Attracting Your Ex : How to use the famous law of attraction ?

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Free course :  3 detailed videos over the course of the next three days designed to put the pieces back together and set you out on a new path


Free course :  3 detailed videos over the course of the next three days designed to put the pieces back together and set you out on a new path

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tips to speed up the process when attracting your exThe law of attraction is one of the biggest tools in your arsenal when you’re working on attracting your ex and getting back together with them. You might not even be aware of how much power you actually have yet… People think, oh, I wish my ex were still attracted to me and then get all sad thinking that all hope is lost. In this article, I am going to share with you the most powerful ways to lure your ex back to you! Get ready though, it’s not by sitting at home that you’re going to get the ball rolling. You have your work cut out for you but it’s a win-win situation because while you’ll be luring your ex back into your arms, you’ll also be improving everything about your life!

You might be surprised at how simply one can attract their ex back into their life. I often see people establishing these elaborate plans to make their ex fall back in love with them but the truth is that it’s actually not that hard. The real challenge is something else, but don’t worry! I’ll tell you what it is and how to surmount it. Let’s get started, shall we?

What exactly is the law of attraction?

I’m sure you’ve heard this term floating around in recent years, especially since the release of The Secret. People have come to realize that by using some simple mental exercises, it is in their power to bring about great change in their lives.

The law of attraction is quite simple. To summarize, you attract into your life what you think about.

Whether it’s good or bad, if you spend enough time thinking about something and really focusing on it, you can actually manifest it in your life. Don’t believe me? How many times have you thought about someone, only to get a phone call from him or her that same day?

And on the same token, how many times have you said something is going to fail and it does? So when you constantly repeat I miss my ex so much, you are actually making things worse!

Once you understand this principle, you can tap into an incredible tool, but it must be handled with care. Using the law of attraction to get an ex back can yield some phenomenal results because it’s so powerful, but that means that fears and doubts can also become reality.

Let’s take, Adriana, for example. Adriana called me to help her get the man she was seeing to commit to her. She was so nervous that he was interested in other people, and she kept asking me Adrian how to make my ex want me back. She started to spread her doubts, by frequently asking him where he was, who he was with, why he wasn’t responding quickly enough.

After two months, he said he wanted to see other people. When she asked why, he said that he was initially very interested in her, but her constantly pressing him about what he was doing turned him off. Adriana called me bawling. She had materialized her fear!

After just a short session, we identified that she actually triggered his behavior in desiring other people because she let her insecurities run the dialogue of the relationship. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy!

So here is where some serious focus and motivation are going to come into play. You have to make sure you concentrate on only positive things if you want to attract your ex back. This is crucial…

If you focus on your fears of them moving on, forgetting about you, or dating someone new, not only will you become miserable and hinder any real progress, you’ll begin to manifest your deepest fears.

Remember Adriana! In a moment I will go into more detail about how exactly to use this tool to your advantage.

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Do I need to focus on physical attraction when attracting your ex back?

So I know you’re wondering how to use the law of attraction to get ex back, and that’s awesome, but there’s something I’d like you to be aware of! While this tool is incredibly potent if you’re serious about it, it must be coupled with some other elements if you want your plan to get your ex back to be really solid.

Last week I was having coffee with a good friend of mine when out of the blue he goes, “I can’t stop thinking about her.” I took a sip and eyed him. “…Who?” I thought we were talking about his new job, but ok, I was intrigued.

He told me that he couldn’t keep his mind off of his ex. Wait, what? His clingy, needy ex that he couldn’t wait to get rid of 4 months ago…? Yep, that’s the one. Greg went on to tell me that his ex, let’s call her Amelia, was apparently doing really well. He had heard that she had gotten a new job in PR like she had always wanted, and he had seen pictures of her on Facebook at the music festival in Spain…

He was going on and on about how much she was doing, how good she looked, and on top of that, he was having trouble reaching her. In my head I was thinking, “I don’t know if it was her intention, but the girl has nailed the art of how to attract your ex boyfriend!”

To better understand what is going on here and why Greg, like anyone else, would take such notice of an ex again (even after said ex had made all kinds of mistakes), let’s look at how the mind works because there are two things at play here.

