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Is sleeping with him my only solution, Adrian?”

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked this question since I started helping people like you, but if I had done so I’m sure that you’d be surprised.


Simply because there are just so many women that find themselves at a loss when they’re faced with they should start the process of trying to get back together. They’re thinking, and maybe you are too, that there’s only one sure-fire way to get their man back.

In reality even though sex plays an important role in certain steps of getting back together, you can’t base your entire attempt on this element because you’ll be playing with fire.

If you find yourself in this situation and you are looking for solutions for women to get back with an ex we can help you to find the best way to steal the heart of the person you still love. Avoid making mistakes and find the solution to your problems by seeking out the help of a French expert on getting back together. Don’t wait any longer before discovering what will bring your man back into your arms!

A real coach for getting back together with your man

Let me guess, up until now you’ve been seeking advice from your best friend or your family on how to proceed or to find solutions for women to get back with an ex. But as time went on, the situation got worse and your ex has made even more space between you. Your loved ones don’t seem to mind because they still don’t understand why you feel so strongly about the “man that hurt you.”

When you want to get back together with your guy it’s important to not waste any time so that he doesn’t completely move on and abandon the idea of getting back together with you.

Since I’ve started I’ve been helping men and women that want to improve their love life and I’ve created special programs that are specifically meant to help you get through this situation. There are books, audio seminars, and even personal appointments with me that can help you design the best plan of action for becoming happy in love once again. With a coaching session for getting back together with an ex you’ll know how to be efficient and especially how to know which things you still need to do.

Before being anything else, I am a man so who better to help you get into your ex’s head?

Why is attempting to get back together hard for women?

In terms of a person’s love life, as well as in terms of trying to get back together with an ex a lot of people feel that men have it “easier.”


First of all because some women feel that their only weapon is sex and this limits all the other things that they could actually do. On top of that, getting an ex back includes seduction and most often this is the men’s specialty. It’s usually the man that makes the first move, or is more straight forward about it.

Even though times are changing of course, seduction has generally been the man’s role. Many women know exactly how to seduce a man, but refrain from doing so because they don’t want to look like the person that’s completely desperate or dependent on their ex. When you want to get back together with somebody, you have to take the initiative.

A coaching session for getting your ex back will not only help you to start something new with your man, but also to understand him and know exactly what he wants. You’re going to have to set in motion actions to re-seduce him so that you can get your ex back. This will require a certain amount of effort but with guidance like the kind I offer, you won’t always have to do all the work. You’ll finally be able to sigh in relief and say, “Ah finally a man that is able to share the work with me!”

Solutions for women to get back with an ex may be coaching sessions

I suggest that you discover the first two steps that will you to success in your endeavor.

Understand the breakup

Before you do anything at all, it’s imperative that you understand all the reasons behind your breakup and not just the ones your ex gave you. As a coach for getting your ex back this always the very first thing that we explore. Together, either on the phone or Skype, or face-to-face, we will use the information that you give me in order to discover all the real reasons behind your man’s decision to end your relationship.

When you want to get back together with someone you should never set out blindly. You should know exactly where you’re going. Each step must be well thought out, and this is why it’s essential to understand the breakup if you want to undo it. On top of that, this will also help you to overcome your uncertainties that are messing with your confidence in your endeavor. You’ll be able to bounce back and feel better but in order to do this; your plan of action has to be solid.

Be confident in your ability to get him back

This is more about your self-confidence and your motivation instead of direct action regarding the person you want back in your life. In order to convince an ex to take you back, you’re going to have to be confident. This confidence will help you overcome bumps in the road and it will also show your ex how much better you are than the woman he used to know.

A simple exercise for developing self-confidence is to make a list of reasons why it’s important to you to get your ex back. When you read your notes on the subject, you’ll be even more motivated because you’ll have an even stronger desire to relive these moments.

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