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should I say I love you to my exA breakup doesn’t mean that feelings dissipate into thin air from one day to the next. It’s also important to realize that your ex doesn’t just forget about you since you separated because most of the time this isn’t the case.

You are both currently hurting and feeling sadness. Separating from someone doesn’t automatically mean that you stop loving the person and that you’re going to start immediately taking advantage of the single life.

If you’re thinking like this, you’re in the wrong. A breakup usually happens because of something more than just a simple decrease of emotions. Love isn’t eternal, and if you want to make it so you have to do some maintenance.

If you’re still in love with your ex and asking yourself should I say I love you to my ex, you’re going to have to make a valiant effort to get them back and to avoid having regrets for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, when feelings are so intense, there is often something that comes to the forefront that ends up being a bad idea: You want to tell them how much you love them.

Do you really feel it’s possible to convince your ex-partner to come back by doing this? Admitting your feelings to them isn’t something to take lightly, and it’s a huge part of getting back together, so it’s imperative to avoid mistakes. This is why I’m going to explain to you in this article how to tell your ex how you feel without it committing an interdiction!

Sweet words when you’re attempting to get back together

It’s a tough situation when your heart is beating for a person with whom you are no longer together. Unfortunately, emotions aren’t quite enough to make relationships last. You need more than love for a couple to remain happy together. Maybe you weren’t aware of this but don’t worry, most people aren’t.

Love isn’t always a Hollywood movie in which the characters wake up every morning surrounded by their three perfect children and their Labrador retriever. We all aspire to this ideal life, but is it really possible?

My Ex Said He Never Loved Me

I don’t want to dishearten you of course, but you just want you to realize that it’s no good to try and live in a dream because real life is usually quite different. When you’re going through a difficult patch, instead of dreaming about happiness you have to go and get it.

Nevertheless, the first thing you’d like to do after your ex has left you is to go and declare your love for them. Yes you’re going to be romantic, yes you’re going to steal their heart, but is this what your ex is really hoping for? You will have to ask yourself some questions and I have the trick!

Just put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Forget yourself and think like your ex-partner. You’ve recently broken up with someone for whatever reason, so are you going to take this person back simply because they told you how they feel…?

Of course not!

If you’re willing to face reality, you know this isn’t going to be the case. This is why during my private coaching sessions via telephone or face-to-face, or in my free assessments, I tell you to not do the things that everyone around you might be suggesting: Running after your ex and telling them all about your feelings.

Saying I love you to your ex is not the solution for rekindling the flame. You have to go further and set specific plans into motion like the ones I suggest for rebuilding serious attraction between you.

Sweet words will bring you results that are far from what you’re expecting:

1. You’ll create even more distance between you because your ex will be tired of hearing your declarations of love.
2. They’ll take you back out of pity and you’ll ultimately end up in the same situation because nothing will have changed.

Even if you’re emotionally dependent, you have to be careful not to let your ex see. Use the technique of “I run from you and you’ll run to me, run from me and I’ll run to you!”

How to find yourself after a breakup with these pro tips!

Should I say I love you to my ex and does it even mean anything if you are broken up!

I’ve used a specific term that deserves more explanation: change. This is exactly what your ex wants to see!

After a breakup, you’re not going to steal the heart of your ex if they don’t see any changes and improvements. Instead of asking yourself should I say I love you to my ex, it would be infinitely better to show them your evolution.

This is what your ex wants, and as I mentioned earlier they didn’t just forget about you overnight. All the feelings they may have had for you are more or less still present. Your ex is most likely still in love with you and can imagine a new relationship with you.

Now for this to happen, your ex is going to need a “Eureka!” moment, and this will depend on the post-breakup changes that you’re going to make happen. By sending them a new image of yourself, you’ll spark their interest and you’ll reestablish attraction between you.

It’s critically important that you don’t make false promises, and this is exactly why sweet words aren’t a good idea if you want to make your ex come back. They often consist of promises that end up going unfulfilled.

Before declaring your love, you should focus on yourself, your morale, and your plan for getting back together.

Whether you’re currently in a relationship, or you want to restart one, actions always speak louder than words. Words won’t rekindle all of the emotions between you and your ex. Your actions are what will revamp your ex’s opinion of you.

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