The law of attraction involves a mental aspect, but it also involves a physical aspect. I will expand on that in a moment, but for now I want you to take note of the fact that this tool isn’t about looking good for your ex and making them find you physically attractive. Of course that’s important as well, mainly because it boosts your self confidence and solid self confidence is like a magnet.

The physical aspect of the law of attraction requires you to be proactive in your daily life, making tangible improvements.

Understanding how to use the law off attraction to get ex back

You have had the opportunity to get to know your ex, and it’s important to take some time to properly understand the breakup. There is always at least one reason behind why people separate and if you don’t know what went wrong, then you won’t know what to fix.

A huge part of attracting your ex will involve showing them that you’ve fixed things that needed fixing. Even if you succeed in attracting them back, if they see that they’re jumping back into the same exact relationship that wasn’t working, it’s very likely that they will leave again.

Understanding how a person thinks so that you can easily attract your ex

I remember Greg telling me that in their relationship, Amelia had stopped moving forward. The relationship became the center of her focus, so she stopped working towards her goals, and she placed too much pressure on him. He felt like he was the only thing she ever thought about and he began to feel suffocated. Besides, she was starting to be different from the girl he had fallen in love with…

To put it in general terms, attracting an ex back is essentially done by showing them that you’ve made improvements. Pretty straight forward, right? Ok I know you need a bit more in depth information than that so let’s talk about the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to using the law of attraction to get an ex back.

What NOT to do when you’re using the law of attraction to get an ex back!

The most unattractive quality that a person can have when they want to attract ex back is desperation. When you’re wondering about how to catch your ex’s attention, steer clear of anything that can make you look needy, clingy, whiney, upset, distraught, etc.

Before we start talking about what you need to do to attract your ex back, it’s imperative that we make sure you’re not doing any of the following things. Right now, you have to back off, and truly focus solely on yourself and on your thoughts.

– AVOID: Constantly blowing up their phone with texts or calls, emails, Facebook messages… This also means that you shouldn’t be liking all of their pictures on Instagram. Under no circumstances should you be stalking them on social media.

– AVOID: Showering them with “I love you’s” and reasoning with them about their decision to leave you. Do not try to verbally convince them of anything right now. If they want you back, they need to feel it was their own decision.

– AVOID: Begging. Nothing screams desperation more than pleading with your ex. Similarly, don’t cry in front of them all the time.

– AVOID: Trying to get their friends to talk to them about taking you back. This is just trying to reason with them via a middleman.

Get your ex back with the law of attraction by doing THIS

As you’ve come to understand, attracting your ex back is both mental and physical. What I mean by that is that you can’t just sit in a room focusing on your ex coming back to you without making any of the improvements that are required for fostering a more stable relationship with your ex!

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Working with the physical aspect of attracting an ex back

So in order to attract your ex back, you will need to focus on self improvement while you work on manifesting what you want. These two things go hand in hand, but once you start using the law of attraction to manifest what makes you happy, all aspects of this will become easier.

So during this time, do the things that bring YOU joy. Don’t try to evolve for your ex – do it for yourself. Pick up old, forgotten hobbies, go on a trip, hit the gym, spend more time with your friends and family, move up at work, try something new like rock climbing, give yourself a makeover if you want one, go explore your city and find new places…

It’s actually like killing two birds with one stone. The more you improve your own life, the more you catch your ex’s attention. You can post pictures showing how much fun you’re having on social media. Even if you’re no longer friends on Facebook, word will travel!

One of the most straight forward ways how to get your ex girlfriend back, or your ex boyfriend back is simply by reminding them of the person they fell in love with, and becoming a better version of that person! It’s irresistible!

Using the mental aspect to attract your ex back

Now I can finally tell you about how to use the law of attraction when looking to seduce your ex!

So like I said, do not dwell on the past, do not focus on your fears, and don’t let anxiety or depression flood your mind. If you allow these things to happen, you might end up having the exact opposite of what you want happen!

The Law of Attraction = Attracting what you think about.

Focusing on negative things will only attract those kinds of things. Don’t think about the breakup, and from now on, stop talking about it. Yes, sometimes you need to let it out, but start making an effort to turn your attention away from the pain and towards healing and being together again.

