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When you’ve been working on making your ex want you back, you’re going to want to know how to recognize the signs he thinks he’s losing you. The whole goal of this process is to make your ex fear losing you so much that he starts to seriously think about getting back together with you. So how can you pinpoint the signs that your actions are getting through to him, and what can you do if you aren’t seeing any of these signs?

In today’s article I want to go over the things that need to happen in order for your ex begin to miss you and genuinely fear losing you for good. This is a topic that comes up in my one-on-one coaching sessions on a regular basis because it is a crucial element of the process of getting an ex back. When you get a better idea of how things stand at the current moment, you will know exactly how to proceed in order to get closer to your goal!

How to make your ex worry about losing you

Some of you reading this may not have a clear cut action plan yet, so I wanted to provide you with some pointers on how to create the proper foundation for making someone fear losing you forever.

One of the most important concepts that we work on with our clients has to do with personal development. At first glance, it might seem like this has absolutely nothing to do with the process of making your ex worry about losing you, but the truth is that it is a crucial part of it.

When you want someone to miss you and fear losing you, you have to inspire them. You want them to look at you and feel that you would be a valuable addition to their lives and that you could make them genuinely happy. So how do you do this?

You have to become the new and improved version of the person that your ex fell in love with. The easiest way to do this is to think about what elements of your personal life got put on the back burner while you were in this relationship. Many people lose themselves when the relationship takes center stage in their lives. The problem is that this develops an imbalance between the two partners and in many cases, the person who chooses to end the relationship no longer recognizes the person they fell in love with in the first place.

In order to maximize your odds of success, you have to incorporate new elements of fun, excitement and mystery.

If your ex broke up with you it means that he doubted your overall ability to make him happy in the long-term.

So start thinking about what activities you stopped doing, what hobbies you lost track of, whether you stopped being physically active, what friends you stop spending time with, and what family members you may have neglected. Start filling up your schedule with these people and activities.

As I said, when it comes to how to make a guy realize he’s losing you, you also need to focus on making some improvements. So start challenging yourself to try out new activities on your own and with your friends, check out new places in your city like galleries and new bars, and really work on stepping outside of your comfort zone. Think about what you can do to reach your goals.

I always encourage my clients to set short-term and long-term goals that benefit them. Think about one thing that you would like to accomplish in your life, whether it is personally or professionally speaking. Where would you like to be two years from now? So where would you need to be one year from now? What about six months from now? So what can you start doing today to get to where you would need to be one month from now?

Making changes and improvements in your life can you really grab your ex’s attention, especially when you pair these actions with a very powerful technique…

Using the NC Rule to make a man regret breaking up and fear losing you

If you are familiar with our philosophy, then you have undoubtedly heard of this technique that can serve as one of the best answers in regards to how to make him worry about losing you.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this tool, the no contact rule basically consists of cutting off all forms of communication with your ex. It can sounds scary at first because you are afraid of “letting him go,” but it is actually one of the most powerful things that you can do. With this technique, you cut contact with your ex for a predetermined period of time that will depends on the intricacies of your relationship and breakup. It usually ranges from three three weeks to three months.

The goal is to give your ex boyfriend an electroshock that wakes him up and makes him realize that he is losing you. By no longer being at his beck and call, you can show him that he is no longer on a pedestal, and by becoming the 2.0 version of yourself, you will make him want to get close to you even more.

You see, as human beings we have a terrible tendency of taking things for granted that we believe already belong to us. When something is readily available, it is no longer an exciting challenge and can easily be placed on the shelf somewhere. We want your ex to view you as an exciting challenge and a prize, and the moment he does, he will realize “I don’t want to lose you.”

So how can we identify the signs he thinks he’s losing you for good?

The top signs he thinks he’s losing you and is panicking

When you start to experience the fear of losing someone, you’re going to start fixating on the person. You will start to try to get closer to them, and depending on your personality, it will be in the more subtle or more obvious way. So let’s take a look at the biggest indicators that he is afraid of losing you!

He doesn’t want to lose you if he’s trying to contact you

Perhaps you have been using the no contact rule, or perhaps you have put some distance between you and your ex. Either way, he has picked up on it and is than trying to get in touch with you. He’s been sending you texts, he might have even called, and when he doesn’t get a response from you, he keeps trying.

If you have noticed that your ex has been going out of his way to try to speak to you, chances are he’s afraid of losing you.

He is afraid of losing you if he keeps asking about you

Another telltale sign that he thinks he is losing you is when you find out that he has been asking around for information about you. He wants to know how you’ve been, what you’ve been up to, if you’re seeing anyone new, and maybe even if you’re mad at him…

He isn’t getting answers from you, so he’s trying to get answers from the people that know you.

A man thinks he is losing you when he stalks your social media profiles

If your ex keeps liking everything that you post even though you aren’t talking to him right now, he could be trying to get your attention. Social media is a powerful tool in many ways and you can actually be using it to your advantage and your breakup recovery process.i love my ex

Post pictures that show that you were a living a fun and exciting life and that you have transformed yourself into the new and improved version.

This will catch your ex’s eye, and if he is interacting with your posts, it means that he wants you to see.

If he is promising to change he is afraid of losing you

This one comes as a no-brainer, but if your ex is desperately trying to tell you that things will change and that he has learned from his mistakes, then he doesn’t want to lose you.

The person who is panicking about losing someone will always try to promise changes.

He doesn’t want to lose you if he is making changes

A person that recognizes that a relationship warrants a second chance will try to do everything in his power to prove that he is deserving of a second chance. When you see signs of guilt in a man and can see that he is trying to change and make sure you know about it, then he is afraid of losing you and is trying to undo the damage.

These are the biggest signs he thinks he’s losing you and it is worried about it. If you haven’t recognized any of the signs in your current situation, don’t panic!

There are plenty of things that you can do to get your ex back and we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for one-on-one guidance and we can give you a tailor-made action plan that fits your specific situation. You can also leave any questions you may have in the comment section below.

Wishing you all the best in life and love

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