my ex is contacting me again are they having second thoughts?” after the breakup. You’re looking for answers to your questions so that you can see more clearly and figure out how to react. Should you respond to their messages?

Should you keep a certain distance and make them understand that you’ve moved on? All of these questions are filling your head and the situation isn’t that easy to handle.

“My ex is contacting me again, I don’t know what to reply,” “Should I respond to their messages?” If you’ve found yourself in this kind of situation then this article is going to make things more clear and will explain to you how you should proceed.

My ex is contacting me again and I want to know why?

Thanks to my experience in the coaching sessions that I have every day, I’ve been able to take note of 3 main principal reasons that can explain the unexpected return of an ex.

I’ve decided to quickly share these themes with you here. If you’d like more detailed information on the subject you can always get advice via email on how to get back together with your ex.

My ex misses me

The first explanation, which is probably the most logical one as well, is that your ex is missing you. They’re coming back around after the separation because they’ve felt your absence. You can be proud of yourself, even if you weren’t doing it on purpose! 😉

It’s not easy to turn the page after a breakup; you had your habits, a kind of routine in which you were happy but from one day to the next you were no longer together and you had to rebuild yourself.

A lot of men and women don’t accept the breakup and consequently they return after a few weeks or months because the single life doesn’t appeal to them. They realize how much their ex really meant to them.

My ex is coming back for sex

I don’t want to kill your hopes but an ex’s return isn’t always explained by sentimental reasons. I just mentioned that your ex could miss spending time with you every day, so sex isn’t something to ignore. You had been intimate with the person that you shared your life with and it’s not always easy to find a partner with whom you’re on the same page sexually.

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Yes, sexual complicity with your ex is something that can sometimes urge them to return to you… But this usually isn’t a good reason!

Sex becomes a need that has to be satisfied and your ex is turning to the last person they had been with who could satisfy their desires. I see this issue in a lot of testimonials. It’s not so much a plan to get back together that is set in place, but rather a way to take the time you need.

It’s going to be a risk when you talk to your ex about love if they’re talking to you about pleasure because you’re not going to be on the same page. This will damage your attempt at getting back together.

Improving the relationship between you

My ex is contacting me again without any ulterior motives.” I’m convinced that this is not a thought that has crossed your mind. You were in fact thinking of the two ideas that I had mentioned above but your ex is getting back in touch with you for sincere reasons. It’s surprising but so much the better!

After a breakup there is often a period of tension between you and your ex. However, you’re shared some special moments, you’ve shared memories and your relationship shouldn’t turn into contention. Your ex doesn’t necessarily want to get your back or to be friends with benefits.

They just want to improve the rapport between you and to get rid of the bitterness. For example, if you have children together, this type of situation would make perfect sense.

You don’t want your kids to suffer because of your separation so it’s important to have a healthy relationship. So the next question is: “What do I do when my ex gets back in touch?

What do I do when my ex gets back in touch?

On top of the surprise that you might feel when your ex is contacting you again, another thing to take into consideration is the fact that you don’t know how to react. Maybe you haven’t really thought about their return unless you’ve used some techniques like radio silence or the hand written letter to make them feel your absence.

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These are powerful methods to make your ex come back to you. You’re looking at your phone or your Facebook messages, reading the message that your ex-significant other just sent to you and you have no idea how to proceed.

If you haven’t already deleted the message and moved on, you’ve decided to respond even if you’re feeling unsure as to how you should do it. Not to mention the fact that you’re on a site called!

Under these circumstances, don’t immediately think that your ex is still in love with you and that you’re about to get back together. I can never overstate the importance of not just laying back and thinking that your work is done when your ex looks like they might be coming back around. The game isn’t over yet and you’re risking being greatly disappointed.

If you want to rebuild a solid relationship don’t adopt this kind of unhealthy attitude. You have to continue working on seducing your ex and to not get lazy.

When you’re thinking, “My ex is coming back” you might have the tendency to rush into their arms and forget all about your plan to rebuild a solid relationship. It’s important that you continue to think about yourself.

Of course I don’t mean that you should be caustic or cold but you shouldn’t only focus on their return thinking, “Cool, my ex insists on seeing me.”

Take your time so that you won’t have to go through the same difficult situation again, and set into motion the right plan of action in order to show your ex that you’re independent but still open to the idea of being together again.

You can even use the situation to your advantage a little bit and make them understand that you’ve been able to rebuild yourself and in this situation that will spark their curiosity and tantalize them. Making your ex jealous can make you feel better and prove to them that they don’t have you under their thumb.



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