Erase what you don’t want from your mind. Make yourself feel good about the situation. It in turn will change your mood, give you energy, change your interactions with people, and attract situations and people that make you feel good.

Visualize what you want exactly. Say it out loud, or write it out. Make it tangible and real… It will help make the path to attaining it clearer. It helps to make vision boards or lists. It makes it feel more real and your behavior will reflect this and therefore help to get your ex girlfriend back!

Start each day with thoughts about what would make you happy, and at night fall asleep to these same thoughts. Be diligent and fight off bad thoughts.

Continuing to use the tool when you get your ex back

There’s one last thing you need to know when using this tool, and that is that you don’t have to stop using it once you get back together with your ex! It’s so powerful that if you continue to use it on a daily basis, in all aspects of your life, you will see incredible changes.

In your relationship, you have to continue to build attraction every day so that you don’t fall into the trap of making your partner feel taken for granted.

It should also be noted that attracting your ex back isn’t the hard part! The real challenge is keeping them. This is exactly why it’s so important to work on yourself and continue to be the best version of yourself.

Remember, we are always here to help and to guide you through these tough situations. Reach out to us here or by leaving a comment below, and we’ be more than happy to personally get back to you!



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  1. Hi i have child with my ex she left me been together three years. after a month i begged and she took me back but she had no respect for me we wer trying for another baby and in process of moving house when one morning when i went to work she text me it was over i see her when i pick baby up i begged at first again but ive stopped now it was mothers day so i did buy her flowers card and knocked on door with baby and then i left .she was made up but she has told me she had been falling out of love for long time that she doesnt feel same do you think i can get her back she is suffering bad depression has been for while

    1. Hi Carl,
      Thank you for your share. I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. I encourage you to let the relationship breathe. Let her miss you and in the meanwhile, focus on you. You’ll need to get your strengths high in order to generate the confidence needed to turn this around. I believe in you.
      Coach N.

      1. Hi iam trying let things breathe give her space but shes texting me asking if i want to chip in to buy baby clothes and if i want to come along then while texting to show her ive accepted breakup i told her i had to go , that i wasnoff out for the night talk soon , and another time at gym talk later she replyed later on saying why didnt you do things like that when we wer together
        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Hi. Sorry, this is long. My ex broke up with me three months ago. I have been together for six months in a “long” distance relationship (not very far away from each other but we couldn’t see as much as we wanted and he has had a previous bad experience with distance and it was a problem between us). Our last month together was bad due to my insecurities and clingy mood, I had changed because I was scared and started to demand more and more attention). At first it was a pause, he keep talking almost everyday, very very short conversations but still… I send him a letter apologizing for my actions and he said that it wasn’t my fault. We talked and decided to continue our friendship and let it grow, maybe to what we had. He only asked me to be calm and positive and promised that if we met he wouldn’t be distant and things would be like before. After that he starts to talk more, texting me first almost every day (5 out of 6 times he started the conversation), suggesting movies to talk about, we recover our inside jokes (and we hadn`t stop to call us names). Things seemed to be great but one night we had a group skype session (we had some mutual aquintances from different cities with a common interest shared and we have a group chat too, I will talk about this later). After that skype session (first – and last – time we “saw” each other after the break up) he stopped texting me. If I texted him, he was polite but distance, more and more each day. In the group text chat he ignores me (the others doesn’t know about our relationship, we decided not to tell until we have settled more) and we had more group skype sessions but he never wanted to be in them. After I spent two days without talking in the group, when I “came back” I inmediatly got a text from him asking me if I was ok, concerned about my absence. I told him that I was just busy with my job and some party I was preparing and he torn cold and distant again. The following weeks I texted him a few times, I even told him that in two months I will probably relocate to his city for job and he told me that it was great and ask me to keep him informed, but the following days he was so distant that I decided to start No Contact. After two weeks and a half something happened in the group, a “fight”, and I took his side (as a matter of fact he was right) but he misunderstood my words and post something in social media meaning that I let him down and didn’t stand up for him. I texted him but he was more distant than ever. So I told him that he didn’t understand what I did, that I was on his side, that I care for him as always and didn’t understand why he was treating me like that, adding that he is important to me and I don`t like to be like that and I would like to fix it. Two days and no answer. I re-started no contact but I don’t know if it will work if he seems to hate me for no reason.
    I really want him back, I miss him a lot and I would do anything… as I said I am in No Contact again and I will use the group chat (he ignores me but he reads, when we talked in past weeks he use to mention things that I have said there or in social media) and the social media to show him the new me but with his attiitude I don’t know if it will work. We were getting closer again and since that skype group session he totally changed and it is worse each day. Please help me

