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reconnect with an exYou can’t stop thinking about how to reestablish contact between you and your ex when they are avoiding communication? How to get back in touch even if your breakup was difficult? What are the best tips to break your ex’s radio silence?

After a breakup the only thing you want is to stay in contact with the one you love. This is typically the point where a person puts themselves in a situation of dependence; and oftentimes even begins to harass the ex. You think that being in touch is a sure way to bring your ex back, especially if you can prove to them that they were wrong to leave you.

And yet, it’s quite the opposite. During my coaching sessions with people just like you who are hoping to get back with an ex; I often refer to the saying: “Communication is the foundation of a relationship, but it can sabotage an attempt at restarting one.” To reconnect with an ex is a crucial step not only to get them back but also to rebuild an affinity between the both of you that can eventually reignite the flame that once existed.

Don’t skip over these crucial first steps of having good dialogue with your ex. Contrary to what you might think you have to forget about your goal of getting back together in order to enable you to speak to your ex in a more “amicable” way at the beginning. Without establishing affinity it will be hard to make your ex want to take you back.

I know this might sound scary because the last thing you want is to be friends with your ex, but you’ll see that it’s the best way to make them want you back, without them even realizing it.

In this article, I will show you my tips as a coach in the field of finding the best way to get back in contact with your ex, and to make them want to get back together. Don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions below. It will be my pleasure to respond to you!

Contacting your ex again: What’s the first rule?

Let me start with one of the main principles of getting back with an ex that more than 80% of my readers like you still probably don’t follow. Our goal is to surprise your ex so that they realize that you are capable of evolving in a positive way, and that you are able to make them happy.

Starting now you have to respect the fundamental rule of “never revealing your intentions of getting back together while you are talking to your ex!” Instinctually you want to be fully transparent and honest and tell your ex everything you’re willing to do. Unfortunately by doing this you’ll have two “negative” reactions.

The first one consists of irritating your ex because they will think that you’re just making false promises without taking real actions. At the same time you’re also cutting out the element of surprise and therefore undercutting your efforts.

This is precisely why it’s imperative that you respect the first rule of getting back together; never reveal your intentions to your ex. Forget your desire to rationalize the situation or trying to negotiate getting back together; even if you’re fully capable of making the necessary changes and proving that you’re no longer the same person, that your mistakes are far in the past, you will not find any sympathy from your ex if you approach the issue in this manner.

Simply put you will need a little more time but most importantly; ACTION!

How to reconnect with an ex and how to best re-establish communication?

I’m counting on you to give credibility to your communication with your ex by not unveiling your desire to get back together in order to avoid scrutiny from an ex that is looking for your flaws. In order to manage proper communication with your ex you will have to remain in control of your emotions and resist the urge to go too fast.

I know how hard it can be to make your ex want to take you back, because you are afraid of losing them. However you haven’t yet tried to change your behavior or actions in a meaningful way in order to approach them the right way. You’re not going to improve your chances of getting back together by writing to your ex every day.
So what can you do to efficiently reconnect with an ex?

At the beginning I’m going to ask you to stay away from talking about your past, your relationship, or your emotions. We are going to temporarily forget about all of these things in order to avoid conjuring up “negative memories.”
Your priority now is to approach your ex in the same way that you would communicate with your friends. Do you pour your heart out to your friends every time you see them, repeating over and over again how deeply you love and care for them? No, you talk about the latest movie you saw, or some awesome music you discovered.

This is the same attitude you want to have with your ex. Of course you don’t flat out talk about being their friend; but your mindset, actions, and topics of conversation will mirror the way you are with your friends.

This emotional distance is essential in order to start anew and to progressively reintroduce seduction afterwards! Your ex will never again see you in the same light! And you will be in prime position to seduce them once again without demanding that they take you back.

What to do if my ex doesn’t want to reply to me?

A more delicate situation arises when the ex doesn’t want to talk to you after you attempt to reconnect with them. You’re afraid that you may have lost them forever and so you don’t know how to act in order to have the opportunity to talk.

Under these circumstances it is important to be patient and to carefully consider which powerful action you should take next. Of course there are very many methods to choose from such as writing a letter to them for instance; but as it’s much too long to describe here, I invite you to set up a private coaching session with us, so that we can come up with the best possible game plan tailored to your needs.

If your opportunities to interact on a daily basis are limited, you will have to condense your ideas so that you can prove to your ex that you’ve understood your mistakes and that you have now accepted the breakup.
The first thing you will need to express is that you have accepted their decision to split up but it’s a shame to have to sever contact all together because they are still an important person in your life.

The next step will consist of being able to eventually talk to your ex as though nothing ever happened; no breakup, and no relationship. Your main objective here is to make them feel guilty if they don’t reply to you.
To do this, you’ll have to prove to your ex that you’ve understood what needed to change, and you can do this through a letter that you will write to them.

Now is it time to take action. Remember, results often take time, and just because you don’t have a response immediately doesn’t mean that nothing will ever change, or that your ex no longer feels anything for you.
The important thing is to figure out a strategy to effectively get back in contact with your ex in order to ultimately be able to meet face to face. This is the moment where you will be able to easily reignite the flame.
If you want to make sure that you avoid making big mistakes, and to learn how to PERFECTLY communicate with your ex, I invite you to reach out to us for support and guidance!

I wish you all the very best.

Your coach to reconnect with your ex the right way,


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