I broke his heart but I want him back

Right now, you’re probably filled with regret thinking about the fact that you broke the heart of the person you love. You still want to be with him, but unfortunately something happened that resulted in the current situation. Now you’re wondering if it’s too late, if all hope is lost, and if there is anything you can still do to turn things around. Fortunately you’ve found this article, because it just so happens that there is plenty that you can still do to change the current state of affairs! When you’re thinking, “I broke his heart but I want him to take me back,” there are going to be some big do’s and don’ts and you’re going to find them right here. It’s normal to panic and experience a surge of all kinds of emotions when something like this happens, but together we will be able to take a step back, analyze the situation, and determine how to proceed.

Getting back together with an ex is not a piece of cake, but it is possible if you are motivated, patient, and can exercise self control. What’s more, sometimes these periods are what are needed in order for you to rebuild your relationship and make it stronger than ever before! An electro shock can really shake things up, but it can also give you the tools for ensuring that the pieces fall back into a place in a way that paves the way for a happy and more fulfilling future with the person you love!

What a broken hearted man is feeling right now

What a broken hearted man is feeling right now

Unfortunately, you know that you’ve broken the man’s heart. Perhaps you lied to him about something important, betrayed his trust by getting involved with someone else, or you simply decided that this relationship wasn’t right for you. However, how that some time has passed, you’ve realized that you don’t want to let him slip through your fingers, and that he is the person you want to be with!

Unfortunately, he might not be very receptive to that concept right now. The most recent memory in terms of your relationship is the heartache he’s just endured, but don’t worry. That doesn’t mean that things can’t change!

It’s just going to be up to you to do what it takes to make him see you in a new light.

You’re probably seeing signs you really hurt him right now – he might not be talking to you, he might be very cold and distant, he might even be angry and unapproachable.

His ego is bruised, he’s feeling disappointed by what happened, and each man is going to have his own way of working through his emotions. Some of them will bottle it all up inside, others will try to work through it with vigorous exercise or wild nights out on the town, but whatever the case may be, he’s going to need some space right now.

A lot of people ask me, “What does heartbreak feel like for a man?” It is of course different for everyone. The best thing to do is to try and put yourself in his shoes and really think about what he could be feeling right now.

This brings us to the biggest do’s and don’t when you want someone back after you broke his heart

I broke his heart and but still want him: The Dont’s!

I broke his heart and but still want him

When you’re thinking, “I broke his heart and I want him back,” chances are that you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed by a surge of emotions. You don’t want to lose this person but you know that you’ve hurt him and he’s pulling away. The panic that comes along with that feeling can sometimes make a person do things that inadvertently end up making matters worse.

I worked with a client recently who was working on getting back together with the man she loved. Anna had been with Joshua for about three years and things had started to feel a little routine in the relationship. Both of them had gotten comfortable and stopped making the effort to keep things fun and exciting. Neither of them was still actively trying to seduce the other, and things started to feel a bit predictable.

Then one day, Anna met Eric at her friend’s birthday dinner… Eric sparked something in her, and long story short they began an affair. It lasted a few weeks before Joshua stumbled across an email that was left open on Anna’s laptop. Needless to say, he confronted her about it and bowed out of their relationship. She knew she broke his heart, and when he stepped out of her life, she realized how important he truly was to her. This goes back to what I was saying earlier in this article.

Sometimes it takes a huge shock to open your eyes to how much you truly want to be with this person…

Then, Anna panicked. She began calling Joshua over and over, begging for him to forgive her.

She kept telling him that she made a huge mistake, that she would change, that she would do anything to get him back. This is a very common mistake that people make, especially when a man is angry after a breakup.

Suffocating the guy whose heart you broke is one of the absolute worst things you could do right now. Blowing up his phone with texts and calls, begging him to speak to you and hear you out, and not giving him space and time to work through his emotions are all things that are actually going to make it very hard for you to reach your goal of getting him back.

I know it sounds scary right now, but you have to give him space. Many people will say, “I don’t want to give him space because I’m scared he’ll forget about me,” but that’s not how this works.

People don’t just forget about their significant others overnight, and what’s more, it’s up to you to give him reason to want to get closer to you…

Getting a heartbroken guy back: The Do’s!

Getting a heartbroken guy back

As I just said, he’s going to need space right now. Forcing him to talk to you or see you against his will is only going to solidify his desire to get further away from you.

Ideally, you should take a step back and let him work through his emotions, while you work through your own as well. One of the most powerful tools for getting an ex back is the no contact rule, which consists of cutting contact with your ex for a predetermined period ranging between three weeks and three months (depending on the breakup). The goal behind doing so is to allow your ex’s emotions to settle down, while simultaneously giving him reason to miss you.

While you’re in this period, it’s crucial that you analyze what exactly happened, and how it can be avoided in the future. If you’re going to propose getting back together with your ex, you’re going to have to be able to propose an entirely new relationship. You don’t want to step back into the same relationship because you both know how that ended.

Another powerful tool for getting an ex back, especially when his heart is broken is the handwritten letter.

In this letter, you can express to him what you’ve come to understand, that you regret what happened, but that you are taking actions to prevent it from ever happening again. The goal of this letter is to make him understand that you’ve come to understand some very important points about your relationship, that you regret not coming to these realizations sooner, that you are grateful to him for helping you grow, and how exactly you are growing and improving your life.

If you would like more in depth information on how to write the perfect apology letter to your ex boyfriend, I encourage you to click the link!

Having a broken heart is a terrible feeling, and knowing you are the source of someone’s heartache is even worse. Just remember that you are in control of your own actions, so use this time to learn from past mistakes and begin building an even better future for you an the man you love!

I know that each situation is entirely unique, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for one on one guidance. Together we can design the perfect plan of action to get you back together with the man you love.

Wishing you all the best in life and love,

Your coach when you’re thinking, “I broke his heart”