    1. Hi Jolene,
      I’m sorry to hear about your current situation, I know how painful this can be. Thank you for being willing to share your story with us. I encourage you to take a step back from the relationship. Don’t force it. After enough time has gone by, you’ll be in a better position to restart the relationship without the animosity from the previous one. Hang in there, you can do this! If you need a hand, please feel free to book a session with Adrian or myself. We’re here to help.
      Coach N.

      1. Well, he texted a few days ago. He said that he doesn’t hate me but he has moved on (not with another girl, he just say that he left 2016 behind) and just want to be friends, talking from time to time and if we met, going for a coffee or to the movies, but “another stage, another pace”. And he sent me a picture and told me that it reminded him to a tv character of our favorite show (we used to watch it together by distance and in person) and the show to me.
        I played along and said it was fine and that I just wanted to be sure that there weren’t misunderstoods between us. I thought that it was the end of the conversation but he replayed again agreeing and then he talked about a common interest, some news about it from that same evening. We talked about it a little bit and then I said that he just realized (??) that he still has my last pictures (he used to ask me, long distance issues) of christmas (he break up with me in December 28) and asked me if he must delete them or keep them, “you’re the boss” he said. I told him that the pictures weren’t mine anymore, that he can keep them if he wished, that it wasn’t my business. His answer? “Oh, I will take good care of them, they are amazing!”. I replayed one more time to end the conversation before he did it, he sent me an smiley face and that’s it, I didn’t want to send anything more.
        Now I decided to go no-contact again, but… I don’t know. Some of my friends tell me that he didn’t sound real, like he is keeping feelings inside and he isn’t very convincing about having moved on but I know him and he is stubborn as hell and if he decided not to be with me (I believe that something not related to me happened in Christmas, about family and work and he doesn’t want to tell me)… I don’t know what to do. Just no contact and be in the social media as always but…

  3. My ex and I were together 5 years she ended it a month ago. Saying she was not happy. I begged I pleaded I got angry at her friend. I accused my ex of things. Then I tried no contact and this is my 7th day and I’m hoping to at least apologize for the way I was. I regret that I showed no initiative to battle my anxiety. I was heavily reliant on her emotionally because of my low self esteem. I differing opinions about some things that I should have been open to. I was bad with money, and rash with my words. Some of her stuff is in my house still and she has some stuff of mine. I’m blocked and asked if she would be comfortable with someone picking up her stuff. No answer, even if I never get to hold her in my arms I just hope that she will one day forgive me for the things I’ve done.

    1. Hi TJ,
      I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. I know how painful this can be. I think that you should take a step back from the relationship and reflect on why you did and said the things you did. Use this time for personal development and the rest will unfold accordingly, I promise. Don’t worry about her things for now, worry about you. You can do this.
      Coach N.

      1. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and I want her back. I’ve been reading your blogs and watching the videos because I can’t afford to pay for coaching. I will give her the space she needs. Should I contact her or wait for her to contact me?

  4. My boyfriend broke up with me almost 1.5 years ago. We stayed in contact every few months and met up a few times. Around three weeks ago we met up again and had a wonderful evening together and couldn’t stop laughing and hugging eachother. He kept saying that it was a mistake to break up with me and that he regretted it for a long time and that if he didn’t break up he thinks we would still be together. We stayed in contact trough text and phone calls and a few days later we met up again and he said he enjoys the time we spend together and he knows that he still cares about me but he doesn’t want to stay in contact because he feels like we have changed too much and he doesn’t want to take the risk to try again. Every time I see him again I just know that he’s the one for me and even after 1.5 years I can’t accept the fact that it is over. I feel like we share a special connection and I know for sure that I would like to try it again with him it just hurts so much that he’s not willing to take the risk. I don’t know how to let him go or how to get him back.

