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I left my ex but want him back!Sometime we make big decisions and end up regretting our choices. A person’s love life is a domain in which a wrong decision could have repercussions that last years. It’s never easy to leave someone, and aside from when it’s the result of just a heated fight, there are usually real reasons behind why you put an end to a relationship.

However, even if there are reasons behind the separation, it does nothing to alleviate the pain when you do it especially if you feel you have no other choice. For example if work compels you to move to a different region. In reality a separation hurts whether it’s because you have to move to a different country or because you’re simply incompatible. Saying I left my ex but want him back can sometimes happen when you realize that you’re reduced their importance in your life. This is when something unexpected happens. Many women that go through this end up becoming literally addicted to their ex and want to do whatever it takes to make up for their mistakes. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, I suggest you discover the best way to reestablish communication and begin the process of getting back together.

A very common situation

Before we get started, I just want to assure you that if you find yourself in a situation in which you’re saying, I left my ex but want him back, you’re not alone. This is something that happens more often than we think because each week a substantial number of men and women contact me for help with this type of problem.

You shouldn’t be embarrassed. I know that it’s sometimes hard to go back on your decision because of your pride but you have to move past this. You’re suffering because you’ve left your ex and you’re missing them. You’re going to have to do what it takes to get back together. Happiness in love sometimes isn’t very solid and not wanting or trying to get it back when you lose it could be a grave mistake in my opinion.

Work with a love coach and get back with your ex

Don’t play down the importance of certain things…

When people want to get back together with an ex, the classic techniques for succeeding in this endeavor can provide spectacular results when used properly. There are however situations in which some of these techniques wouldn’t be appropriate. If you’re thinking “I left my ex but I want them back,” you’re in one of these situations.

The reason is simple; you’re made the decision to break up and you’re the one that left. No matter what the reason behind this decision, your ex is going to be hurting and you will have caused them pain. If you regret your decision after the fact, which happens often, you should never act as though nothing happened because the pain you’re feeling today is nothing compared to what your ex is currently feeling. You have to keep this in mind so that you don’t downplay the separation’s consequences.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the pain that your ex must have felt at the moment you said, “It’s over, I’m leaving you.”

Don’t make it worse

On the other hand, it wouldn’t make much sense for you to make a thousand apologies and shower your ex in expensive gifts in order to show that you regret your decision. It’s important that you don’t make yourself inferior to your ex because they could easily take advantage of the situation and use it for a bit of revenge.

The best attitude to adopt is to show that you regret your decision, that you accept responsibility for it, but that you’re ready to give your love story a second chance.

I left my ex but want him back, how do I undo my decision?

It’s impossible to undo a decision like this because a breakup can create doubt and suffering connected to the loss of the person you love. Your ex has felt these things and consequently you can’t just erase all of this with a swish of a magic wand, or by simple words like, “I’m sorry,” “Forgive me,” or “Let’s forget about this.”

How to forget an ex without any regrets!

However if you can show your ex that your decision was inappropriate, I suggest that you organize meeting up face to face. It goes without saying that the sooner you act, the better your chances will be of your ex envisioning getting back together with you. When you meet up face to face, it’s best to adopt a friendly attitude while showing that you’re aware of the gravity of the situation. If you remain too neutral your ex might not understand the message you’re trying to get across – that you want to rebuild your relationship.

Another thing that could greatly improve your chances of success of getting back together with the person you’ve left is writing them a short handwritten letter in which you can express your remorse (but don’t take it too far!) You can explain the reasons behind your decision and more importantly, the reasons why you’re decided to try again with your ex.

If you’d like to know more about the ideal way to get back together with your ex after you’ve left them, it would be best to make a coaching appointment because this type of situation is relatively complex. Based on statistics, your chances of success are doubled if you have my help.

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