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I panic when I see my exAre you still uncomfortable around your ex? Do you not know how to act when you see him or her? Do you dread seeing your ex with a new boyfriend or girlfriend? It is quite common to be awkward around an ex boyfriend or girlfriend following a breakup.

It isn’t the first time that I have been around people who have told me “I panic when I see my ex”. During one of my coaching sessions today, a woman that I have been advising for quite some time named Cindy was in complete panic; she knew that she had to see her ex to give him back some of his stuff and she did not know what to do or how to act when they would be face to face !

In this article I will share some of the advice that I gave to Cindy that can be really beneficial to you if you also panic when you see your ex; or even if you are simply uncomfortable at the thought of bumping into him or her on the streets. The goal is for you to understand why you are so uncomfortable and to be more at ease in order to seduce him or her again and eventually get back together!

Understand why you are uncomfortable when you see your ex

You can be uncomfortable when you see your ex for a multitude of reasons; you still love him or her and care about what they think of you. You could also be nervous about messing things up or trying to prove that you are worth a second chance. You also could fear seeing them with someone else or worry about breaking down or not be able to control your emotions. Ultimately it all comes back to you being insecure or in a state of fear.

You are giving your ex way too much importance to the point that you are making yourself stress or be sick to your stomach. Just because you still love him or her does not mean that you should put so much pressure on yourself to act at your best or to say the perfect words to seduce them all at once. In fact depending on your relationship and how things may have ended it may not be realistic to think that you will be able to inspire your ex to get back with you in the course of a single encounter. The best thing for you could be to see the goal of getting back together with the one you love as a process; one that will take time. So don’t overwhelm yourself and try to do too much when having to face your ex.

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If I panic when I see my ex will he or she not love me?

Feelings don’t disappear overnight and the odds are that your ex is still attached to you one way or the other; especially if you were together for a long time. When I hear people ask me this question “if I panic when I see my ex will they no longer love me?” it tells me a few things; first of all it means that you are not in the right mindset to seduce your ex and it probably entails that you are still very much emotionally dependent to your ex. Like many other people, you probably need your ex’s validation in order to feel good and to be at peace.

In order to be comfortable around your ex and to seduce him or her again the next time you will see each other, you will need to evolve and to surprise him or her. The best way to get back with your ex is to focus on your own personal development! Quite simply you need to regain a sense of purpose and the drive to do new interesting activities to feel good and to make your ex want to be around you; for him or her to want to partake in your joy. You cannot make an ex love you again or want to be with you when you speak about your feelings or emotions. By professing your love to your ex you will not make him or her reconsider their decision to leave you or the breakup. It is only through actions undertaken over a certain period of time that you will inspire your ex to want to be with you!

How to prepare for your next encounter with your ex

The most important element to consider is that your next encounter with your ex will be won or lost before the actual face to face meet up ever occurs. In the days or weeks before seeing each other; if you have taken the time to bring about meaningful changes in your life than you will surprise and inspire your ex. The one you love will notice it right away and even before you even start to speak if you are really in a positive dynamic and truly experienced a sort of resurrection.

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Your ex does not think that you are capable of changing or to evolve in a positive way and make him or her happy in the long run. If you are able to surprise and inspire your ex, he or she will immediately start to have doubts; even if they are engaged in a new relationship. It is human nature to want what we can’t have, to achieve a challenge that may seem insurmountable. You can become that challenge if you are able to detach yourself from your previous relationship and work on a daily basis to better yourself and stretch your comfort zone.

If you do not have time to prepare or to really change before seeing your ex don’t put too much stress on yourself. In such circumstances the most important thing is to be in control of your emotions and to showcase positive energy; to smile, to be dynamic and energetic and to show that you have started to change and to do new things. There’s no point in trying to do or say too much. Ultimately, you will need to re-establish a communication platform in order to prove your change over time and to seduce your ex again. In the meantime stay positive and don’t fear your ex.

If you have questions about how to stay in control when seeing an ex, please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I am committed to reply to every question received in order to provide each and every one of you with the tailored feedback that you deserve and need.

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