    1. Hi G-S-T,
      Thank you for your share. I’m sorry to hear about your current situation, I know it can be really painful when deciding what to do and how to do it. I think that no contact can be beneficial in your situation. Let him miss you!
      If you need help with a gameplan, I’d love to coach you.
      Coach N.

  5. My story is long…I will try to make it as brief as possible. 3.5 years ago I met this man and fell head over heels in love as did he. Things moved really fast, we moved in together and started our amazing life. He loved me so so so much and I the same. We have kids so kind of became a blended family. It was hard work, both coming out of divorces, but we were so in loved. Got engaged not too long down the road. Then I ended up in big trouble for a crime I didn’t commit. ( he knows and believes me) Anyway it was a theft crime and after much discussion because of money and our kids I decided I would just take a plea deal and not hurt our family anymore. Well I ended up for 8 months in jail. I had work release and was out of jail about 14 hours a day to work and take care of our home. He supported me and was there for me during all of this…such an amazing man. Anyway fast forward past those 8 months, and I have been home now almost 5 months. He did a lot while I was gone, took care of the house, made sure my teenager daughter was ok.etc. I worked the whole time and contributed the best I could.
    A few weeks ago he decided he wanted to break up. I could feel him getting distant with me for about a month. Right after he broke up with me I looked at our phone records and I could see he was texting another woman.
    I did all the wrong things and beg and pleaded for him to give me a second chance. I am getting counseling to work through my feelings and become an even better me. I know I am flawed now, please don’t judge me on this crime, it was a mess and I just wanted it over with which is the only reason I settled.
    He says he doesn’t feel the same anymore and is moved in out in a few weeks. Is there anything I can do while we are still living together to make this better. We talk and he will eat dinner and such if I cook. I have been doing counseling and all the things I should do to show him how strong I am and that we can be happy again. I love this man with all of my heart. We are in our 40’s.

    1. Hi Colleen,
      I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. I know how painful this can all be. My advice to you is to try to put yourself in his shoes, to see how he may be feeling beneath the surface. Sometimes,when we’re dealing with a lot, our partners may feel as though they have to take the backseat in their own lives. This can cause some resentment to muster up in the relationship.
      Coach N.

  6. Me and my ex have 2 children. we had my daughter when we were young broke up for a little over 2 years and suddenly got back together and had our 2nd child. We were finally together for good and I felt like we were headed in the right direction. After 2 1/2 years of being together He left me this past December and went with someone from his past. He blamed leaving me to me not changing after he asked me so much to change. I was insecure and controlive and I do see that now that he’s up and left. Fast forward to today and we are actually talking. While we wernt together I actually Cut off all ties with him for about 2 months. If he wanted to see the kids I’d have his mom call me for them. I had implemented pretty good the idea of moving on but now that we are speaking again (he’s claimed he is no longer in contact with the other girl) it is so hard for me to not feel insecure and go back to my old ways. I can tell by his actions he is testing me. He’ll go out with friends and flat out tell me if I don’t like it I don’t have to be with him. He’s even told me I am not going to control him or tell him what to do like I did before. It’s been a struggle for me to not try to control the relationship and have answers now. I am not sure where our relationship is headed. I feel like he wants to make it work but now I’m so afraid he will up and leave again and I don’t want him to continue to hurt me or our children. I want things to be different this time around and I know I want to be different as well. The way I was wasn’t healthy for my own well being and I don’t want to be the insecure woman iv been all these years. I’ve noticed I’m wanting to rush things into us being together asap bcus I’m so afraid of him living the single life but yet everyone around me tells me to give it time and take it day by day. I see and feel the progress but it’s hard for me to stay focused on the positive. What do you recommend I do? My thoughts always go back to what if he changes his mind and he looks for her again. And yet I realize that isn’t the way to think if I want to make it work. It’s hard to cut out my old habits although I know I absolutely need too.

    1. Hi Jenelle,
      Thank you for your share and I”m sorry to hear about your current situation. It really does seem like you successfully implemented no contact to get back with your ex! Congratulations! Ultimately, you have all the answers you need – try keep on going with the progress. If you need support or an ear to talk to, I invite you to book a session with me and Coach Adrian. We’re here to support you. You can do this! keep it up!
      Coach N.

