How to make my ex want me back

You truly want to get back with your ex? You want to know how to make the person you love miss you and want to be with you? From my experience, it is possible to seduce your ex and make him or her regret the fact that you are no longer together. In order to achieve this goal and to once again be reunited with the man or woman you love, you will need to have a roadmap or game plan and put serious thought into your approach.

This is where I come in to provide you with my expertise in order to help you get back together. As a relationship expert and love coach I speak with people just like you, who are going through a similar situation every single day.

I often get asked how to make my ex want me back, especially when he or she is the one that broke up? In this article I will share 3 powerful steps that will shift the balance of power in your favor and make your ex want to be with you again!

How to make your ex want you back: why is this important?

First of all, it’s important to note that looking to make your ex want you doesn’t necessarily equate to trying to get back together…At least not at first!

You could very well just want to get back in touch without wanting to be in a relationship again. Many men and women don’t even try to reestablish contact with an ex because they feel like it would look desperate and like they’re forcing the issue to make their ex come back. It’s true that when you’re trying to move on you can severe all contact with your ex; but there are different ways to go about moving on.

You can in fact reestablish communication without having any ulterior motives, if you approach it the right way!

I do realize that most of you, those that come on our site on a regular basis, and those that have just recently discovered it are here in hopes of learning how to get back together with an ex that you still love.

Sparking their interest is going to be an essential step. After a breakup, anger and bitterness remain between the two people. Worse still, it can sometimes be so bad that your ex will no longer speak to you and they become a total stranger.

When you’re attempting to get back together, there are multiple important steps. It’s not possible to start your attempt before having accepted the breakup, before rebuilding your self-confidence and before understanding the root causes of the separation.

This is the best way to pinpoint what actions need to consequently take place so that you can get back together with the one you love.

There’s an important element that shouldn’t be overlooked: Communication! This is even more important if there’s already a distance between you.

How to make my ex want me back? Check out these 2 amazing ways!

Radio Silence is a good way to make an ex miss you and want to be with you

Following a separation, you are often put in a compromising or vulnerable situation; especially if the decision to end the relationship was taken out of your hands. You may be surprised, angry, or hurt and you react accordingly telling your ex things that won’t make him or her want to take you back.

So the first step that you should take is to surprise your ex; instead of pleading and begging to get another chance, take some distance and do a radio silence. A no contact period of at least a couple of weeks following a breakup can prevent you from making huge mistakes, and also force your ex to face the separation and the consequences of their choice.

If you are constantly reaching out to them or calling every other day they won’t feel as if you are out of their lives. He or she will have the comfort of knowing that a change of heart is always possible and that you will be there waiting. In order for your ex to want to get back together it is necessary for him or her to understand what life without you would be like!

That’s how you can be able to make your ex miss you and genuinely want to hear from you. Just make sure that you stay positive if he or she reaches out to you and that you show them that you are staying active and busy and not letting the breakup hold you back. You will need to show an evolution and an eagerness to engage in projects or endeavors of your choosing; that is a good way to start to inspire your ex to want to be with you again.

I once coached a young man called Dylan who lived in the New York area. He was absolutely crushed following his breakup and reached out to me out of desperation…I was his last resort! Unfortunately, Dylan had been driven by his emotions, and he made quite a few mistakes after the break up.

So naturally when I asked him to do a radio silence (also known as no contact rule) he was scared that she would forget about him and move on for good. What if she meets someone else? What if she forgets about me he asked…and I’m sure that you are probably wondering the same thing!

The truth is that it takes more than a few weeks to move on from a breakup…especially if you’re coming out of a long term relationship or marriage. More so, you have more chances of inspiring your ex by pulling away rather than by trying to talk your way back into a relationship!

Also your ex could meet someone else and have a fling, but as I always say, it’s tremendously difficult to jump from one moving train to the next, from one relationship into another, without serious risk of injury! In most cases, that would be called a rebound relationship and you would still have a good chance of winning them back.

Plus truth is, even if you called your ex multiple times per day, you wouldn’t prevent them from dating someone else…actually quite the contrary!

How to get an ex to want you back: Did you try the letter?!

After a radio silence, or once you’ve truly identified what went wrong and why and developed a communication strategy; you will need to showcase your change or evolution and find the right approach to ensure that your ex is receptive to your message.

I have found over the years that very often the best way to communicate with an ex after a no contact period is through a handwritten letter. Words on paper can be very powerful because they provide the reader with the ability to understand each and every single one; to be fully engaged and not worry about their own thoughts or comeback.

