How to get an ex back after 3 months if you’re still interested!

get an ex back after 3 monthsLove is funny… It can make us move mountains, it can make us make mistakes, it creates new habits, and it’s one of the strongest emotions a person can feel. I don’t want to give you a definition of what love is, but it’s important to remember these elements because a lot of people don’t understand how a situation like the one we are about to explore can exist.

Just a few months ago, you were still together and you had been in a relationship for a relatively long time. It had been intense and your emotions were sincere and strong. Unfortunately, this love story didn’t last and for one reason or another, you have separated. Maybe you’ve dated other people since then, but your feelings for your ex have never really dissipated. You can’t, or you don’t want to turn the page and you’re wondering if you can get an ex back after 3 months.

A lot of people might think it’s ridiculous to want your ex back after months (or even years,) but you shouldn’t let a third part influence your decision. If deep down you know that this story isn’t over and you are hoping to get back together, why shouldn’t you try? Do you think if a breakup is starting to date back that it means that you can’t be together again? Well guess what. I’m going to prove that the opposite is true in this article!

Why do I still think about this relationship so long after the breakup?

I know that most of you aren’t necessarily happy about not being able to move on from the breakup you had gone through. You want to be able to move on and to no longer feel like something’s holding you back. You dream of your ex and you’re asking yourself all kinds of questions about how to proceed.

But the one thing that you can’t seem to figure out is why they still occupy so much space in your mind, and you want to know why you can’t stop thinking about this relationship after such a long time.

First of all, the most obvious reason is Love. Love is what makes you want your ex back after 3 months or more. Your feelings for your ex haven’t disappeared; you’ve shared some very special moments together, you had a strong affinity, and you miss all of this. You haven’t found another person that made you feel like this…

If you have kids together, it’s even harder to move on and to forget an ex. You’re still in touch for your children’s sake and you still see each other often. It’s not rare for your emotions to remain strong, even if it’s been years since the divorce. You spend an afternoon with the whole family together for a birthday, and that night you dream about the first time you had gone on vacation together, and about your relationship. This shows that you’re ready to take action to do what it takes to be together once again.

The best tips to get an ex back after 3 months

In order to get an ex back after a long breakup, you’ll have to use some specific techniques because when months have passed, the methods you need will as well. If you haven’t been in touch with your ex for a while, Radio Silence isn’t the best move because you are already out of touch. Communication is what you need if you want your begin a new relationship with your ex.

I’ve been talking about the process of getting back together since the beginning of this article, and there is one principal that needs to be respected at all times: never rush things. When you want to get an ex back 3 months or more after the breakup, you have to take some time to think because the person you had known before may have changed. Before you think about getting back together, having new plans together, you have to get in touch first and get to know each other again. You have to do this even if you haven’t been in touch for 3 months because things can evolve very quickly. Whether you like it or not, the breakup has left a mark and you’re not the same person anymore either. This doesn’t mean that you two are strangers to one another, but it’s important to rediscover one another.

When you want to reestablish communication with your ex you have to present them with something new and avoid basing all your conversations on the past. If you haven’t changed anything since you’ve separated, whether it’s physically, professionally, or in other aspects of your life, your ex will feel like they’re just returning to the past. In order to attract them, you need to show them something new and exciting. Talk about a trip you went on, your promotion at work, or issues you had been faced with that you had surmounted. This is a great way to create an exchange and to start over.

You shouldn’t try to have the same foundations that you had when you were still together. A huge number of men and women make this mistake. Don’t forget, the relationship ended up in a separation so avoid the past at all costs, and don’t make the same mistakes as before.

One tip for getting your ex back after 3 months is using physical attraction. You already know each other and if you had been together it means that there was already a considerable amount of attraction. So it’s up to you to recreate this chemistry with the person that you’re still in love with. The best thing to do is to begin a game of seduction. If you can spark their interest by becoming more seductive and more confident, you’re going to make them want to approach you again despite the distance between you.

Best wishes,

Your coach for getting an ex back after the separation,


  • Louise

    My ex and I were together for two and a half years. We had a special connection, we helped eachother through a lot in that time and really shaped eachother into who we are now. We were both committed to the long run, best friends, in eachothers families.

    He started a new job, and in the final months we argued on and off – rather than support him I would get on at him for not prioritising me. I regret that. I lost sight of what was important. Eventually he said he couldn’t take the arguing anymore and tried to end things, but I convinced him to give us a shot – him wanting to leave made me realise nothing else was important. So we then spent 2/3 weeks just moving forward, no arguments.. but I catch him messaging someone else, and when I confront him, he breaks up with me – said obviously he’s not happy and he knows we won’t make eachother happy in the long run.

    This was 4 months ago. I did a month of no contact, and then tried far too soon to reconcile, we met up a couple of times, just to talk, nothing serious.. and it was nice. The second month he was very hot and cold. Since then I’ve decided to close the door and just move on, I’ve grieved. We’ve spoke rarely just on Christmas / birthdays / and when I had a family problem he was there for me.

    Now I’m working on myself, trying properly to move on, date etc. But I truly miss my best friend, and appreciate so much what we had together. I just want that chance that he never really gave me – to not be petty about little things, just appreciate him, and our relationship.

    How would I go about doing this? I’m not aware of him having a new gf or anything..

    • Coach natalie

      Hi Louise,
      Thank you for your share. I encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing – focussing on you. He will be able to observe from a far all of the progress you’re making, and this can re-attract him. Don’t worry about any one else in the mix of his life (messages, etc), as this had nothing to do with the end of your relationship. If you need support, please feel free to book a session with Adrian or myself. We’re here to help!
      Coach N.

      • Louise

        Hi Natalie,

        Thank you for getting back to me. I’m trying really hard not to think about whats happening, whether he is enjoying single life, dating etc. I dont mind.. But I am still struggling to move on because I’m not sure what mindset I need to be in.

        I currently go through a rollercoaster where sometimes I think he isnt worthy of my time and emotion given how he threw my aside like this, almost anger towards him. But that isnt me, and I cant hate him for long, before I give in to feeling like I should blame myself. Then I spend time regretting my actions and hating myself for letting this happen. I’m not sure how to frame my mindset best to move forward.. what do you suggest?

        Thank you so much

  • Lucien Carr

    Me and my ex broke up the day before thanksgiving after 2 years. Since then, we have argued constantly, she has been rude, blew me off for the holidays, I have been angry with her for blaming everything in the relationship as being my fault as I need to “work on myself” first, and she just claims she was no angel. I have apologized profusely, taken responsibility for my share in the demise of things, and she continues to just be sarcastic when I bring up working things out or when I point out I wasn’t the only one making mistakes. Its been two months, and now we don’t even talk maybe every 10 days and when we do, its me apologizing or being angry at her for whats transpired or her being sarcastic and nasty. We are both 37. I’m not even sure how to move forward at this point. Any thoughts on this?