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BEST SIGNS YOUR EX IS OVER YOUYou’re starting to get a sneaking feeling that the person you are still in love with is moving on with their life. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. You’ve noticed things on their social media profiles, and your friends have been telling you that they’ve seen them out and about with people you don’t know… Now you’re wondering what it all means and if it’s too late to turn things around.

If you see signs your ex is over you does it mean that you can never get them back? Does it mean that you have to accept and move on with your life? Instead of allowing yourself to panic, keep reading because I’m about to set your mind at ease!

As a relationship expert specialized in helping people get back with their ex, I have developed a radar for knowing if individuals still have a chance to get back with their significant other.

We’ve coached over 15,000 individuals through private coaching sessions, helping them to evolve and inspire the person they love. Sometimes it entails rebuilding a person’s confidence, or providing them with proper communication tools. Other times it’s been giving someone perspective on what went wrong in their previous relationships.

But all in all I have the experience to tell you if your ex is still into you. In this article we will take a deeper look at how to know if your ex has begun to move on, and what you can do to turn things around!

It will require patience, motivation and self-control like we explain it in the numerous tools to help you get back with your significant other , but in love, nothing is impossible!

If my ex is over me does it mean that I can’t make them come back?

Before we dive in, I want to take a moment to let you know that even if you’ve started seeing signs that my ex is over me, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Sometimes people really try to move forward with their lives in hopes of mending their broken heart as soon as possible, but it doesn’t mean that their love for you has disappeared. You can still find a solution to the million dollar question: how to make my ex want me back!

In fact, the more obviously an ex tries to move on, the deeper their feelings are for you. Think about it, if they didn’t really care, they wouldn’t go out of their way to cut contact or try and date someone new as soon as humanly possible.

Let me give you an example; I was coaching a young lady from L.A called Rachel. She had been on and off with her ex-boyfriend for about 3 years and reached out to me after their third breakup.

Obviously she had been dumped for the third time and she really thought that hope was lost and that her boyfriend had moved on for good because he was liking pictures of other girls on Facebook; something that he hadn’t done in any of their previous separations.

She was quite vulnerable when she first reached out to me and afraid that no contact would give her ex-boyfriend time and space to develop a relationship with a new girlfriend.

You see your mind tends to play tricks on you when you are such a weak position and you tend to project the worst possible outcome as your inevitable future.

But Rachel was strong and determined and she was able to cut all contact and even not reach out to him on his birthday. Well the tables quickly turned and as she was getting better and regaining self-confidence and peace of mind, he started fearing that he had lost her for good.

The point is her ex-boyfriend went out of his way to cut all contact and to pretend that he had moved on and wanted nothing to do with her….but in fact he was only fooling himself and they are now back together and happy.

Of course each person is unique, but generally speaking, I can tell you that if you see the signs I’m about to list (especially if it’s really soon after the break up,) it’s very likely that you’ll have a positive answer to your question of does my ex still love me?

By keeping an eye out for the actions your ex has taken to try and move on, you’ll have a better idea of how to organize your plan for getting them back!

It’s normal to feel hurt and rejected, but just remember that the more effort an ex makes to move on, the more they are feeling. So, signs that your ex is over you can actually be signs that your ex still has feelings for you!.

Look for these signs that your ex is over you and then you’ll know what to do…

So now that you know that these signs aren’t as scary as you thought, let’s look at what actions mean that your ex is trying to move on. Once you have a clearer picture of what’s going on, we’ll look at how you can turn things around and make them want you back!

– No regret: Your ex does not say anything about missing you or regretting that things ended. When asked about how they’re feeling, they always say that they’re great and couldn’t be happier. Depending on the person, this could be genuine or a facade.

A remember that a break up entails a separation. The person breaking up often feels that they need to prove to the world and to you that they made the right decision to breakup. So they pretend or convince themselves that they are happier when in fact they’re not.

A few weeks after the breakup, people that seemed happy often become depressed realizing that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence!

– They changed their number: This is one of the most obvious signs an ex is over you, or at least that’s what they want you to think. It depends on a lot of things from your relationship, the way things ended, and how you’ve acted since the breakup.

When an ex changes their number it’s usually because they are going to extreme measures to heal without bringing up painful memories.

From experience I know that this tends to happen when you are extremely clingy after a breakup. If you’ve chased your ex and blow up their phone, sometime they have no other choice but to simply cut you off for good!

– They’ve told you they feel nothing for you: If they go out of their way to tell you this, it’s a pretty good indicator that they’re trying to move on. There are plenty of ways to seduce someone again, and I’ve written an entire article on the subject that you can read here : how to seduce an ex!

No matter what, even if your ex says the meanest things to you (most of the time to force you to let go), this doesn’t mean that they truly feel this way about you; or that they will always have a negative image of you. Through your actions and what you can do it is possible to change the way an ex sees you.

I know this for a fact because I’ve helped countless people get back together after very messy breakups!

