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get my ex backIf I had a penny for every time someone asked me this question… But I totally understand. When you start heading into the process of getting an ex back, you want to know your odds of success! As a dedicated love and relationship coach, I have seen so many couples get back together and build happy futures together, so I wanted to write this article for you today on how often exes come back after a breakup. I know that when your heart is broken and your world feels like it has fallen apart around you, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is my goal to provide you with some insight, in addition to tips and tools that will help you ensure happiness in your love life!

So let’s take a look at the answer to “How often to exes come back” and how you can increase the odds! I always remind my clients that they are in control of more than they might realize, so it’s important to gather all the information you can so that you can approach the situation in the right way. There are so many things you can do to make your ex see you in a new light and come back to you, but you have to make sure you’re aware of the biggest do’s and don’ts in the ex recovery process that will help you reach your goal. So let’s take a look!

How often do exes come back: The statistics

Well, this is probably not going to come as a surprise to you but I cannot sit here and tell you the exact percentage of odds that your ex girlfriend or boyfriend is going to come back you. I don’t know the ins and outs of your story, I don’t know how you acted in the relationship, I don’t know how you acted after the breakup, and I don’t know what exactly led to your specific breakup… So I can’t tell you that “Yes! He or she WILL come back no matter what” or vice versa!

What I can tell you is what kind of situations increase the odds of a person coming back to you.

So if you want a clear cut answer about the odds he or she will come back to you, I highly encourage you to get in touch with me or a member of my team by clicking here. More importantly than the exact odds of success, we can design a tailor made action plan that will catapult you towards your goal!

When it comes to how to get back with an ex, we can ask you targeted questions to understand your specific situation, so that we can give you a specific plan of action that will allow you to make the right moves at the right time, while restoring and reinforcing your self confidence so that you can present yourself in a new light to the person you love.

Should I Play Hard To Get With My Ex?

And what I can say is this: If you present yourself as the new and improved version of the person your ex fell in love with, then the overwhelming odds will be that he or she will come back!

How often do exes get back together: The statistics are high if…

I am often asked, “Do guys always come back,” and in the majority of cases the answer is actually yes, but only if you don’t get in your own way. I say this because very often, people panic after a breakup and try to do anything they can think of to get an ex back.

The problem is that unfortunately, the approach usually isn’t the best one. This is when we see people make the mistake of begging or pleading with an ex to take them back, acting jealous or desperately trying to get their attention. The truth is that the more you do this, the more you lower the odds of your ex boyfriend or girlfriend eventually wanting you back.

In other words, the needier and clingier you are towards your ex, the less likely he or she will be to want you back. This can easily push someone away, but if you’re able to handle the breakup with dignity, value yourself, and start using one of the powerful tools you have available to you like the no contact rule, you’re going to put the odds in your favor.

I know that you might be thinking that this won’t happen to you, because you’re so worried about losing the person you love, but I’ve been doing this for a long time and I can confidently tell you that this is exactly what brings a person back to you. If you want to get back with the ex, you have to take them off of the pedestal and value yourself.

Using distance when you want your ex to come back

Though I know that this seems like the scariest thing right now, distance is actually going to be your best friend throughout this process.

Being ok with distance and acknowledging that your happiness is dependent on you and not on your ex will really help you right now. Not only will this make you happier, but it’s also going to surprise your ex in a very good way. He or she is going to look at you and think, “Wow, I thought my ex would be begging me to stay but they actually seem to be becoming the new and improved version of the person I fell for before…”

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is what creates the magic we’re looking for. The moment your ex can look at you and think, “Wow, I want to be closer to him/her,” some very interesting things are going to start to time with my ex

We need to remember that women are innately nurturers, and will work very hard on maintaining a bond, whereas men are innately hunters and will be attracted to a challenge.

I left my ex but want him back what should I do?!

So if you’re trying to get your ex boyfriend back, remember that the needier and clinger you are, the more likely he will be to run in the opposite direction. If you’re trying to get your ex girlfriend back, show her that you’re living a life that she would want to be a part of.

Either way, you need to show your ex that your world does not revolve around him or her. When you make your ex understand that this breakup has served as a catalyst for very important change in your life, you will start to see signs your ex will eventually come back. So present yourself in a way that shows strength, confidence, and happiness in your own life, and you’ll start to see positive changes in your exchanges with your ex!

Will he or she come back: Inspiring them

At the end of the day, your ex will come back if you inspire them. If they can look at you and imagine a fulfilling future, they’ll want to be with you again. One of the key things that I always remind my clients of is that your ex will not want to step into the same exact relationship that you had before because you both already know how that ended.

They also won’t come back if your presence feels like a weight or a burden on their shoulders. Always remember that your ex should see you as something exciting, and the best way to do this is to become excited about your own life!how to get my ex

This article is coming to an end but you have come to the right place if you want to know how to make the person you love come back! We have made it our goal to help people that want to make positive changes in their lives that will re attract their ex boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. As I said above, we are available for one on one coaching, but we try to offer you tools to coach yourselves at home through our articles, our youtube video, and our products.

Everybody can be happy in love, it’s just a question of learning the tools that ensure successful relationships. If you have any questions at all, which I’m sure you do as each relationship is unique, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below. It would be our pleasure to personally get back to you!

Wishing you all the very best in life and love,

Your coach when you’re wondering, “How often to exes come back?”


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