  7. My husband has told me that he no longer loves me and doesn’t see us having a future together and doesn’t have the energy to fix things. He is now looking to move out of our family home which we share with our 2 young boys. We have been together for over 10 years and I love him very much. I have done the wrong things like begging, trying to make him see how loved he is and that he has a family who will be devastated if he goes ahead with leaving us but I have pushed him further away and he is now more determined. He has declared our marriage over but I want to fix things and rebuild a stronger relationship when the time is right. Is there any hope if he is so adamant it is over and that he has no feelings for me? All I know is that deep down he has my heart and I want to spend my life with him but I just don’t know if it’s too late to save our relationship. Can he fall in love with me again as I am so broken that I am having trouble to pick myself up and love myself and all I worry about is getting him back?

    1. Hi Andi,
      Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. I believe that there is always a chance as long as the correct measures are taken. Ultimately, it’ll be really important for you to determine the underlying issues in your relationship and also to determine how you can go about fixing them efficiently and permanently. If you need guidance on how to do this, I invite you to book a session with me. I can help you.
      Wishing you the best always,
      Coach N.

  8. Hi Terrell,
    Thank you for your share and I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. It seems to me like she isn’t sure whether or not she wants to be with you, but she wants to keep you hanging on until she can decide. She is afraid you’ll move on quickly, and so, plants seeds to preserve your interest. I do believe, though, that with the right strategy, you can get her back. If you need assistance, I can help. I invite you to book a session with me.
    All the best,
    Coach N

    1. I won’t be able to book a session until the 15th…..until then what should I do?…should I step back a little?

      1. Hi Terrell,
        Until we speak, I invite you to do nothing. Don’t speak to her. I’d like to assess everything first so I can help as thoroughly as possible.
        I’m looking forward to details and developing a game plan with you.
        Coach N

        1. Ironic that I got your message..she had just messaged me prior to your post..she texted “hey” at first then asked how my mom was doing(my mom just had spinal surgery….I told her she was fine….then she asked how I was doing and I kept it short….she started talking about how she’s feeling and I cut her short and told her I’d text her later….about what I was supposed to do right?

  9. Hi, so my boyfriend and I had to end up taking a break to figure things out as we are madly in love with each other but his parents are not too keen about him being with me. To note, they have not met me and only know of me. The reasoning for their refusal is cultural differences. We talked about this and we agree that its important to have the parents on board with our relationship. He still says that he loves me and I love him just the same. My question is, do we stand a chance if the decision of the parents are high up on the priority list? He says that he will try to talk to his parents but they are known to be very ‘in their ways’.

    1. Hi Chanel,
      Thank you for reaching out – Give him time to assess what’s going on. It’s a big decision to go against your parents.
      Coach N.

  10. Even though my ex and I broke up we were really close friends and sometimes friends with benefits. I took care of him when his mom was out of the state, for a while I did everything for him and he was very appreciative. I would feed, cloth, drive him anywhere, he slept in my car and I slept with him at times to make sure he was okay. I really love this man, he’s just 18 and I’m almost 21. I have my life together, I’m very pretty and I don’t see anything wrong with me. He has blocked me out of his life recently for no reason and keeps throwing in my face he’s going in the marines to get away from me which is crazy because 1) he’s not pyshically or mentally eligible 2) I do not stalk him, we had a friendly conversation which was going well and suddenly he tells me off and blocks me again. I have been using the Law Of Attraction for months to attract him back, I listen to poisitive Affirmations while I sleep and I believe it’s possible for us to get back together but I haven’t seen any solid progress with the Law Of Attraction. I have felt really good about him and I getting back together, and my life, i am going to school to be an auto mechanic soon and I am relatively well off in my life. I do not need him, I want him and love him in two ways…I love him as a love, but also as a mother would love her child. He had mental issues, and everyone says he is treating me badly because he has organic brain disorder. But if the Law Of Attraction is real would his disorder even matter? Please help me better understand what I can do here. I really love this man and I want him to come back and see me for who I am.

  11. Hello Saurav,
    Without the context of the relationship its hard for me to give you advice. I would continue to keep trying.
    WMEA Team

  12. Hello Ryan,
    Yes! This is important. Establish the friendship with her and then once you do this show her your changes through your actions.
    WMEA Team

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