– Your ex stopped contacting you: This is a pretty normal thing to happen after a breakup. You might be wondering is my ex over me if it’s a sign that my ex boyfriend has moved on, but don’t panic. Perhaps they react negatively when you reach out or they are flat out ignoring you, but you can change the course of action.

Again, you are going through a breakup after all and you shouldn’t expect your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend to act the same way that they used too.

This gets a lot of people that I coach in trouble, or it throws them in a funk because they don’t recognize the person that they were with.

If this speaks to you, I highly recommend that you check out my video below.

– Your ex un-friends you on social media. In today’s day an age this is a big deal. It could be taken as one of the ways how to tell if your ex is over you, but it’s also no reason to panic. It’s normal for them to want to heal and not be reminded of painful memories each time you pop up on their feed.

Being blocked on social media can be quite painful to a lot of people. I’ve had so many questions on how to deal with this that I created a video seminar on how to get back with an ex when blocked on social media. If you find yourself blocked by your ex I highly recommend you to check it out!

– Your ex wants their things back: This is always painful, but it’s a good way for both of you to move forward! We are visual creatures and reminders of the person we lost are hard to have around during the healing process.

Remember that you shouldn’t be desperately looking to hold on to the past; instead look to create a new story, a new relationship with the one you love.

When you are in that mindset it becomes so much easier to let go of the past and to give your ex their things back without any drama.

– Your ex is rude: Some people act out when they’re hurt, and it could mean a variety of things. Your ex could resent you, or they could use an unpleasant attitude as a defense my ex boyfriend over me

What I’d like to say here is to remember to not devalue yourself throughout the process of trying to get back together.

Don’t let your ex disrespect you and stand up for yourself when needed…you’ll gain more of their respect that way and in turn increase your chances of getting back together in the long run!

– Your ex tells you that they see you more as a friend: This often happens after short term relationships. It doesn’t mean that all hope is lost however. You’ll have to focus on physical seduction…

In my experience the dreaded friend-zone is often overblown. It is a lot harder to be friends with an ex them most people realize. What tends to happen is that you either end up getting back together or fighting like cats and dogs…

So don’t be afraid to play the friend card to be around your ex more and to inspire them!

– Your ex partner is dating someone else: This one is trickier because it could be a rebound, or it could be something serious. In either case it shows that your ex is trying to move forward.

This is one of the most difficult situations to deal with post breakups because you often have to relive the separation or feelings of rejection a second time.

Again from my experience it’s extremely difficult to move from one moving train to the next without any risk, damage or injury.

So if you’re ex quickly jumped into another relationship after the breakup it’s probably just a rebound. If you find yourself in this situation check out the video below.

Keep an eye out for signs your ex still loves you!

Don’t forget that there are all kinds of signs that an ex is not over you to be on the look out for. If you notice any of the following, you’ll be closer to getting them back in your arms!

It’s hard to know what exactly is going through your ex’s mind after a breakup, but some of these indicators can help you get a better picture.

– Your ex is still in touch: You still get calls and texts from your ex and you’re wondering does my ex still like me?. If they’re calling you to see how you are, chances are you’re still very much on their mind. This is a very good sign if you’re hoping to attract them back!

Many times when an ex reaches out it simply shows that he or she is trying to keep their options open or that they genuinely miss you.

The trap that many fall into is that they overplay their hand or try to rekindle too quickly which makes the ex pull away once again in fear of having to breakup with you a second time.

So if your ex starts to reach out to you, play it cool and let them start to slowly chase you.

– You hear that your ex has been asking about you: Again, if they’re showing interest in you by asking your friends how you’re doing, chances are they’re not 100% over you.

I’d like to take this opportunity to warn you not to involve friends and family in the breakup recovery process. They are often too biased and sometimes even too personally invested and hurt to give you sound advice.

No matter what, if you hear that your ex is talking about you it’s a positive sign but don’t go running back to them…

– Your ex partner has been looking at your Facebook: They’ve liked some of your pictures or they’ve made references to things they’ve seen on your profile… If your ex is going out of their way to look at what you’ve been up to, it means they care!

It is absolutely a great sign and it often means that you’re actually doing positive things in your day to day. Most of the people that I coach who find themselves in this position have passed the stage of grief and fully focused on finding their mojo.

If you transform into the person that you used to be prior to your relationship, the overwhelming odds are that you will once again attract and seduce your ex…

It’s worked for you once before so why wouldn’t work for you again!

– They’re posting pictures of things that are reminiscent of you: Perhaps they’ve posted a picture of a place you used to go to together, or of them doing something you enjoy doing. Social media is a pretty amazing way to indirectly communicate with someone…

Yes, these subliminal messages are a way of checking where you stand without being too vulnerable. This is usually when an ex seeks attention and another proof that the tides have turned in your favor.

Rebound relationship: Another one of the signs your ex is over you can also be a sign that they’re not. If they’re dating someone new right away, it can mean that they’re trying to forget you and they’re actually having a hard time doing so, so they start going out with someone else.

This is mostly the case in painful breakups caused by distance or a lack of attention during the relationship. Don’t rush to win back your ex, be patient and truly address the deep rooted issues….

