I still love my ex but they don’t love meIt wouldn’t be true to say that a breakup means that your relationship is over forever and that you’re feelings have to disappear into thin air the second you separate, especially if you’re the one that was left. It’s completely normal to still feel things for the person you shared your life with, the person you shared so many memories with, no matter how long your relationship lasted.

So if you’re reading these lines right now, it’s very likely that you don’t want to forget what you had shared and you’re now looking for advice on how to proceed. Your heart still beats for them and deep down you know that things can change. You miss your ex and you want to try everything in your power to rekindle the flame. In love, you should never let remorse or regret take precedent and hold you back from finding happiness. Yes, getting back together isn’t always easy but you’re ready to make sacrifices and a valiant effort in order to reach your goal!

As of now, your mind is being flooded with questions… “ I still love my ex but they don’t love me so what should I do?” or, “Do I have a chance of getting back together?” You’re going to have to make sure you see things clearly if you want to design the best possible strategy. Unfortunately, thinking, “I still love them,” and telling them about it isn’t going to be enough to make them fall for you again. You’ll have to use techniques that will have a big impact and you can find out what those are on my site, and you learn more about them here. You’ll finally be able to bounce back, and your ex’s return will become a possibility, even if your case seemed hopeless before you read this article!

Why do I still love my ex but they don’t love me after a breakup?

As I was saying, despite the separation it’s hard for emotions to just disappear overnight, especially if the breakup was very hard and unexpected. Even in the most difficult cases (when there had been infidelity for example,) love can turn into hate, but when you take a step back and reflect on the situation, you realize that you still love your partner. This can be explained by different factors, and you have to analyze it and make sure you’re not experiencing emotional dependence. In fact, if this is what’s fueling your attempt at getting back together, it’s not going to go very well because your ex will sense that you haven’t made any real changes.

There is a certain amount of time that’s required before a person can truly say that they’re no longer in love, or at least that they’re no longer dependent. Before you ask me the question I can tell you that the length of time varies based on each and every situation. Your ex has their own specific character, you have yours, and each story is unique so there is no “standard response.” Love after a breakup can last for years, so if you’re thinking that you’re still in love with your ex or that you still have feelings for them, know that you’re not the only one.

In order to figure out the response and to design the best plan, I’ll have to know more about your relationship, and the reconstruction phase depends on it. This is one of the biggest reasons why a personal coaching session would be ideal.

You have your unique past, your shared memories, and so it’s normal that you still feel charmed by them. You’re having a tough time stamping out these thoughts and they’re holding you back because you’re afraid of running into a wall. On top of that, you’ve maybe already had a negative experience because you’ve tried to prove to your ex that you’re made for one another but they might as well be an impenetrable fortress. There are explanations behind this; the timing maybe wasn’t right, and/or you weren’t using the most appropriate technique for your situation. Emotion got in control of the situation and things became a little rushed.

Loving your ex is nothing to be ashamed of because it’s very hard to forget about your relationship especially if deep down, you want them back and know that they’re The One. In truth, the problem isn’t necessarily the love you feel for them; it’s that it’s unrequited. Use this frustration as fuel for your endeavor and motivation to make the best possible choices!

A sign that it’s time to begin trying to get back together!

Instead of waking up every morning thinking, “I still love my ex but they don’t love me” and not doing anything about it, ask yourself the right questions because it’s time to take action. After finishing this article, don’t go browse your ex’s Facebook page trying to figure out if they’re seeing someone new, and then click through your old pictures together. You actually have to let all of this go. It’s no good to live in the past because this isn’t going to help you change things. You have to fight for what you want using adequate weapons in order to rekindle the flame.

Regrets are not going to allow you to bounce back. If you still feel something for your ex and even if you think that your case is hopeless, you have to take action and become proactive. Figure out and do what will improve the situation! Don’t wait for time to do the work for you, especially when it comes to your emotions.

You might think that your ex is better off without you, or that being in a relationship again isn’t a good idea, all because you’ve gone through a breakup. There is no sense in this kind of reasoning or in renouncing what you’re feeling deep down. Your emotions should be a source of motivation for reawakening what is hidden away in your ex’s heart. One again, I have to insist on the importance of this being done properly…

Actions to make your ex love you too

First and foremost, your goal isn’t to set your emotions aside; it’s to make the person you love feel the same way about you as well. There is nothing more frustrating than loving someone without being loved in return. You want this situation to come to an end and the passion you had both felt in the beginning of your relationship to return.

There are multiple ways that you can revive your ex’s feelings for you and make them want to be with you again. In order to do so, it’s important to avoid having to improvise and modify your actions every day. You need to follow a well-designed strategy. For example, let’s say you decide to start using radio silence. This technique consists of cutting contact and making your ex begin to miss you, and you can’t just quit doing it after 2 or 3 days because it won’t work. Similarly, if you write a letter to your ex you can’t just write, “I love you.., Let’s get back together!” Each action is equally important and shouldn’t be neglected.

To make your ex love you again, you have to prove to them that you are no longer the person they broke up with a few weeks or months ago. By showing them that you’ve changed and improved, you’ll be able to build a new relationship and experience the joys of a fulfilling relationship.

The coach when realizing I still love my ex but they don’t love me