Furthermore, you will surprise your ex! When is the last time that you wrote a letter to him or her? This alternative way of communication will further enhance your change or the new you and increase your chances of getting back together!

You will need to make sure that your letter is written the right way, that it’s not too long and that its centered around specific targeted key messages. You will need to stay positive in your letter and not convey any criticism or negativity to your ex.

You will want to use certain key words that will further prove your change and that will make your ex want to give it another try; you will need to pass along your deep desire to make him or her happy in the long run and once again become that person that he or she always dreamed of being with at the beginning of your relationship.

Each letter will need to be tailored around your specific love story and include examples that will speak to your ex and make him or her want to be with you again.

For further support, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to book a one on one coaching session in order for us to work on writing the perfect letter together. It would be my pleasure to help you meet your goal of getting back with your ex.

What will make my ex want me back if I’ve made mistakes?

It’s absolutely crucial for you to understand the reasons that led to the breakup if you want to have any shot at making it work with an ex. That’s why the second step that you will need to take is to reflect on your relationship and ask yourself where things went wrong and why?

By finding the root causes of the issues, the real issues that may have been hidden below the surface, you will be able to change your behavior and thus prove to your ex that you can make them happy in the long run.

It is essential for you to acknowledge some of your shortcomings or the mistakes that you may have made. So when people that I coach ask me “how to make my ex want me back?” I often reply that “you need to acknowledge your mistakes and truly have a deep desire to want to change…for yourself”.

Your ex will always be more receptive if you show an ability to be self-critical and acknowledge some of the issues that he or she may have brought up countless times while you were together!

You must really take a step back in order to truly understand some of your ex’s frustrations; you will need to understand the fundamental issues that you experienced as a couple in order to surprise your ex with your ability to analyze your past relationship in an un biased way.

More than simple talking points, you will be able to start thinking about potential solutions that you can start to implement right away in your daily life. It will prove to your ex that you are serious about changing and make him or her feel better about being in a new and improved relationship with you!

The second chance in love: how to make an ex want you for good!

I know that after a breakup it often feels like all hope is lost, and that your significant other will never look at you the same…or give you that tenderness that you once felt. I also know that it’s also difficult to trust a coach that you found online and that you’ve never met…even if you’ve watched a bunch of my YouTube Videos!

But I assure you that it truly is possible to turn it all around, to find your inner peace and to inspire this person you love dearly to want to be with you.

Every week we help people from all over the country, and all over the world reshape their emotional destiny…
If you are willing to do the work, if you are patient and prepared to approach this process in the right way, I have absolutely no doubt that you too can be a success story.

I’ve come to understand that all relationships can be very complicated and difficulties arise pretty often for most couples!
In fact every couple is faced with issues at some point or another, as a result of many factors that would be too long for me to explain here. You can learn more about them in our eBook.

Misunderstandings, lack of communication, or even a single mistake can lead to breakups. That said a separation doesn’t automatically mean that feelings for one another disappear overnight. In fact, they sometimes become even stronger after a breakup and it’s in those post breakup moments that many people come to realize that your partner is your soul mate.

We are human beings and we make mistakes. It’s OK. You’re allowed to commit errors, to make wrong decisions, even if sometimes these actions can break a relationship, especially in this day and age.

I’ve realized that men and women are quick to end a great relationship without having made much effort to work on it. Nevertheless, don’t wave your white flag and think that your relationship can’t evolve following a breakup. You have to believe in second chances in love because I know that you, just like everyone, deserves it!

I’m speaking from personal experience here! My wife who later became the mother of my child is someone that I once broke up with…only to realize months later that I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life.

That’s right, many healthy long term relationships have occurred after a breakup; a reconciliation in love can take place and lead to another relationship which flourishes. The separation creates an electroshock and you realize how important your partner really is for your happiness in love and wellbeing, and the joy you feel on a daily basis.

Sometimes you have to go through a difficult patch and experience some really heavy emotions in order for love to make an even stronger comeback…and it can happen to you too!

Nonetheless you’ll have to work at it, and this doesn’t mean that your relationship should constantly be threatened with separation for it to improve, because this could have some negative long term effects as well.

Remember that it’s never a good idea to throw an ultimatum at the person you love because this is certainly not a miracle solution.
Keep fighting the good fight!

From your friend and the coach to call when wondering how to make my ex want me back!


Coach Adrian

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Relationship Expert