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Are you still ex?Many people are still attracted to their ex after a breakup or separation. If you were physically attracted to your ex prior to dating him or her and during the relationship it is quite normal to still be attracted to your ex now.

Perhaps the breakup was mutual or maybe you didn’t even have a say; in which case the feeling of loss that you are experiencing can also at times make you feel even more attracted to your ex. No matter what the case may be we realize how difficult it can be to still be attracted to someone who claims that they no longer have feelings for you or simply that does not want to be with you.

In this article we will provide you with some perspective about the issue that you are faced with today as well as give you a game plan to get back with the one your love. The goal is to enable you to overcome the awkwardness that can come with dealing with an ex and to be comfortable enough in your own skin to also become attractive once again in their eyes!

Is it normal to still be attracted to your ex?

As we touched upon previously it is quite common to still be attracted to your ex even months or years after a breakup. We usually are in relationships with people that we once loved or were strongly attracted too; both physically and on an emotional level. The fact that you are no longer dating or being intimate with one another does not necessarily change the attraction that you both felt for one another.

It is actually more unusual to not be attracted to an ex. At times the person who decides to breakup can be so fed up or frustrated in the aftermath of their relationship that they would rather not sleep with their ex. However their outlook can quickly change once a bit of time has passed or when they see their ex again months after a breakup in a social setting.

It is possible for you to get back with your ex

If you are still attracted to your ex you are probably looking for more than simply hooking up with them. Realize that it is possible for you to get back with your ex if you put the right actions in place. Your attraction for them can serve as catalyst or motivation for you to do the right things in order to get back together for good.

My ex doesn’t love me anymore : why and what should I do?

It is possible to awaken that same attraction that you are feeling within your ex. You simply have to be willing to ask yourself the right questions in regards to your past relationship and also to be willing to change to once again become appealing in their eyes.

Identify where you fell short

Look back at your relationship and try to understand where things went wrong. You will need to have an unbiased look in order to identify where you fell short in order to bring about certain changes in your life. Did you put as much effort in your look and your appearance? Were you there for your ex in a way that made him or her feel valued? Did you continuously look to seduce your ex to maintain your bond?

Most relationships fall apart because people become complacent. It is so easy to stop putting effort into something that we already have; to neglect the person that brings us stability and happiness. If you are still attracted to your ex and have regrets about your behavior during your relationship, start by identifying where you could and should have done more. Once you are able to really reflect on this issue you will be one step closer in once again being attractive in their eyes.

The next step will be for you to think about concrete actions to undertake in order to remedy some of your bad behaviors or aspects of your personality that you would like to improve upon. If you were too selfish, too possessive or anxious for instance you will need to work on solving these issues through small steps on the day to day.

Understand your ex’s desires and expectations

Once you have identified where you went wrong and started looking into potential actions that can enable you to overcome your shortcomings, you will need to focus on your ex’s desires and expectations.

In order for you to be attractive in their eyes you will need to understand what they are looking for deep down inside; again we’re not talking just about what they might be looking for in a sexual sense but on a deeper level as well in their quest to find a significant other.

Attraction is based on deep inner desire but also on connection. You need to be able to connect with your ex while at the same time prove to them that you have evolved and can make them happy.

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You can seduce your ex again!

Your goal should be to become the person that once seduced them but without the negative emotional baggage that caused your relationship to drift and ultimately breakdown. You will need to truly evolve in order to make your ex reconsider their decision or doubt that they made the right choice by leaving you.

Although you are still attracted to your ex you will still need to regain a sense of emotional independence in order to be in a position to seduce them. If you are still in love with them and they sense it, you will no longer be a challenge for them and it will be very difficult for you to overcome this obstacle.

That is why it is of the utmost importance for you to regain a sense of self and not live solely through your ex after a breakup. In other words you need to once again become your own person; to pursue endeavors that are dear to you and to take on initiatives that you are passionate about. If you do things solely to please your ex, they will see right through you and they will not be attracted to such behaviors.

When going through a period of self-doubt when it comes to your ability to attract your ex again, you can find solace in the realization that you were successful once before and thus it is possible for you to do it again. Your ex is still attracted to you in some way; it is up to you to show them that you can be that person that they dreamed of being with when you started dating each other.

If you the reader also have been through experiences in which you were still attracted to your ex after a breakup and were able to successfully seduce them again; please share your insights in the comments section below to provide others with a different perspective on this issue. Our team of coaches is committed to answering every comment received in order to provide everyone with a tailored response to the issues that they are currently facing.

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