True love doesn’t fade away that quickly, and what tends to happen in such cases is that your ex will compare their new boyfriend or girlfriend’s shortcomings to some of your best qualities.

It’s in human nature to take what we have for granted and yearn for what we’ve lost!

You can make them come back even if you see signs that your ex is over you!

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what’s going on, let’s take a look at what you can do about it. I know your head is probably full of thoughts like, Did my ex love me?”, “Are they forgetting about me?” and “How do I get them back!?” but all you have to do is take it one step at a time.

I know you’ve probably heard about the importance of space after a breakup, and it’s hard to really stick to it because you’re afraid it’s going to make your ex get over you and move on for good…

I’m about to tell you about the most important things to do when you want an ex back, especially if you fear that you’re witnessing signs hes over you.

Is my ex really over me?

The single most important thing to do right after a breakup (if you want your ex back) is to understand the true reasons behind a breakup or what went wrong in your relationship.

Sometimes that entails doing a radio silence in order to get the time and space you need to get proper perspective.

If you haven’t heard of no contact, check out this in-depth article that explains what it is and how to use the no contact.

In the process you can make your ex fear losing you and realize what they are on the very of losing.

They may have taken you for granted, and they’re used to having you around… always at their beckoned call. If they suddenly realize that you have more important things going on in your life and that you’re focusing on yourself, they’re going to start missing you. Again it’s human nature… If you abruptly take something away from someone,

sigsn he loves methey will miss it and want it back!

That said, it is equally important to work on yourself during this time. You want to improve yourself physically and mentally.

Hit the gym and start feeling better and better in your skin, and focus on making your goals a reality. Dive into projects at work and pick up old hobbies. Remind your ex of the person they fell in love with and become an even better version of them.

Think about it; they’ll be reminded of what they found so attractive in you and they’ll realize that they don’t have access to you.

They’ll begin to want you more than ever, and then one day you’ll have the deeply satisfying feeling of seeing signs your ex still wants you.

By the way, don’t hesitate to post all kinds of pictures on Facebook and Instagram of how amazing your life is and how much you’re enjoying yourself (if you were already active on social media)!

If you’re no longer friends on Facebook, don’t worry word will travel through your mutual friends.! Even if you’re no longer friends on Facebook, word will travel through your mutual friends.

You’re starting to see signs your ex is not over you so it’s time to get back in touch!

The no contact rule I mentioned above may need to be employed for a longer period of time if your break up was messy. If you’re not sure if and how long you should remain out of touch with your ex, don’t hesitate to ask me in a comment below. Just give me a brief description of how long you were together and how and why you broke up.

When the time comes to get back in touch, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ve started to notice signs your ex is still in love with you, and you want to reach out to them…

You instinctively want to tell them that you still feel so much for them and you want to be together again, but don’t do it!! You need to remain in control of the situation. When you get back in touch, it’s crucial that you make your ex feel that you’re not totally available.

The moment you pop up out of nowhere after having not been in contact and start pouring your heart out, multiple less-than-desirable things can happen.

– Your ex can feel overwhelmed and freak out. You don’t want to suffocate them or make them feel pressured to be together again, especially if the break up was painful. They will have a guard up during this time, so let things happen very organically.

– Your ex partner might not appreciate your behavior and think it’s strange that you’re going from zero contact to being way too present. Remember; do not blow up their phone once you’re back in touch.

– If you are too readily available, you can seem needy and the entire intrigue that you’ve built up over the no contact period will just fly out the window.

By the way, if you’re wondering how exactly to get back in touch after no contact read our best selling eBooks for all kinds of useful suggestions!

When you’re wondering how do you know if you ex still loves you, it’s typically when you realize that you can still get their attention.

The thing is that you have to be proactive about it. Both of you need some time and space, and you’re not going to get anywhere if you just allow yourself to get depressed and spend your days laying on the couch watching sad movies.

Grab life by the horns and when you get back in touch with your ex, show them how much you’ve improved!

In conversation, be careful not to boast, but don’t hide the fact that you’ve really been going out of your way to make your life the way you’ve always wanted it to be. It’s an impressive and very attractive quality.

How one on one coaching can make him change their mind and come back!

Don’t forget that we are here to help you if you need. Getting an ex back when you’re not sure if they’re moved on or not is a pretty big endeavor. It’s totally normal to feel a bit overwhelmed at the idea.

Reach out to me or book a private coaching session directly to get the one-on-one guidance that you need to bring you closer to your goal!

Sometimes an objective third person with experience, results and proven track record of success is the best thing to help you design the best plan of attack and reach your goal.

Reach out to me by leaving your comment below, or by booking a private coaching session and we can offer you one-on-one guidance to bring you closer to your goal!

I know how complicated it all feels right but don’t panic, remain in control of your emotions, and take it one day at a time!

You’ll attract your ex back in no time.


Your relationship expert for knowing the signs your ex is over you,

Coach Adrian

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Relationship Expert

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