get your ex boyfriend back when you have a child togetherSo you and your ex broke up and you are still hoping to get back together, for you but also for the kids? Are you prepared to prove to him that you can make him happy in the long run? Are you prepared to put in the work to get him back? If so, I am here to help!

I have helped countless individuals overcome a separation or even a divorce in order to get back with a boyfriend or husband. I understand the added pressure that comes with raising a kid together or on your own; and why you would be willing to do anything to get your ex boyfriend back when you have a child together!

There are certain ground rules that you will need to respect in order to give yourself a chance to prove to him that you should get back together. Every breakup is different but there are overarching rules that most people need to implement to inspire an ex to trust and love you again. Through this article I will help you lay a stable foundation; and enable you to move forward confidently in the process of getting back with the man you love!

Don’t fight or argue over your children

Breakups are always complicated to handle; and few couples are able to stay on good terms after a separation. Having kids together adds a level of complexity to a breakup. It can make it even more difficult not to fight or argue constantly when it comes to issues such as custody, or any other important decision linked to your kids’ education and upbringing. Many people just can’t seem to get enough perspective to do what is in the best interest of their kids; and others are just too selfish to try to find a healthy compromise for all parties involved.

I understand how your emotions can get the best of you in such situations. Not only are you losing your boyfriend or husband, but you are also under the threat of losing your children as well. If you are looking to get back with your ex boyfriend you will need to do everything possible to not argue or fight over your children. This is actually an advice that should be applied to everyone, even those who are simply looking to move on; fighting over your kids will have a negative impact on their psyche and will make them insecure in some way shape or form as they are growing up.

Your ex boyfriend is probably looking to prove to himself and to others that your relationship is doomed and that he needs to move on to be happy. Don’t fall for his traps or provocation! You absolutely must keep your cool and diffuse all contentious situations that will be linked to your kids; at least to the best of your abilities. I obviously do not recommend giving up custody of your children with the hope to get back with their father; but really try to think about your non-negotiables and narrow them as best as possible in order to come up with a compromise for issues that could potentially tear you further apart.

Prove that you can make him happy to get your ex boyfriend back when you have a child together

Having a child with someone that you are hoping to get back with can be a huge advantage. You share something in common that is more precious than almost anything else in this world. In essence you have a distinct leg up on any other woman that may be trying to grab his attention. Furthermore, odds are that you will have to stay in touch and see each other for your kids. This is a crucial point because having a communication platform is essential to be able to ultimately get back with an ex. You will be able to showcase your changes and prove to him that you can make him happy!

If you truly want to get your ex boyfriend back when you have a child together, you need to be patient and to be willing to prove your change over time. Don’t try to rush to get him back because you run the risk of being too in demand; of putting him on a pedestal and to never again be a challenge for him. If he is the man of your dreams, you should be willing and able to put in the necessary work to evolve over time, to once again become that woman that inspired him at the beginning of your relationship!

Let me put it another way; your goal should not be to get back together, but simply to prove to him that you can make him happy. That’s it! If your goal is to get back together, you will act in a way where he will see you coming from a mile away. You won’t be looking to change for you but only for him; simply to tell him “look what I’ve done…for you”! But your ex doesn’t want to hear that. Your ex isn’t looking for someone who will be madly in love with him. He is simply looking for someone who will inspire him; someone that will make him happy!

It’s most likely still possible to get him back!

One of the questions that people ask me during one on one coaching sessions is the following: “Adrian how can I know if it’s still possible to get back with my ex?” It’s a legitimate question. What people are asking in essence is: should I keep fighting for this person? Do I still have a chance? And what should I do to get him back?

Through my years of experience coaching people just like you who ask me these questions I have come to realize that there always seems to be a window of opportunity to get back with an ex; when you have the right approach, the right attitude or mindset and when you are willing to put in the work! So to answer the questions that I referred to above: Yes, you should keep fighting to get back with your ex if he is the man of your life.

You probably have been letting your emotions guide you; you are reacting to him more than acting for yourself and that’s why you haven’t made much progress yet! Yes, you still have a chance to get back with him if you follow a well thought out game plan that we could create together! And finally start taking control of the process to get back with your ex today; don’t act for him or even for your kids, but do things for you and your own personal growth and well-being!

I would like to share one of my most cherished secrets with you; when it comes to getting back with an ex, most people feel like they are sad or depressed because the man they love has left them. Perhaps you too believe that once you will get back together, you will be happy. But in my opinion that’s a myth! I believe that you were unhappy or somehow not at peace and so your ex left you or your relationship ended. I also know that when you will be happy or find some inner peace you will be in a prime position to get back with the man you love. Not the other way around! Don’t wait a second longer and get started right away with a new mindset and approach. Find your inner peace and once again seduce the man you love. For your sake and for your families sake!

I will be here to help if need be.

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