man doesn't There is nothing more normal than to be wondering what is going on in your ex’s head after your breakup. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, the thoughts can still pop in and swim around in your mind. Of course, if the breakup is fresh, these thoughts are going to be much more prevalent. If some time has passed, chances are that you aren’t always thinking about it, but they still pop up from time to time. Sometimes all it takes is someone bringing up your ex’s name in conversation for the thoughts to start streaming in.

If you are secretly hoping to get back together with this person, these thoughts are all the more intense. You can experience a surge of emotions when you miss him and these can range from being very positive and hopeful to very negative and doubtful. If you’re reading this article on signs he doesn’t care about you anymore, chances are that you’re in a pessimistic state of mind. I’ve written this article to help you to define what exactly he’s feeling right now so that you can adapt your strategy.

I’m going to talk about signs that he’s moved on, but I also wanted to include some signs that he regrets breaking up with you.

Signs he’s not in love with you anymore vs signs he’s taking you for granted

I want to start this article off with by differentiating between a person not caring about you anymore and a person taking you for granted.

Many people will try everything in their power to get closer to their exes after the breakup takes place. They’ll remain at their ex’s beck and call and try to show him that they’re always around. The problem is that this makes it very easy for a person to take you for granted. They might become nonchalant and begin acting like they don’t really care. They do this because they’ve understood that they can pretty much get away with anything with you, but you might be seeing it differently. It can really look like he doesn’t care anymore at all.

Deep down, he might actually be in love with you, but he hasn’t had to do anything to show you that.

On the other hand, it is also possible that he’s been working on turning the page and moving on from this relationship, and he’s been able to set his sights on a future that doesn’t involve you.

Even if this is the case for you, don’t panic. It is reversible, if you avoid making mistakes!!

Most importantly, avoid being needy or clingy, and don’t remain at your ex’s beck and call. Whether he’s taking you for granted or he doesn’t love you anymore (for now), don’t let him take you for granted! That is pretty much the biggest thing to avoid if you want someone back.

Signs that he doesn’t love you anymore

Now I know you’ve come to this article because you want to learn about what signs that your ex boyfriend doesn’t love you, so let’s take a look.

One thing to keep in mind is that the opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference.

If your ex boyfriend blocked you on social media, or has been telling you that he doesn’t want to speak to you, it means that your presence conjures up a reaction in him. This is good. It means that you have an effect on him, but it’s up to you to use that to your advantage. You don’t want him to want to push you away.

You want to use this attention to communicate to him that you’ve been making improvements.

But now, how to know when he stops loving you:

• Your ex has moved on with someone else and it’s not a rebound relationship

Rebound relationships are very common after breakups. Your ex might feel lonely and want to use a superficial, short lived relationship with someone else as a bandaid to ease the pain. That said, if your ex is now in a committed relationship with someone else, and seems to be very very happy, he may have successfully moved on.

• He doesn’t respond to your messages

When a guy doesn’t care about you anymore, he will stop feeling like he needs to or should respond to your messages. You stop being a priority and he might allow himself to start being a bit more disrespectful. He might even ignore all messages from you unless he’s drunk, and then proceeds to send you drunk texts late at night because you’re the easiest way for him to feel less lonely in the moment.

man who doesn't care

• Everything you do seems to annoy him

The little things that he used to find endearing seem to drive him up the wall now. It feel like he’s just trying to get away from you these days.

• He doesn’t seem affected by your presence

You two run into each other because you have the same friends or colleagues, or you’ve run into at a party. He doesn’t show any signs of feeling anything when you’re around. He’s pleasant, but doesn’t show any signs of feeling anything positive or negative about your presence. In fact, he seems kind of disinterested.

• He fights dirty when you fight now

You’ve been arguing since the breakup and he no longer holds back with comments that hit below the belt or insults that he would never have said to you before. He’s calling you names, and it actually feels like he’s pushing you away. One of the signs he doesn’t love you anymore is that he doesn’t care about your feelings at all.

• He does not prioritize you

Let’s say you’ve been talking about hanging out, but he’s been pretty flaky about it. He doesn’t get back to you, and he always seems to have something more interesting to do. If you’re always a last minute option for him, he might not care as much as you would like.

• He is never the one to initiate contact

You wonder if he’s ever even thinking about you because you’re always the one that has to reach out. You always have to go out of you way to talk to him because he doesn’t any effort to talk to you. It’s frustrating and it might in fact mean that he doesn’t care as much as you do.

• He treats you like everyone else

You don’t catch him looking at you in any special way, he doesn’t give you any special attention, he doesn’t try to touch you, and you don’t feel like you have an effect on him.

So what happens if you see signs your ex boyfriend doesn’t love you or doesn’t care about you? Is all hope lost?

I see the signs he doesn’t care… Is there anything I can do?

If you want your ex to start caring, you’re going to have to make him see you as a prize that he wants to win. If you have recognized signs he doesn’t care about you, it means that he’s able to take you for granted now.

The way to rectify this situation is to make him realize that his life would be better with you in it. The way to make him want you back is to make him feel panic at the thought of losing you forever!

This article is coming to an end, but for detailed advice on how exactly to make someone want you back, I encourage you to click this link so that you can keep reading.

You made him fall for you once, so you can do it again, as long as you follow the tools and techniques I share with you in my articles on how to get a guy back – even if he doesn’t seem to care anymore.

I am wishing you all the best in life and love,

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