How do I get the girl I love back into my life for good?

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Free course :  3 detailed videos over the course of the next three days designed to put the pieces back together and set you out on a new path


Free course :  3 detailed videos over the course of the next three days designed to put the pieces back together and set you out on a new path

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How do I get the girl I love back“Adrian, I want to get back together with the girl I love, how do I do this?” This is a question that I hear hundreds of time a month from men that want to be back in the arms of the woman for whom their hearts beat. A breakup is always really hard on a man. You don’t know how to proceed after this brutal change that has turned everything you had built upside down. Whether you were married for years or you were with your girl for a few weeks, you’re all feeling more or less the same pain.

Generally it’s heartache and the fear of ending up all alone that pushes people to make certain mistakes and to listen to the bad advice on love from negative people. I can’t blame you because your emotions are so strong right now and you’re so worried about losing the woman you love forever that sometimes you’re pushed to act too quickly or incorrectly. If you’re asking yourself how do I get the girl I love back and want to go about getting back together in a efficient way you’ll have to follow certain rules; I invite you to discover the different steps of getting back together with the woman you in this article.

How do I get the girl I love back? Follow these 4 steps!

In order to rekindle a woman’s feelings you shouldn’t rule out using the big guns. In order to do this, I propose that you follow these four pieces of advice.

Understanding the breakup is a crucial step

This is an indispensable step for reigniting your ex’s love for you. Even if this is hard for your morale as you’re going through a tough time, understanding the breakup is going to help you bounce back.

What lead up to the breakup? How did things become so difficult? What does my want and what are her dreams and expectations? Here are the questions that you should immediately ask yourself.

This will help ensure that you’re not moving forward in a fog. You’ll have facts. You’re going through a period of uncertainty and doubt, you don’t feel like you’re on top of your game. I know that criticism from the person you love isn’t going to make you feel better right away, but trust me. It’s going to help you advance and design the best plan of action. When you’ve made the decision to do what it takes to convince your ex to take you back, a well thought out move is a hundred times more powerful than one that happens on a whim. This is another reason why help from a coach is so useful, and who better to help you than a French expert on how to get your girl back?! Choosing my help is choosing excellence, so don’t hesitate to click the tab on the top right of this page.

In order to define the right plan of action, you have to know where you’re going. The same actions won’t apply to a breakup that resulted from a fight as a breakup that resulted from infidelity. Don’t jump headfirst into trying to get back together, even if you love your ex more than life itself. Take a moment to design the right steps that will rebuild your relationship and make you both even happier than before.

Be careful with the interdictions of getting back together with an ex

So I mentioned the very first step to take when you want to convince your ex to take you back, but there are also things that should be strictly banned from the process. These things are called the interdictions of getting back together with your ex” and it’s imperative that you be aware of them and more importantly that you avoid them.

The first one is to never put your ex on a pedestal. She left you but this doesn’t mean that she’s better than you. If you think you’re the only one that still cares, you’re wrong. This situation isn’t making your ex happy either.

The second thing to avoid is doing nothing. Don’t let time heal your heartache because you might end up waiting 3 or 4 times a long. Whether or not you want to start a new relationship with your ex, you have to start with working on your own happiness. Once your well-being is in better shape, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you want her back.

One last thing to avoid is sending emotional messages like, “I miss you,” “I want you,” or even, “without you I am nothing.”

Seduce her with your new self-confidence

I often bring up the subject of self-confidence because it is an essential aspect of your everyday life. So if you are still wondering how do I get the girl I love back, look to forget the breakup and think about all the other parts of life! At work, with family, or even when you go buy bread, doing things with confidence is paramount. It’s just as important in your love life, and you’ll come across it in every situation. Throughout your life, you will always need solid self-confidence so that you can get through difficult moments. When you love someone you love, it’s one of the hardest things a person can go through in their life.

It’s perfectly normal that your self-esteem would take a blow when you learn that you’ve lost the person you love for good, but you have to pick yourself back up. Women don’t want a man that is beaten down. In fact by showing them that you’re a fighter and that you’re stronger than before, you’ll spark attraction. Making the effort to rebuild your self-confidence is vital. Exercise is a great way to achieve this, or you could even go on a little trip to take some time to breathe and regroup.

Design a plan to get her back

This is the last step before you take direct action to get your ex back. As I mentioned earlier, you should never more forward blindly and you should have a clear idea of what exactly you want. I’d like to suggest a really practical exercise. Take a piece of paper and write down all the reasons why you want to be in a relationship with your ex again. On top of making you feel better, this exercise serves as a way to target what actions to take, and you’ll be more at ease in doing so.

Should you employ radio silence? Are you madly in love? Would a hand-written letter be the best solution? By organizing your thoughts and analyzing the situation, you’re going to be able to answer these questions and consequently design the best plan of action for getting back together with the one you love.

With my coaching service, I help you make the right choices; ones that will help you through the entire process of getting your girl back and that will guide you along the way.

Best wishes,

Your coach for when wondering How do I get the girl I love back,


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